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TrickorTreatEx Letter

Hello, lovely writer, and welcome to my TrickorTreatEx letter! I've been hovering around this exchange for a few years now, and have finally decided to do it this year. I'm really excited! I love fluff and I love creepy stuff, and so as long as you avoid my squicks (and preferably my dislikes) I should love whatever you write for me!

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, supernatural creatures (I'm especially fond of vampires, but also love ghosts and zombies and werewolves and pretty much all of the weirder supernatural creatures), aliens, female characters, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters, issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up within the fic and infidelity.

All of these are requests for fanfic, just as a heads up! And now, on with the show. :D

Animorphs - KA Applegate
Medium Requested: Treat
Characters Requested: Marco (Animorphs) Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

I've been rereading the Animorphs books this year, and I'm surprised by just how well they hold up. They're really compelling books. The characters are all great, the alien worldbuilding is especially excellent and I love the overriding message that war is hell but sometimes can't be avoided.

...And so, of course, I'd love happy stuff most here.


I adore Ax so much. I love aliens, and he's such an interesting alien. He's very much a warrior, but also very clearly young and almost entirely out of his depth. I love his dry sense of humour and his attempts to fit in with humanity, and I'd love to see more of the contrasts within him.

Treat Prompts:

-What was his life like back on his homeworld? What fun times did he have as a kid, and what is life like for a baby andalite?
-Something exploring the main things he loves about earth, be it the peace of the forest or the lure of cable TV.
-I find andalites really cool. I'd love to see something exploring just how cool they are, from their tails to just how fast they can run.


I love Marco! I've always had a weakness for deadpan snarkers who care too much about things, and Marco certainly fits that bill. I love how he's always the one to hide behind a sneering exterior, but on the inside always really cares for things and will fight tooth and nail no matter what.

Treat Prompts:

-Even Marco finds morphing really cool. I'd love to see something where he appreciates that, and maybe spends some time in his favourite morph.
-Using morphing for fun and profit.
-I love Marco's sense of humour. I'd love to see something where he uses it, be it in a slightly pressured situation or an actually fun one.


On my reread I'm finding myself waiting for their moments together most eagerly. On the surface they're very different, Ax is veey earnest while Marco is very sarcastic, but they seem to get on together so well to the point where it almost seems like they're flirting in the background sometimes. I'd love to see more of them!

Treat Prompts:

-They are actually flirting in the background of most books.
-Scenes from their established relationship, that preferably starts early on in the series and runs throughout.
-Meet the parents! Where Marco gets to meet Ax's parents and they all get on surprisingly well.
-They lose their virginities to each other, because they're in the middle of a war and both believe in grabbing the moment.

Babylon 5
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Stephen Franklin (Babylon 5), Marcus Cole (Babylon 5)

Babylon 5 is an excellent show and I’d be thrilled to get anything set in its universe. I love how dark and interesting it is, how many terrible things happen and how truly epic it all feels. Despite that, I also love how optimistic it can be – how it doesn’t deny that terrible things happen, but places a focus on working through those things and building a better future. I love how pragmatically bright it is, and I’d love to see anything along those lines.


My love for Franklin crept up on me slowly, so I didn't realize it until I was really deep in. I just adore him so much! He's such a strong figure, who has been through so much and yet never stops trying. I love how unflappable he is, I love his heart and I love how he always picks himself up no matter what.

Treat Prompts:

-Franklin makes a huge scientific breakthrough, and saves a life asa result!
-Franklin interacting more with the various alien cultures of the station, and learning to understand them
-What does Franklin do in his time away from Medlab? Show me him having an extremely peaceful day off!

Trick Prompts:

-Something goes sideways on Halloween, and Franklin ends up treating a supernatural creature from Earth. How does he rise to the occasion?
-Sometimes he can still feel where he got stabbed. How does he deal with this?
-Tell me a ghost story that Franklin heard from one of his alien patients


I adore Marcus, and desperately wish that he had got a different ending. He was such a force for good, not just on Babylon 5 but in the universe. He was just so bright and optimistic, so determined to fight despite all the odds being syacked against him. I love his cheerfulness despite all that he's been through, I love his competence and I love his sarcasm. And I'd definitely love to see more of him!

Treat Prompts:

-Space is really cool. Show me Marcus appreciating just how cool space is!
-What was he like as a kid? Did he have any favourite games, or was he bookish and only grew into himself later?
-I have the feeling that Marcus found a home on Babylon 5. Show me a moment where he really appreciated that!

Trick Prompts:

-While out on Ranger business, Marcus discovers some kind of supernatural creature/monster. How does he deal with it?
-Marcus has a lot of nightmares about the Shadows, but are they really nightmares?
-Marcus comes back to haunt Babylon 5 as a ghost.


