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FemslashEx 2016 Letter

Hello, dear writer, and welcome to my FemslashEx letter! I really adore femslash, but rarely get to focus on it as much as I'd like to. I'm thus really looking forward to this exchange, and all the possibilities within it! I love literally all of the pairings here, and would be extremely excited to receive fic for any of them. As long as you avoid my squicks (and preferably my dislikes too) I'll probably end up absolutely adoring anything you write for me!

On the subject of squicks (and dislikes (and, far more importantly than either, likes))...:

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), threesomes/moresomes, polyamory, the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, wingfic, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, female characters, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters (unlikely here, but just to play safe!), issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up within the fic (I'm fine with 'getting back together' narratives!) and infidelity.

Now, onto the femslash! :D

Arrowverse (CW TV)
Astra/Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers/Cat Grant/Lucy Lane, Kara Danvers/Lucy Lane (Arrowverse), Kara Danvers/Siobhan Smythe, Linda Park/Lisa Snart (Arrowverse), Lisa Snart/Iris West (Arrowverse)

I love the Arrowverse in all its ridiculously over the top glory. I'm most familiar woth the Flash and Supergirl, and adore both of them. They're both really fun, really absorbing and actually kind of profound for shows that believe in wasting the absolute minimum of time on brooding (at least most of the time *Glares at certain bits of the Flash season 2*). I truly adore them, and I also truly adore all the weird and wacky pairings that can come out of them!

Astra/Alex Danvers

I've been interested in these two basically since the Black Mercy episode. I started out being interested in them mainly because they're both obviously so passionate about protecting Kara in their own way, but that quickly grew into a fascination with how they would work outside of that. Both of them are deeply passionate individuals, who are willing to go a little too far in pursuit of their cause and are both incredibly dedicated to it. I'd really love to see how they'd work together, and just what impact a potential relationship between them could have on the universe.

As a side note: I don't particularly care about Non, so I'm fine with you not including him or just having him in the background.

Some ideas:

-Something where they meet pre-canon, perhaps while Astra is undercover and spying on Kara, and get into a relationship then. How does this change things? Does Astra feel more merciful to the humans as a result? Does Alex approach her career at the DEO differently?
-Something set when Astra is in prison, where she slowly seduces Alex into revealing more and more of her secrets despite herself.
-Something where Astra survives "For the Girl Who Has Everything", but is badly wounded as a result. I'd love to see something where Alex feels honour bound to take care of her in the aftermath, and where they grow a hell of a lot closer than either of them ever expected as a result.
-Super optional prompt, but how does Kara react to finding out that her aunt is dating her sister? Is she absolutely horrified? is she totally weirded out, but trying to be supportive nonetheless?

Kara Danvers/Cat Grant/Lucy Lane

These three! I ship all of them individually, and I'm absolutely thrilled that somebody nominated the threesome. I'd be really fascinated to see how this would work, here. They're all characters who'd work together in individual combinations, and it'd be really interesting to see how those dynamics would alter in a threesome setting. Kara is so loyal to both Cat and Lucy, Cat is determined to act as a mentor figure to both Kara and Lucy and Lucy refuses to be overwhelmed by either Kara or Cat. I'd love to see what you could do with them altogether, and I'd love to see how their different dynamics come into play.

Some ideas:

-I'd love to see how they got into the threesome arrangement in the first place. Does Cat basically order them into it, and do Kara and Lucy go willingly along with her plans? Do Kara and Lucy just jump Cat one day? Something else? I'd be really interested in seeing a get together fic with the three of them!
-I'd also be really interested in seeing how they function together. A slice of life fic with the three of them together would be absolutely great. Do they keep their relationship secret, and go out for business dinners instead of dates? Do they curl up together at the weekends? Does Cat insist on moving Kara and Lucy in with her and Carter? I'd love to see any of that, or even something else with them all being sweet together!
-Cat and Lucy's views on Kara's superheroing. It must not be a fun task, being the significant other of a superhero. How do they deal with it? Do they support each other when Kara goes out, or do they have to keep separate for that time because they just stress each other out?
-Porn. I'd love to see anything where they're all in bed together. Does Cat take pleasure in ordering Kara and Lucy around? Do Kara and Lucy just grab her occasionally, and do they all end up having a lot of fun as a result? Do Cat and Lucy delight in testing Kara's limits?
-Can be linked to porn, but more specifically: sex pollen. I'd love to see something where they all get dosed with some kind of weird alien thing, and end up working through it with each other.

