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Yuletide 2016 Letter

Hello, dear writer, and welcome to the happiest time of the year! I love Yuletide, to the point where this is my fifth year doing it. This year I’ve decided to request some of my rarest, just above fandom of one levels of rare, fandoms. As a result I would be honestly thrilled to receive any of the fandoms listed below, and will probably flail for at least a few days as a result. So long as you avoid my squicks (and preferably my dislikes) I should absolutely love whatever you write for me!

And on that subject...

Fic Likes: smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality, double penetration and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, female characters, fluff, Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O) and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, bashing female characters, issuefic, unrequested pairings, crossovers (I'm fine with different canon settings being used, but would prefer no characters from other canons to appear!) and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up within the fic and infidelity.

And now, on with the letter!

Balzano and Byrne Series – Richard Montanari
Characters Requested: Jessica Balzano, Kevin Byrne

I really adore this book series. They're a fairly trashy set of crime novels, but really shine when they focus more on character interactions and development. What I really love about this series is how well drawn all of the figures within them are. They all have their own relationships and motivations, and I would love to see something as vividly characterized - and preferably as vividly trashy - as the books themselves.

The main two characters I'm interested in here are Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne. I love these two together! It would've been so easy to just have another warring detectives storyline, with the brash new woman having to prove herself to the older male cop who she's been partnered with, but instead these two just genuinely seem to like each other from the start and it's really endearing. I love the bond they have with each other, I love how they tease each other and I love how supportive they both are of each other even when it gets tough.

As a side note, infidelity is one of my squicks. But I also really hate Vincent, Jessica's husband! So, uh, feel free to deal with him in whatever way you want. As long as outright infidelity is avoided, I'll probably be fine with it.

Some ideas:

-I'd be thrilled to see a canon-style case fic with them, honestly! Where they have to solve a murder, and are adorable with each other on the way.
-Despite all of Byrne's obsession with his supposed second sight, it turns out that Jessica is the one who actually posesses supernatural powers. What powers does she possess, and how do they both cope with the revelation of them?
-I'd love a fake married style fic with them. Where they have to pretend to be married to get close to a suspect, and maybe discover their own feelings along the way.
-Extra optional prompt, since I requested neither Sophie or Colleen, but I'd love a fic where their kids see how perfect they are together and decide to get them into a relationship as a result!

Blake and Avery series – MJ Carter
Characters Requested: Jeremiah Blake, William Avery

This was one of my absolute favourite book finds last year, and if you’ve read it I’m sure you know why. Interesting plots, wonderful diversity, Historical accuracy AND a relationship between the two main characters so endearing that I had to keep putting my copy of the book down to clutch my face with glee. Truly, a dangerous combination.

As you can probably guess, what I want most in this fandom is fic exploring the relationship between Blake and Avery even further. I loved their dynamic in the book, and I really want to see more of it. Especially in a romantic sense. I feel that there’s a hell of a lot of potential for a really interesting romantic relationship there, and I’d absolutely love to see somebody explore that!

One thing I will say, though, is that adultery is one of my major squicks and so I’d prefer it if you worked around Helen. She can either be friends with Avery or just not appearing, but I’d prefer it if they weren’t actually married if you choose to write a romantic dynamic.

Some prompts:

-Blake has to go to Cornwall to solve a case there, and teams up with Avery again. Along the way they discover their feelings, and have to work through just what they mean to each other and the romantic ramifications that meaning has.
-Established relationship fic. Where they’re old, grumpy men and yet still totally in love and solving crimes together. Possibly relating to the industrial revolution and everything that involved? I shall leave the details up to you.
-Genderswap AU. Wihelmina Avery was sent to India to find a husband, but being poor and shabby she has little luck. And then she meets Jeremiah Blake and gets swept into an adventure involving most unladylike behaviour.
-Supernatural creature AU! Jeremiah Blake isn’t human, but rather an eternal vampire that was turned by Mountstuart and has been hiding out in India ever since. How does Avery react to this secret, and how does it affect the world around them?

Demonata Series – Darren Shan
Characters Requested: Bec, Kernel Fleck, Grubbs Grady, Lord Loss

As a starting note: I know I requested all four characters here, and while I’d be thrilled with a fic that has the four of them together I’d be equally thrilled to see a fic that focuses on any of them.