I was sold on these two from the moment they pretended to be married. Their relationship got a surprising amount of development on the show, and I really enjoyed every bit of it. Marcus teases Franklin, Franklin seems incredibly fond of him despite his annoyance and they just work really well together. I'd love to see more of that!

Treat Prompts:

-More fake married shenanigans!
-Them slowly feeling out a relationship together, where it's still all exciting and new and they're still working out various boundaries.
-Established relationship fic, where they're really comfortable and sweet together and have learned pretty much everything about each other.

Trick Prompts:

-Franklin gets caught up in the Day of the Dead business, and the ghost who comes to visit him is Marcus.
-Zombies attack Babylon 5, and Franklin and Marcus have to fight them off.
-An apocalypse happens, and everywhere outside Babylon 5 goes silent. How do they cope?

Batman (Comics)
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Bruce Wayne (Batman comics), Edward Nygma (Batman Comics)

I got into DC comics properly last year, and I honestly cannot believe just how fun they are. The entire tone just appeals to me – incredibly serious things happen, but they’re generally treated so lightly that you can still enjoy them even through the trauma. I truly love all of them, but for this exchange I’ve decided to focus largely around the Batman side of things. I love how dark and Gothic they usually are, and how they manage to combine a real tone of battle optimism with some genuinely dark stuff.


Eddie is probably my favourite male rogue (in Gotham, at least). I just really love how his threat is based more on brains than brawn, how ridiculous he can be in the pursuit of crime and how he can be even more ridiculous away from crime.

Treat Prompts:

-What would Eddie be like, if he hadn't chosen to become a supervillain? Is he still somehow involved in superheroics?
-Eddie taking great pleasure in wordplay.
-Eddie helps to save the day for the first time, and finds himself kinda liking it.

Trick Prompts:

-What was the best riddle/trick Eddie ever came up with?
-Eddie encounters some sort of supernatural creature on the streets of Gotham, and finds that he has to deal with it himself.
-Eddie accidentally summons a demon.


Oh, BRUCE. I love this guy so much, but I love him for his flaws just as much as his absurd levels of competence. This is a fiercely intelligent guy who can take out an entire platoon single handed, but can't manage a genuinely emotional interaction without setting something on fire. I truly adore him, and would love to see more of his failboat tendencies.

Treat Prompts:

-A perfectly nice and ordinary day that he had before his parents were killed.
-He must be happy sometimes even as Batman, right? Show me a point in his career where he actually had a good day.
-Batman's gadgets are really cool. I'd love to see him appreciating this, for once.

Trick Prompts:

-Bruce was turned into a vampire, at some point while he was travelling around the world. How does this change things?
-Bruce has never killed anyone, but he sure thinks about it a lot.
-Bruce encounters a supernatural creature in Gotham, and barely manages to defeat it.


I love these two as they interact together. I love how equal they are in an odd way, how they're both as smart as each other and really get each other's level of intelligence. I also love what impact they've had on each other, how Bruce is sharper thanks to Eddie and Eddie is covered in scars thanks to Bruce. I'd love something exploring the contrasts and similarities between them, and how exactly they'd work past those in a relationship.

Treat Prompts:

-one of my favourite arcs in the comics is where Eddie is working as a private detective (Detective comics 822-824, 828, 837, 845). I’d love to see more exploration of this dynamic
-Something where they have to solve a crime together
-Something where they begrudgingly end up appreciating each others skills.
-Sex! I'd be especially into them tying each other up or Eddie losing his virginity to Bruce.

Trick Prompts:

-Bruce is a vampire, and Eddie is in rather too deep.
-Eddie is covered in scars due to Bruce, something where they both work through this would be great.
-The one riddle Bruce couldn't solve, and how badly it ended up costing him.
-More dubcon sex, where sex pollen or sex drugs are involved.

Demonata Series - Darren Shan
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Juni Swan, Kernel Fleck

The Demonata is one of my favourite book series ever, and probably where my penchant for getting into tiny book fandoms started. It's a really dark story at several parts, whenever the Demonata pop up to be specific, but also contains really compelling characters and plots that keep me interested even when the grimness would otherwise drive me away. It's definitely a horror, but also contains some really interesting fantasy elements and a fascinating approach to magic. It also seems to have a really cast iron tone/moral of hope even on the darkest day, which has always appealed to me. Anything that appreciates the darkness of the setting, while also focusing on hope spots, would be great!


Juniiiiiiii. I love Juni, good lord do I love Juni to an almost embarrassing level. She's presented as a villain in the books, but her character is so complex and deserved so much more than what she got. She was kidnapped as a child, eventually freed herself and then rose to a position of power before her unfortunate ending. I love her strength, I love her tenacity and I absolutely love the complexity of her morals. I'd love to see more of her!

Treat Prompts:

-Juni is allowed a perfectly normal life in the rebooted universe, and everything ends up going mysteriously perfect for her.
-Slightly improbable fluff set in her years with Lord Loss. What friends does she make amongst the demons, and does she finally find a place to belong?
-Juni seems to have a lot of self worth issues. Show me a moment where she genuinely felt pretty!