Kara Danvers/Lucy Lane (Arrowverse)

And speaking of individual shipping...

I really love Kara/Lucy. They have a surprising amount of chemistry in the show, and despite being placed into competition for the most of it (Boo James) seem to have a genuinely caring relationship. They're both badasses, they're both optimists in their own ways and they both seem to care really sincerely about other people. I'd love to see more of them being adorable badasses together, and I'd love to see them working out a functional relationship.

Some ideas:

-Anything fluffy! I honestly ship the hell out of these two, so would love to see anything cute with them. Cuddles? Holding hands? Going on dates? I'll eat it all up!
-Something set post-canon, where Kara helps Lucy with her new role at the DEO and Lucy helps Kara with superheroing and they steadily grow closer as a result.
-Kara and Lucy meet for the first time as in canon... And immediately are attracted to each other. I'd love to see something where they start dating instead! And I'd also love to see how this changes things.

Kara Danvers/Siobhan Smythe

I absolutely adore all enemy mine pairings, and I was thrilled with how quickly the Kara/Siobhan dynamic turned that way. Kara helped to ruin Siobhan's life, and Siobhan responded by going absolutely too far in response. This leads to a really interesting dynamic between them, with Kara feeling desperately guilty over what she did but still being unwilling to let Siobhan wreck an entire city over mistakes that were largely her own. I'd love to see more of this, and I'd love to see what you can do with the tensions that already exist within their relationship.

Some ideas:

-Hate sex! I'm fine with any setting for this, I'm just a sucker for hate sex of all kinds. I'd love to see Siobhan viciously going for it, and Kara getting sucked in despite herself.
-Future fic, where Siobhan has decided to firmly become the villain of the story and her and Kara keep clashing at every turn and having steadily more sexually charged meetings.
-A slight AU where the events of Falling don't happen, Kara and Siobhan steadily grow a little closer, Siobhan gets inducted into team Supergirl... And then Kara gets exposed to Red Kryptonite/Siobhan transforms into Silver Banshee anyway. How does this change things? Does it make events more hopeful, or less?

Linda Park/Lisa Snart (Arrowverse)

Both Linda and Lisa really interest me as characters. They're both incredibly bold and smart (and pretty), but are also both obviously using that boldness to cover up vulnerabilities within themselves. Lisa has obviously faced a lot, and we haven't seen much of what Linda has faced yet but even her life since she met Barry has been basically a rollercoaster. I'd really love to see what their dynamic could be considering all of this, and how they'd work together as a result.

Some ideas:

-Lisa has to seduce Linda for a job. How does this go, and does she end up getting in over her head?
-Linda and Lisa meet entirely away from the world of superheroes and start dating... And then superheroes start intruding anyway. How do they deal with this?
-What is/was their dynamic like on Earth 2, where Linda was a supervillain and Lisa - presumably - was/is the law-abiding sister of the mayor. Did Lisa have a crush? Did they engage in a secret relationship of any kind?

Lisa Snart/Iris West (Arrowverse)

I started shipping these two when I started thinking about them interacting separately from their brothers, and ever since then I've been hooked. They're both really interesting characters, and similar in a variety of amusing ways. They're both incredibly bold, both determined to put themselves in danger and both seem to get off a little on the thrill of danger. I'd love to see them properly meet, and I'd love to see something that explores how they could both be bad influences on each other.

Some ideas:

-Iris has a secret admirer, who obviously turns out to be Lisa. How does she react, and how well does this go?
-Lisa and Iris meet away from superheroics, and start dating when neither of them are aware of their links. What happens when they do find out? Do they shrug and carry on, or is there a little more tension?
-Lisa and Iris meet at a Flash team meeting while the Rogues are helping out, and immediately hit it off. How do things progress from there?
-An AU of the end of season 1, where they meet by chance and Lisa encourages Iris to look a little deeper into what her family are keeping from her. I'd love to see something where Iris uses her reporter skills to figure everything out, and where Lisa supports her every step of the way and grows steadily more loyal to her. I'd also like to see them grow steadily more romantically entangled as the story goes on!