The Demonata is one of my favourite book series ever, and probably where my penchant for getting into tiny book fandoms started. It's a really dark story at several parts, whenever the Demonata pop up to be specific, but also contains really compelling characters and plots that keep me interested even when the grimness would otherwise drive me away. It's definitely a horror, but also contains some really interesting fantasy elements and a fascinating approach to magic. It also seems to have a really cast iron tone/moral of hope even on the darkest day, which has always appealed to me. Anything that appreciates the darkness of the setting, while also focusing on hope spots, would be great!

And, uh, this may be a slightly disjointed paragraph as I talk about why I love all the characters here! First of all I love all of the characters in the Kah-Gash, I adore Bec’s smartness and Kernel’s diplomacy against all odds and the way Grubbs just keeps diving over that moral line. I also love Lord Loss, how he is so much the chessmaster and just revels in it. I love how all of the Kah Gash interact with each other, how they truly come to rely on each other but still have numerous conflicting opinions at the end of the series. And I especially love how Lord Loss interacts with all the members of the Kah Gash, how they start off as enemies but end up – at least in the case of Kernel and Bec – definite allies and something close to friends.

Some ideas!:

-I’d love to see the Kah Gash working together in the new universe. What goes into the process of crafting a whole new universe? Do things go relatively smoothly, or ate there a fair few roadbumps on the way?
-Something set in 'Hell's Heroes', where Bec and Lord Loss are working together. I'd love to see them working together on their side of the plan. How Bec feels about her sacrifices, or how Lord Loss feels about the risks, or how they both feel about them unexpectedly getting on so well.
-Any interactions between Kernel and Lord Loss post-'Demon Apocalypse' but pre 'Hell's Heroes'. Kernel basically lost his eyes, what he started to focus a good amount of his self-worth around, due to Lord Loss. He regrew them, yes, but it still obviously gets to him in a number of ways. I'd like to see them somehow interacting in the light of this, with Kernel being (justifiably!) bitter about the whole thing and Lord Loss extending his trademarked brand of almost sympathy.
-At the end of the series Grubbs and Lord Loss still have an overtly antagonistic relationship, to the point where Grubbs is basically almost willing to plunge the universe into chaos again just to get a crack at killing the guy, but... They're still basically stuck together for billions of years. I'd love to see the slow development of their relationship, from the outright antagonism they still have for each other at the end of the series to maybe a more best enemies (or even Enemy Mine!) sort of arrangement.
-I honestly ship these four together so much. I’d love to see something where they settle into a sort of cosmic horror foursome, where they slowly settle into a genuinely four way relationship but still have individual difficulties and squabbles with each other. There’s so much history there, but they’re also stuck together for millennia and are in a position – at the end of this series – where a foursome could conceivably happen. I’d love to see something where it does, from arguments that they had on the way there to a surprisingly happy moment they had together.

I Would Do Anything for Love (but I Won’t Do That) (Music Video)
Characters Requested: The Cop | Detective with Glasses, The Monster (Meat Loaf)

I adore this music video! And was so thrilled to see that somebody had nominated it, honestly. I've been a fan of gothic stuff pretty much since I was a preteen, and this video basically strokes all my needs for it. I love how gothic it is, how much it plays into various monster stories and how gleeful it is about its melodrama. There are a lot of things that you can do with the base batshit amazing concept, and I'd love to see any of them.

I'd especially love to see more of the dynamic between Meat Loaf's character (the Monster) and the detective with glasses who seems to be chasing him. I am a sucker for all kinds of dynamics involving enemies, and this has a lot of what I like about those dynamics. I love how the detective seems to be obsessively chasing the monster, how the monster always remains just one step ahead of him and how they seem to be embroiled in some sort of cat and mouse game by the end. I'd really love to see this dynamic expanded upon even more!