Trick Prompts:

-One of her numerous encounters with demons, be it pre- or post-Beranabus.
-What does it feel like, to be forced back into life as a zombie when you desired no such thing?
-What does it feel like to see the future, to meet somebody and immediately know how they're going to die?


I've always loved Kernel. He's definitely not a warrior character, but he seems very good at surviving and helping others to do the same. He obviously tries to harden himself through the books, but he can never quite hide how deeply he cares about people and wants to do the right thing. I adore his sheer sweetness under fire, and would love to see more of it.

Treat Prompts:

-Him finding a new kind of happiness in the rebooted universe post-Hell's Heroes. He is the Eyes, after all - how does he craft the universe to his liking?
-Magic is dangerous, but fun. Show me Kernel having fun with his magic!
-Super optional prompt, since I know Art isn't nominated, but a happy moment that he spent with his brother by his side.

Trick Prompts:

-One of his numerous encounters with demons, maybe the story of how he lost his fingertips?
-What is his life like, in that period between when Grubbs rips out his eyes and the start of Hell's Heroes?
-Kernel mourns his brother post-Demon Thief.


I loved the interactions of these two in Demon Thief, and have firmly shipped it ever since. They just have such a fascinatingly complex relationship, they save each others life so many times and then end up on completely opposite sides, and I'd love to see more of it. Kernel keeps some compassion for her in the books, and I can even see Juni remaining fond of him. I just think that they'd work really well together!

Treat Prompts:

-Kernel works hard to give Juni the perfect life in the new universe, and ends up falling in love with her. How do a god and a seer negotiate a relationship under those terms?
-Juni redeems herself when she refuses to serve Death, Kernel helps her to readjust and they fall in love along the way.
-Improbable fluff, again! They're on opposite sides, but they still meet up to be sweet with each other.

Trick Prompts:

-Working together to fight a rogue Demon.
-A starcrossed lovers sort of thing, where everything about their relationship is dangerous and bad but they can't quite quit each other.
-Related to the above, but cam be seperate. They carry on a secret relationship for years, and then Bearanabus and Lord Loss find out. Gimme consequences!
-What do they think of each other, post Demon Apocalypse?

The Flash (TV 2014)
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Barry Allen (The Flash TV), Mark Mardon (the Flash TV), Lisa Snart (The Flash TV), Axel Walker (The Flash TV)

I love the Flash in all its ridiculously over the top glory. It’s like it looked at the grimdark tone of certain other superhero adaptations, and decided to be extra bright as a result. It’s really fun, really absorbing and actually kind of profound for a show that believes in wasting the absolute minimum of time on brooding (at least most of the time *Glares at certain bits of season 2*). I truly adore it, and I also truly adore all the weird and wacky characters that came out of it!


I like how chaotic Axel is. He only appeared in one episode, but he seemed to be having such a fun time in that episode that I couldn't help but love him. I adore how over the top he is, I adore his games and I absolutely adore his habit of getting in over his head.

Treat Prompts:

-Axel decides to be nice to people for a day, and so only gives out fun presents.
-How much fun does Axel have on Halloween?
-Something where Axel takes great pleasure in crafting his toys, before sending them out to hurt people.

Trick Prompts:

-What was the creepiest trick that Axel ever crafted?
-How much fun does Axel have on Halloween? Except the sinister version, where he really terrifies some people.
-Axel turns out to be half sone kind of supernatural creature (on his mother's side, maybe). How does he deal with this?


I love Barry so much. He makes so many bad decisions, but at the same time he's such a sweetie and I absolutely adore his levels of optimism. I especially like him when he isn't trying to go all broody, and is instead doing the whole superhero thing at full speed!

Treat Prompts:

-Barry indulging in his powers and taking trips around the world.
-Barry indulging in his powers, and appreciating just how cool they are. He can run through walls! And up buildings!
-Barry being an adorable dork, and talking about science non-stop.

Trick Prompts:

-What if Barry had decided to use his powers for evil instead?
-Barry encounters a supernatural creature (I have a weakness for vampires but am fine with anything), what does he do?
-A no-win scenario where everything is terrible no matter what he does.


I LOVE Lisa. I wish she got given more to do! She's a character who has been through so much, but who is still so strong and flirty and mischievous. I love her sense of humour, I love how competent she is and I'd love to see more of her kicking ass and taking names.

Treat Prompts:

-Lisa goes on holiday, and has a great time.
-Lisa goes ice skating, and has a great time.
-What does she do when she's not comitting crimes? I'd love to see her indulging in her favourite hobbies.

Trick Prompts:

-Lisa commits the perfect crime, and is absolutely ruthless while doing so.
-Lisa's gold gun is kinda horrifying and I'd love to see her using it more.
-Lisa is a vampire alongside her brother. What has her life been like, over the years?