DC Animated Universe
Diana (Wonder Woman)/Harleen Quinzel (Animated), Mercy Graves/Lois Lane (Animated)

I love the DCAU, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation of DC comics stuff. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I really enjoy how hopeful it is, what emphasis it places on working through things and showing strength. It's definitely one of my feel good universes, and I'd love pretty much anything that captures the general tone of that.

Diana (Wonder Woman)/Harleen Quinzel (Animated)

I was discussing these two with a friend a few months back, and I think they could be really interesting with each other. They're very different characters in many ways, but I can see Diana developing a definite sympathy for Harley and Harley responding well to that. Harley has had such a tough life in so many ways, but still has such a strong policy of getting up and facing the new day no matter what's thrown at her. I really think that Diana could appreciate that warrior spirit, what with her own struggles and her own policy of getting up to fight another day, and that they could really bond as a result. I'd love to see something that lets them meet and explores their dynamic!

Some ideas:

-Getting together fic! I'd love to see something where they meet on a mission, get along super well and end up dating each other very soon afterwards. I'd especially like to see them both being a little confused by this, but rolling with it nonetheless.
-I'd love something fluffy with them, where Diana shows Harley how much she's worth and Harley shows Diana how much that means to her in return.
-Back to back badasses! They're both so very badass, in their own slightly different ways. I'd love to see something where they have to fight their way out of a bad situation - alien attack! Rogue attack! evil pollened!Superhero attack! - together, and where this causes them to grow closer and get together romantically as a result.
-In the comics (don't worry! You don't have to have read them for this prompt!) Harley canonically has a huge crush on Diana. I'd love to see something where this is also the case in the DCAU, where Harley has a huge and barely hidden crush on Diana and freaks out as a result when she gets to meet her.
-Sort of related to the last prompt: An AU where Harley falls madly in love with Diana instead of the Joker. I'm not sure how this would be accomplished, maybe Diana visits America early and Harley is assigned as her liaison or something, but I'd love to see something where Harley gets a far happier ending and maybe turns her considerable skills towards good.

Mercy Graves/Lois Lane (Animated)

This started off as a crackship for me, as so many of my ships do. but has been totally serious for a while now. I love Lois - she's such a brave character, and also so smart and determined in a way that really resonates with me. Mercy fascinates me too - she's equally brave in some ways, and definitely a badass, but also very obviously bound into her role and seems to have big problems with overcoming her loyalties. I think the clash of their personalities could be really interesting together - they're both backing characters who are more competent than their male counterparts, both experienced with the superhero scene in different ways and have very different but not necessarily conflicting views on life. I'd love to see what kind of trouble they could get into together, and what a romance between them would look like.

Some ideas:

-Back to back badasses, again! Both of these characters are so badass, even if Lois is more mentally badass and Mercy is more physically badass. I'd love to see them in a situation where they have to work together, and where they work surprisingly well with each other and grow a lot closer as a result. Bonus points for adrenaline fueled makeouts! :D
-Something set post Superman: TAS/the Justice League episode where Lex finally goes to prison for the first time. I'd love to see something where Lois decides to do an interview piece with Mercy, and gets a lot more than she bargained for.
-AU where Mercy was the one that Lois actually dated pre-Superman: TAS. I'd love to see a slice of this relationship, be it a relatively simple date - or even a relatively simple after date ifyouknowwhatImean - or a more fraught moment where Lois confronts Mercy over her loyalties.
-AU where Mercy was the one that Lois actually dated pre-Superman: TAS. How does this affect canon events? I'd love to see how them being bitter former lovers who still have feelings for each other alters anything in canon, and I'd also love to see a happy ending where they overcome that and get back together.

DCU (Comics)
Beatriz da Costa/Tora Olafsdotter, Diana (Wonder Woman)/Barbara Minerva (Comics), Kate Kane/Lois Lane, Koriand'r/Stella Gomez (Comics), Lois Lane/Lana Lang (Comics), Soranik Natu/Lyssa Drak (Comics)

I got into DC comics properly last year, and I honestly cannot believe just how fun they are. The entire tone just appeals to me – incredibly serious things happen, but they’re generally treated so lightly that you can still enjoy them even through the trauma. I truly love all of them, and I'd be thrilled to get fic for any pairing here.