Oh, and don't feel any obligation... But I'd be totally down for a shippy take on any of the prompts below. ;)

Some ideas:

-The detective met the monster at some point several years before the video. How did this meeting go? Was their enmity born almost immediately, or did something happen that drove them apart?
-The detective continues to go after the monster, against all reason. How does this go? Does he ever catch up, or is the monster always just a little too wily for him?
-The detective refuses to give up the chase, and hunts the monster obsessively over a period of years to the detriment of his own life. I'd love to see the hinted at cat and mouse game being expanded on, to the point of them being obsessed with nothing but each other.
-An AU where the detective is the one to wander into the monster's house instead of the woman. How does this go? Does the detective realize what's going on far more quickly? Does the monster also fall obsessively in love with him, and if so is this affection requited?

Shades of Magic – VE Schwab
Characters Requested: Holland, Kell Maresh

I picked this series up largely because I read several excellent pimping posts for them just before Yuletide, and they have not disappointed. I love them! I love the worldbuilding, I love the rapid pace of the plot and I absolutely love the characterisation. It just reads like a really rich and incredibly compelling world (or worlds), one fully lived in by the amazingly varied characters, and I would absolutely love to see more of it.

I am a sucker for enemy dynamics, and so for this one I’ve picked Kell and Holland. I love both of these characters so much. Kell is really sweet and good, but at the same time a real badass and astonishingly reckless. And Holland has so much going on in his life, has done some truly reprehensible things, but seems to be being forced every step of the way. I love the dynamic between them, the mutual wariness but also the way that Kell can’t quite stop feeling sorry for Holland, and I would love to see it expanded on.

Some ideas:

-A situation where they have to work together to accomplish a common goal. I am all about enemies being forced into situations where they have to rely on each other and I’d love to see something along those lines here. I’d especially like it if the working together causes them to appreciate each other more, and if some of their tension bleeds into the romantic instead.
-Holland somehow gets his freedom, and maybe something of a redemption arc along the way. How does Kell react to this? Does Holland come to see him first once he’s managed to break free, or do they bump into each other – and grow closer – a little further down the line?
-They start having sex to relieve the tension, but then feelings – oh no! – start growing in both of them. How do they respond, and does this change anything?
-I am very into kinky bloodplay, and as far as I’m concerned this series has great opportunities for that. Show me Kell and Holland indulging in bloodplay! I’m fine with it being borderline sweet – as in, somehow they only trust each other to scratch this particular itch – or messed up to the point of borderline dub-con.
-Show me the AU where Holland is the Antari of Red London and Kell is the Antari of White. How does this change things? And how are they both different as a result?

Vampire Babylon – Chris Marie Green
Characters Requested: Dawn Madison, Vlad Tepes | The Dragon

I just love everything about these books. They're high drama romance novels involving vampires, which should be something that attracts severe side eye, but they're just really enjoyable! Great worldbuilding, absolutely fantastic characters and so much room for porny interpretations. I'd definitely recommend them to anybody who likes vampires and villains.

I'm very interested in the potential relationship between Dawn and the Dragon. This has fascinating enough roots in canon, she kills him and then he basically possesses her after the fact, but it also has really interesting areas that could be expanded upon. It's commented on multiple times how Dawn is becoming just like the Dragon, taking too much genuine pleasure in blood letting and fury. I was a little disappointed, especially considering the whole possession situation, that the books didn't go further with this dynamic and instead finished in a place where the Dragon seemed to be largely defeated. I'd love to see an expansion of this dynamic, and an exploration of one of the many alternate paths this could've taken.

Some ideas:

-The Dragon is obviously still lingering in Dawn’s head after book 6. I’d love to see more interactions between them, especially if it leads to some common ground being found.
-The Dragon succeeds in taking over Dawn after the events of book 6... But Dawn isn’t completely wiped out by this. How do the Dragon’s plans alter, having a spiky hunter still lingering in his head? Does Dawn fight back in any way, and does she succeed in this fighting back?
-A canon divergence, where the Dragon ends up waking up a little earlier than expected and the first person he meets is Dawn. How do they react to each other? Do they fight, and if so who ends up winning?
-A role swap AU. Where Dawn is the fearsome vampire queen and Vlad is one of the hunters recruited to stop her. How was Dawn’s reign different? And how do they interact on this new footing?

I hope that gives you some ideas! I’ll be genuinely thrilled with pretty much anything you come up with, and I’m genuinely excited to see what comes up. Most of all, I hope you have as much fun writing your fic as I’ll have reading it! :D