Mark is such a jerk, but he definitely has his soft spots relating to family and the way he approaches the world. I like how determined he is, and how much fun he seems to have doing his supervillain thing. He honestly seems like a hurricane wrapped in a human body sometimes, and I'd love to see more of that.

Treat Prompts:

-Something showing how important Mark's family are to him.
-Mark learning how to use his powers and having fun with them.
-Mark manages to redeem himself, and works out how to build a good life that doesn't involve crime.
-AU where Mark ends up as the Star Labs Superhero.

Trick Prompts:

-Mark's powers are terrifying. I'd love to see whatever terrifying applications of them you can think of. From targeted hail to a sudden hurricane.
-Mark's powers go haywire. He can't control them, and as a result things get a bit too chaotic even for him.
-Where was Mark in between the dwath of his brother and when he first showed up, and what sinister stuff happened in that time?


The potential that these two have just really interests me. Both of them are relatively chaotic in their own way, and both of them have interesting and complex relationships with their fathers. I can really see Axel glomming onto those similarities, and their relationship developing from there. Anything where Barry is weirded out, but still kinda flattered, would be great!

Treat Prompts:

-Axel develops a crush on Barry, not knowing he's the Flash.
-Axel develops a crush on the Flash, not knowing he's Barry.
-Established relationship fic where they're really good for each other! I'd love to see anything from eating ice cream in the park to holding hands together.

Trick Prompts:

-Axel kidnaps Barry on one of the occasions he's depowered. I'd prefer no non-con, but rather to see what creepy games he comes up with.
-Supernatural creatures (up to you which ones, though I do like vampires and any of the more inventive kinds) attack Central City and Barry and Axel have to stop them.
-Axel turns out to be a supernatural creature (maybe on his mother's side), how does Barry deal with this?


I really love these two. There tend to be a lot of looks exchanged and a lot of obvious chemistry when they're on camera together, and I'd love to see that being built on. They’re both really fascinating characters, who interact and contrast in a number of interesting ways, and I’d be very interested in a fic that focuses on just how compelling they are as people and how compelling they could be together.

Treat Prompts:

-Lisa has always wanted to travel but has never been able, Barry helps her.
-Lisa starts flirting with Barry instead of Cisco. How does this change things?
-Lisa starts dating Barry before she knows he's the Flash, how dies their relationship develop?
-The two of them having fun together! Lisa taking Barry ice skating or Barry taking Lisa for ice cream or anything you can think of.

Trick Prompts:

-Barry gets hit by Lisa's gold gun, in has unexpected effects.
-Lisa is an ice elemental, just like her brother. How does Barry react to finding this out?
-Lisa is a vampire, just like her brother. How does Barry deal with this?
-Lisa refuses to stop committing crimes, but still wants to pursue Barry. How does Barry deal with a murderess who wants him?


I will admit that I mainly started shipping these two because of the visual, but it has definitely developed from there. I'd love to see something where Barry notices Mark's soft spots, and they work together towards a more equal relationship. It's another slightly cracky relationship where I really do think they could balance each other out, and I'd love to see more of them together.

Treat prompts:

-Something exploring their mutual commitment to family, and possibly them building a new one of their own.
-Sweet weather related stuff, them kissing in the rain or the snow. Or Mark begrudgingly giving Barry a perfectly sunny day.
-Something where Mark, perhaps compelled by prison or inspired by Barry/The Flash, decides to try to reform.
-An AU where Mark ends up being the superhero at Star Labs and Barry ends up being a metahuman villain.

Trick Prompts:

-Hate sex!
-Mark is obviously very committed to family. So something where he refuses to forgive Barry, and vows to hunt him no matter what.
-Mark's powers go haywire, and not even Barry can fix them or stop their power.
-AU where Mark is some kind of nature spirit come to seduce Barry.

Axel + Lisa + Mark

I liked how season 1 seemed to be heading towards a unified band of rogues, and was annoyed when season 2 veered elsewhere. I think these three could work really well together, or at least amusingly. I'd love to see how their varying levels of chaos interact!

Treat Prompts:

-How do they get together, as a unified band of Rogues?
-Them just having fun at a bar, shooting the shit and talking over their achievements.
-Something where they build their own sort of family together.

Trick Prompts"

-Them committing the perfect crime together, and being utterly horrifying assholes about it.
-Supernatural creatures invade Central City! And the Rogues are the only ones who can stop it.
-They're all different kinds of supernatural creatures. How do they get together in the first place, and what dothey do with their powers?

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Severus Snape, Sirius Black

I started rereading Harry Potter recently, and was surprised by how nice it was to slip back into the world. It's just so compelling. The characters are excellent, the world building is absorbing and it really does feel magical. I would love something that captures the sheer wonder inherent in the universe.