Beatriz da Costa/Tora Olafsdotter

I first met these two in Justice League International (the Giffen run on it), but have a vague knowledge of all their other appearances. They're just so sweet together! I love how well they work in tandem, how different they are but how much they obviously care for each other. They seem to have a real bond, perhaps deeper than anybody else on the JLI, and I'd love to see a lot more of that in fic.

Some ideas:

-Fluff! I'd love to see something where they're girlfriends, and incredibly cute about it. Going out to dinner together? Going to see the latest popular movie? Cuddling in bed when Bea has a cold? I will literally eat any of that stuff up with a spoon.
-I'd love to see something from their pre-Justice League International days, when they only really had each other and were presumably even more cute as a result. Did Bea have a tongue tied crush for years? Did Tora fall in love at first sight? Did they sometimes forget themselves, and go out on dates in uniform? Give me all of the backstory!
-Bea gets increasingly jealous of anybody who goes near Tora, but keeps trying to deny it to herself. I'd love to see her seeing various suitors off, while Tora gets steadily more annoyed and Bea gets steadily deeper into denial. I'd also love an ending where they work it all out!

Diana (Wonder Woman)/Barbara Minerva (Comics)

Oh god, these two. I have an irresistible fascination for 'punch in the gut'/enemy mine pairings and these two are definitely that. I love the many complex layers of their relationship, how they veer between friendship and hatred and a strange mixture of both depending on the day. They're obviously in opposition to each other a lot of the time, Diana is so very good and Barbara is so very not, but they also seem to care about each other so very much despite that. I'd love to see more of that complexity explored, at any stage of their relationship.

Some ideas:

-Honestly, I'd be fine with 1000 words of a charged conversation between them. I've loved pretty much every interaction they've had in the comics, so I'd be thrilled to see something where Diana tries to convince Barbara she can be redeemed and Barbara keeps viciously shutting her down.
-Something set in NU52 continuity, where Barbara gets closer to Diana and slowly seduces her. I'd love to see more of their relationship before the Cheetah interfered, how Barbara handled keeping so many secrets from Diana and how their close friendship eventually turned to more.
-Something set in any continuity, where Diana actually manages to cure Barbara from the Cheetah affliction. I'd love to see the aftermath of this, how Barbara settles back into normal everyday life and how they both deal with how much has changed. I'd be fine with a renewal of their established relationship here, but I'd also be very interested in seeing how they build a relationship anew in the aftermath of all that Barbara has done.
-Hate sex. I would be totally down for rough, animalistic (with claws, fur, biting, everything!) hate sex between them where the tension between them explodes in a way that can't really be ignored.

Kate Kane/Lois Lane

I saw this in the tagset, and the idea really fascinates me! They're both very badass ladies, with similar attitudes to getting out there and making a difference. Lois takes a slightly more cerebral approach to it all, but both of them are obviously determined to make the world a better place in whatever way they can. I'd love to see something exploring more of their similarities, and maybe seeing how superheroics intersects with both of their lives.

Some ideas:

-Back to back badasses! I'm drawn to both of these characters because they're just both so competent in their own ways. I'd love to see something where they team up, maybe to get a story or to stop a bad guy, and end up working exceptionally well together.
-Something where they meet after Kate is discharged from the army, perhaps with Lois wanting to do a piece on her and the injustice of her case? I'd love to see something where they grow closer, and where Lois slowly starts to realize that she's not quite as straight as she always thought she was.
-Kate visits Metropolis on business, and meets Lois when out doing some crafty superheroing. I'd love to see something where they work together, and very quickly come to appreciate each other's talents.

Koriand'r/Stella Gomez (Comics)

One of my favourite things about this comic (the 2015-2016 run) was the relationship between Kori and Stella. They obviously care about each other a lot, are both fiercely competent and are both really adorable together. Their interactions were generally my favourite parts of each issue, and I’d love to see more of them in a fanfic setting.