I still find Snape fascinating. He's a lot more of a dick than I remembered on past rereads, but I find his reasons really compelling and can sympathise with him a great deal. He's a man who has lost everything due to his own actions, and who isn't sure if he deserves redemption but is desperately trying for it anyway. I'd love to see more of the complexity of his character!

Treat Prompts:

-Snape takes the Luck Potion and has a perfectly lucky day, how does this go?
-Hogwarts is just as much a home for Snape as it is for anyone else. Show me a moment where he truly felt at home there.
-Snape saves the day in some small way, and has to react to being a hero.

Trick Prompts:

-Snape is literally haunted by the ghosts of all the people that he's lost
-Snape encounters a monster when searching for potions ingredients. How does he cope?
-AU where Snape gets the Defence Against the Dark Arts post far earlier than expected... And falls victim to Voldemort's curse.


I've loved Sirius since he first turned up. He's also a man who had his entire life ripped away from him, but through very little fault of his own. As a result he's still kind of the wild teenager that never got to grow up, or really prove the world wrong about him. I find this hugely compelling, and would love to see more of it.

Treat Prompts:

-Sirous having fun at Hogwarts! Getting up to mischief, and having a whale of a time
-Sirius having fun in his dog form. Basically just bouncing everywhere, and being a happy puppy.
-More glimpses of what Sirius was like before he went to prison. We saw some bits, but I'd still love to see more of him before he was twisted by Azkaban.

Trick Prompts:

-Sirius has nightmares about his time in Azkaban
-Sirius goes out flying on Buckbeak, and maybe meets a few more magical creatures on the way.
-AU where Sirius does follow his Black genes, and goes evil as a result


I'm a sucker for antagonistic dynamics, and boy am I interested by the potential in this one. They're very different characters, Snape is a survivor while Sirius is often too bold for his own good, but both have lost everything and both struggle to keep going in the aftermath of that. I'd love to see more of their dynamic, in light of that!

Treat Prompts:

-Sirius survives Order of the Phoenix, and they grow reluctantly closer in the aftermath of his near miss
-They both know what it is to have nightmares. They still pretend to utterly loathe each other, but they still help each other through it.
-A rare time where they worked together, maybe to stop James or Harry doing something stupid, and managed it surprisingly well

Trick Prompts:

-Hate sex when they were teenagers
-Hate sex when they're adults, with the both of them just desperate to feel something.
-Sirius accidentally gets tangled up with some kind of supernatural beast, Snape reluctantly helps him.

Hello From the Magic Tavern (Podcast)
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Chunt the Shapeshifter (Hello From the Magic Tavern), Arnie Niekamp (Hello From the Magic Tavern)

I started listening to this podcast this year, and just find it so very charming. I have a weakness for fantasy, but often find it disappointing that it's usually played absolutely straight. Thus does not play it straight. It's quirky, and it's insane and it takes a fierce joy in its premise that I can't help but find endearing.

My beastiality squick is obviously complicated for this fandom, due to Chunt. I'm gonna say that implied beastiality is fine, but I'd prefer no explicit stuff. I'm also gonna say that I consider sex with supernatural creatures closer to xeno than beastiality, and thus am beyond fine with that!


Good lord do I love Chunt. He's such a fun character! He's a shapeshifting badger obsessed with buttholes and sex, who seems both quite intelligent and rather cosmopolitan at the same time. I love the strangeness of his character, and I love the many possibilities inherent in his powers.

Treat Prompts:

-Chunt transforms into an incredibly cute creature.
-Chunt having fun with his shapeshifting powers! It must be such a cool thing, to shapeshift. I'd love to see him indulging in it at great length.
-What does Chunt do when he's not on the Podcast? Show me him having fun by himself, and maybe getting into fun hijinks

Trick Prompts:

-5 magical creatures Chunt turned into/slept with
-Chunt's powers could be used for absolutely terrifying purposes. Show me a time that he did use them to scare the wits out of someone!
-The one supernatural creature that Chunt met and didn't want to sleep with.


Oh, Arnie. I also love his character. The idea of a man who got sucked into a magical land and then was too lazy to do anything but sit in a tavern and talk all day is just hilarious to me. I love his laziness, and I also love his reactions to all the weirdness around him.

Treat Prompts:

-Show me a time when Arnie really had fun in Foon!
-Arnie goes to a party, and has a great time! Even though everything is a bit weird, in traditional Foon style.
-Arnie is forced to go on an adventure, and has a surprisingly good time.

Trick Prompts:

-5 supernatural creatures that Arnie met
-Arnie interviews the dark lord for his podcast
-Arnie gets turned into a vampire at some point. How does this change things?


I... Also really ship these two. They just have such an interesting relationship in the show! They're best friends, but often snipe at each other and have so many misunderstandings that it's hilarious. I love how the guests keep commenting on their sexual tension, and I'd love to see more of it.

I'd prefer if Chunt wasn't a badger for any sex. I also have infidelity as one of my squicks, so I'd prefer Sarah either not to be mentioned or for an open marriage to be implied.

Treat Prompts:

-The two of them go on an adventure together, and actually have a surprising amount of fun!
-To their mutual shock, they survive Make Out Point together
-Chunt finally decides that he wants to pursue Arnie enough to take human shape. What are the varying reactions to this?

Trick Prompts:

-5 magical creatures that Chunt shifted into, and that Arnie had sex with him as
-There are some things in Foon that both Chunt and Arnie are freaked out by. Show me one (or a few) of them!
-Slightly more messed up sex, ideally involving bloodplay
-What is it actually like, to wake up to your own face lying on the pillow besides you?

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Medium Requested: Trick
Characters Requested: Zorua (game), Sakurabyss | Gorebyss (game), Phantump (games), Juppeta | Banette (game), Fuwante | Drifloon (game), Desumasu | Yamask (game), Lampent | Ranpuraa (game)

I've been into Pokemon ever since it came out, and I don't see that stopping any time soon. It's just an incredibly compelling world, wuth so many interesting - and horrifying - facets to it. I love how much work goes into creating the Pokemon, and how they deliberately seem to leave spaces in those stories.

And the creepiness of pretty much all Ghost Pokemon definitely gets my interest.


The Pokedex entry for Banette states "A doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge from being junked. It seeks the child that disowned it". I am very interested in the idea of a vengeful doll, who apparently has evil energy trapped inside it, wandering the world in search of one poor child.

Trick Prompts:

-Anything where Banette searches the world for years, scaring the crap out of everyone in search of this one child.
-Many years later, Banette finds the child that abandoned it. How badly does this go?
-What terrible things will actually happen if Banette opens its mouth?


These pokemon look so sweet and innocent, but apparently children go missing around them and they're a signpost for wandering spirits. There's a lot of creepy stuff you could do there, and I'd like to see any of it.

Trick Prompts:

-What exactly does being a signpost for wandering spirits entail? Is Driflon actually a portal for far darker things?
-How does it feel, to be kidnapped by a Drifloon? What exactly happens?
-Several children have gone missingfrom a village and nobody knows why, and then somebody spots a strange balloon...


Gorebyss is one of the few non-ghost Pokemon on here, and for good reason. The Pokedex says that "Although Gorebyss is the very picture of elegance and beauty while swimming, it is also cruel. When it spots prey, this Pokémon inserts its thin mouth into the prey's body and drains the prey of its body fluids", and the thought of something so beautiful being just this horrifying killer is really compelling to me.

Trick Prompts:

-A trainer is very pleased when they catch a beautiful Gorebyss, but then the rest of their Pokemon start getting sick...
-A trainer who is out surfing has their water pokemon attacked by a Gorebyss, and ends up with no way back to land.
-A swimmer is attacked by Gorebyss while deep at sea, and has no way to fight it off.


According to the Pokedex, "The spirits [Lampent] absorbs fuel its baleful fire. It hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on." There is literally not part of that that's not creepy. I love the image of Lampent lurking in the shadows of a hospital, just waiting for people to die.

Trick Prompts:

-A trainer keeps thinking that they glimpse a Lampent out of the corner of their eye. But they're perfectly healthy, right?
-A person lying in a hospital bed keeps panicking because they can see a Lampent getting ever closer, but nobody else can see it.
-Honestly, I'd love anything to do with the imagery of Lampent just hanging creepily around an old gothic hospital!


Phantump, to me, is possibly one of the most horrifying pokemon out there. The Pokedex says that "According to old tales, these Pokémon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest" and... There are just so many messed up things you could do with that.

Trick Prompts:

-A child wanders off the beaten path, and then gets steadily more lost. What does it feel like, to slowly turn into a Phantump?
-What does it feel like, to be a phantump? How much of their old lives can they remember?
-A parent searches frantically for their lost child in a forest, and then a strangely familiar Phantump turns up...


From the moment my SO pointed out the creepiness of Yamask to me, I have been fascinated by it. I mean, the Pokedex says "Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry" - there is so much creepiness inherent there, they used to be humans and know they used to be humans and have to carry a reminder around with them, and I'd love to see it explored.

Trick Prompts:

-What does it feel like, to know that you used to be human while currently being a Pokemon?
-A Yamask stares at the face that used to be theirs, and mourns the life that they've lost.
-A trainer encounters a Yamask, and it's holding their own face.


Zorua can transform even into a human, is incredibly smart and lives causing mischief. I've loved the idea of this pokemon ever since I first saw it, I love trickster fox types, and would absolutely love to see what dark stuff could be done with it.

Trick Prompts:

-A woman one day finds out that the person she married, and has loved for years, is actually a Zorua in disguise. What happens next?
-A Zorua causing the worst kind of mischief, and putting many people in danger.
-A trainer has to go through a forest at night, but unfortunately they've attracted the attention of a Zorua determined to scare them to death.

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Darth Vader (Star Wars Marvel), Aphra (Star Wars Marvel)

I picked up the Marvel Star Wars comics in a sale, not expecting to enjoy them that much, and was surprised by just how good they were. They're truly astonishing on so many levels. They just get that very specific Star Wars tone so well, the sheer hope of it all mixed in with the darkness inherent in the concept of an evil space empire. I love the hopeful tone of it, and also love how much deeper it's willing to delve into the motivations of the characters and the bonds between them. I'd love a fic that also captures that tone, while examining just how the characters interact in new and interesting ways.

I love basically everything Gillen chooses to do, so it was no surprise that I loved the Darth Vader comics. They're the darker corner of Star Wars tone wise, a lot of people die and get tortured, but... At the same time they're just so fun? They just really feel STAR WARS, the darkness mixed in with such a huge amount of hope. I've loved basically every issue of it that I've read so far, and anything set within that story would be wonderful to read.


Aphra is slightly less murdery than Vader, but that's a bit like saying a mouse is slightly smaller than an elephant. She's still ruthless, a born survivor and often seems to see other people as expendable. I love the darkness that lurks just behind the affable front, and I'd love to see more of it.

Treat Prompts:

-Something where she plays a semi-active role in the later films, lighter version. Her views on the events of Empire would be interesting, as would her having fun science antics.
-Aphra has a happy time building and toying with droids.
-What does Aphra do on her days off, when nobody is bothering her? Does she have any specific games she likes to play, or stuff she likes to eat?

Trick Prompts:

-Something where she plays a semi-active role in the later films, darker version. Her views on the events of Empire would be interesting, as would her fully participating in all the murder that goes on.
-Aphra murdering her way accross the galaxy, half so she can survive and half because she really enjoys it.
-After Vader dies and the Empire falls what does Aphra do to survive, and does she even manage to?


I just feel so SAD about Vader despite myself! This is a man who has had his whole life ripped away from him due to his own actions, and the comics do a really good job at making you sympathise with that. I'd love to see something where he's still murder lord of the galaxy, but also something that hints at the humanity that still lurks underneath.

Treat prompts:

-Vader actually gets to live for more than five seconds after his redemption, and dedicates himself to bettering the galaxy.
-Vader has a good day for once, possibly with cake and/or strangling his underlings
-Vader practices with a lightsaber and forgets all his troubles!

Trick prompts:

-Vader actually gets to live for more than five seconds after his redemption, and has to deal with all the horrible shit he did and the fact that most of the galaxy hates him.
-Vader, just after he became more machine than man, deals with personally destroying everything he loved.
-Vader meets a Star Wars monster, possibly a Rak-Ghul from Taris, and has to deal with it.


These two have such a complicated relationship on so many levels. She's obviously terrified of him, and he obviously regards her as an employee. But she also obviously respects him an incredible amount, and he also obviously has a lot of sympathy for her. The comics really accomplish what the prequels tried to do, and manage to humanize Darth Vader while still keeping exactly what makes him terrifying. And Aphra is there all the way, being completely morally dubious but still bringing out that lingering human side of him. I'd love to see a lot more of the complicated relationship between them! And I also ship them like hell, so no worries if you want to go in that direction.

Treat Prompts:

-5 times that Aphra made Darth Vader feel a human emotion (and possibly one time that he actually displayed it).
-He finally lets her see under the helmet.
-What's their sex life like, and how hard does Aphra kink on being with a person who is more machine than man?
-Super optional prompt, as neither Luke or Leia are requested, but her meeting the kids when they all know about the whole father thing!

Trick Prompts:

-Them meeting a Star Wars monster and having to deal with it. I'm particularly fond of the Rak-Ghuls on Taris, but feel free to put in whatever monster you'd like!
-Fun murder adventures throughout the galaxy, where they have fun but everybody in their path is left either dead or on fire.
-Aphra's reaction to hearing about Vader's death post-RotJ
-Super optional prompt, because Palpatine isn't even nominated in this fandom, but Vader is forced to bring Aphra to meet the emperor.

Wolf 359 (Radio)
Medium Requested: Treat, Trick
Characters Requested: Doug Eiffel, Alexander Hilbert, Daniel Jacobi, Warren Kepler

I really love Wolf 359. I got into it this year, and binge listened all the episodes in less than a month. It starts off a very Red Dwarf sort of show, but quickly adds complexity and darkness in a way that really appeals to me. I love the characters, I love the plots and I love the many ways it could go.


I wasn't expecting to love Eiffel quite so much when I first listened to the podcast, but I really do. He seems a very fun slacker type character, but also has a lot of layers that really add to him. He clearly cares quote deeply about others, and his dark and mysterious past remains fascinating to me.

Treat Prompts:

-Space is really cool. Show me a moment where Eiffel was able to enjoy that for once!
-Wolf 359 has issues, but it's still home. Show me a moment where Eiffel appreciated that!
-Eiffel decides, come hell or high water, that he's making a cake. How does this go?
-Super optional prompt, as I don't think Anne is even in the tagset, but fun times he had with his daughter pre-canon

Trick Prompts:

-Eiffel did do something terrible to send him to jail, and now it's finally catching up with him
-Space madness! Where Eiffel goes slowly mad due to the isolation of space
-The aliens actually arrive on the station, and they're not at all friendly.


I LOVE Hilbert so much, to a degree that I'm slightly embarrassed by. On one hand he's a despicable human being, he murdered at least most of the old crew, but on the other he definitely has his reasons and seems to have a lot more morals than anybody gives him credit for.

Treat Prompts:

-Hilbert gets a chance to geek out over science!
-A flashback to happier times, when his family were still alive.
-Hilbert appreciating how cool space is! In his own unique way, while being creepy and mired in science.

Trick Prompts:

-Hilbert is literally haunted by the ghosts of all the people he's lost/killed
-What was it like to be on Wolf 359 before Minkowski and Eiffel (and Hera) arrived. I'd love to see something where Hilbert is all alone with the ship and the dead.
-A snippet of what it was like, to lose his entire family to radiation sickness


I'm really interested by the idea of these two together. It started out a crack ship, because they're played by the same actor, but it's definitely developed from there and I find thrm really interesting together. Eiffel seems reluctant to let Hilbert get hurt even after all he's done, Hilbert seems to worry about Eiffel despite himself and they both seem to have grown into working really well together. I'd love to see more of them!

Treat Prompts:

-Hilbert gets his redemption arc, and Eiffel falls in love with him on the way.
-Hilbert chemically engineers something for Eiffel as some sort of weird love confession. Does Eiffel realize, or does he remain oblivious!
-Porn! I'd love to see them falling into bed, and being kinda stunned by just how good they are together.
-Super optional prompt, but Hilbert gets to meet Eiffel's daughter. How does this go?

Trick Prompts:

-Hate sex, at the beginning of season 2 while they still kind of hate each other.
-The aliens come to Wolf 359 and are not friendly. Eiffel and Hilbert have to band together to try and ward them off... And perhaps fail to do so.
-Something playing off them having the same voice actor, where they're actually doppelgangers and it's becoming steadily more obvious as space takes its toll.


I'm very fond of Jacobi, despite him often working against the main group. He's a sarky little shit with dubious morals, and I can't help but like that. I adore his moral dubiousness, I adore how much he stirs things and I'd absolutely adore seeing more of his unique view on things.

Treat Prompts:

-Him having fun blowing stuff up!
-Show me a solo adventure that he had before going to Wolf 359, where he has a lot of fun and blows a few things up.
-A slightly cracky prompt, perhaps, but something where Jacobi has always dreamed of appearing in Robot Wars. What happens when he finally gets to compete?

Trick Prompts:

-Jacobi says that he accidentally killed a few people in his mini-episode. What if the accident wasn't so accidental?
-Jacobi doesn't believe in ghosts, but when he gets to Wolf 359 he can't stop hearing strange whispers coming from the shadows...
-Jacobi is a robot, a secret that has been kept even from himself. What happens when he finds out?


I can't help but like Kepler, despite him moving ever more steadily into the antagonist role. He's hella competent, hella hilarious and also seems to have a lot more depth to him than you'd expect. I'm amused by his leading style, and I'm interested to see how he develops.

Treat Prompts:

-I'd love to hear another one of his overly complicated stories!
-One of the missions he did before he went to Wolf 359, where everything went perfectly and he - at least - had a great time.
-What does Kepler do when he has time off? Show me what he does while he's relaxing!

Trick Prompts:

-Kepler is a vampire, maybe turned by Cutter. How long has he been alive, and how has this changed his views?
-Kepler encounters a supernatural creature on one of his missions before Wolf 359. How did this encounter go?
-Aliens come to Wolf 359. They're not friendly, and a lot of their malice is targeted at Kepler.


I was largely fine with the idea of these two... Up until Jacobi's mini-episode, and then I fell in love completely. They just seem to work really well together! There's a lot of loyalty on both sides, they're obviously close outside of their jobs and they seem to encourage the more morally dubious elements within each other. I'd love to see more of them!

Treat Prompts:

-Kepler taking Jacobi to bed for the first time after he recruits him, and just completely worshipping him.
-Show me an adventure they had before they got to Wolf 359!
-Loyalty kink. They're obviously super loyal to each other, and I'd love to see more of it!

Trick Prompts:

-An adventure they had before they got to Wolf 359, involving supernatural creatures!
-There are ghosts on Wolf 359, and they don't appreciate these two interlopers.
-Kepler is some sort of supernatural creature, and Jacobi just realized.
-Serial Killer AU!

Thank you for reading! And I look forward to your fic. :D