Some ideas:

-Kori and Stella have to solve a case together! How badly does this go wrong? How annoyed does Stella get on the way? Does Kori learn a valuable lesson at the end of it, or does everybody learn a valuable lesson from Kori?
-Kori and Stella slowly get together. They obviously like each other, and I think it’d be really sweet. Maybe a slow build sort of thing, where they’re adorable and badass and fighting against aliens together? Or an exploration of Stella realising that her feelings for Kori go beyond the platonic? Or Kori just deciding to jump Stella one day and Stella rolling with it? Any of those, just show me them being adorable together!
-Kori and Stella go on vacation together. I really want to see them having fun antics and causing accidental chaos wherever they go, and maybe Stella ending up just as much a fish out of water as Kori.
-Something that alters the ending of the comic. I loved basically all of the comic, but - as much as I can understand the RL reasons behind it - I think the ending was a mistake. I'd love to see something where Kori realizes that she's in love with Stella instead of Sol, and stays with her instead.
-Porn! I feel this has great scope for being both adorable and hot, and I'd love to see Kori getting Stella to let loose for once. Maybe with some cunnilingus? Or an impromptu bout of outdoors sex?

Soranik Natu/Lyssa Drak (Comics)

I started idly crackshipping these two when reading the Sinestro comic, and then it became serious. Soranik is such a battle optimist and Lyssa delights in dragging others down, but both have their own set of grudges against and problems with Sinestro. I can totally see them being drawn together because of that, and remaining drawn to each other because they're both just so fascinated by something so unlike them. I'd love to see something exploring their differences, and maybe them interacting in a more romantically charged setting.

-Soranik learns about Lyssa's backstory. Because, you know, poor Lyssa's backstory is horrifying and I can see Soranik totally starting to sympathize with her over it. How does Soranik react to having to change her opinion? How does Lyssa react to somebody actually acknowledging that her life is a bit messed up?
-Lyssa seduces Soranik to get back at Sinestro. I can imagine her being subtle about it, but worming her way ever deeper into Soranik's affections and turning her even further against her father.
-Soranik keeps being drawn to Lyssa despite herself. She's a doctor, so I can imagine her being fascinated by a person so unlike herself yet so interesting at the same time. I'd also love to see Lyssa's reaction to this, is she amused or confused by the sudden amount of attention?
-Sex. I'm very interested in them meeting in a sexual setting, and am also totally open to as many alien/xeno bits you want to throw in there. I can definitely see them having fun with Lyssa's teeth, for a start!

Marvel 616
Doreen Green/Nancy Whitehead (Marvel 616), Felicia Hardy/Cindy Moon (Marvel 616), Kate Bishop/Kamala Khan (Marvel 616)

I really love the general tone of Marvel Comics. They all seem to share a general sensibility that I like, one where serious things happen on a regular basis but it's still a lot of fun to read. I love the action adventure stuff and the lightness it's generally treated with, and I also love how that general lightness really highlights the more serious moments and the impact of them.

Doreen Green/Nancy Whitehead (Marvel 616)

One of the things that makes me happiest about this comic is the dynamic between Doreen and Nancy. They’re amazing by themselves – Nancy writes fanfic about Cat Thor and Doreen is THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL – but together they’re even greater - Nancy defends Doreen from mole men, Doreen regards Nancy as her best buddy EVER. They just balance each other out, Nancy reminding Doreen to be sensible and Doreen dragging Nancy into whacky adventures, and I really love the dynamic between them.

Some prompts:

-General fluff! Either them getting together, them already being in an established relationship together or somewhere in between the two. They're already adorable together, how much does that increase with the addition of romance?
-Scooby Doo/Detective Fiction style AU. Where they go around solving mysteries in a van/bus/giant squirrel car, and are super cute about the whole thing.
-Established relationship future fic. Where will Doreen and Nancy be in sixty years time? I’d like to think still superheroing, and then coming home to their little house and being cute old grandmothers together to their mixed family of squirrels and cats.
-Super optional prompt, as I know I didn’t request them, but fic where their animal companions get them together. Maybe both Mew and Tippy-Toe see that Doreen and Nancy are adorable together and work to bring this about? Maybe they get various other squirrels and cats in on the act? Either way, I’m sure it’ll be hilarious and adorable!

Felicia Hardy/Cindy Moon (Marvel 616)

I've been reading Silk for a while now, and these two really fascinate me. They go from enemies to allies back to sort-of enemies again, and it's fascinating every step of the way. Cindy is at first fascinated by Felicia, then unexpectedly grows to almost care for her. And Felicia for her part almost starts to trust Cindy, then has that ripped away from her like so many other things. Their relationship is so fraught and complex, and seems to be set to get even more so, and I'd love to see more of it.

Some ideas:

-Canon goes slightly differently, and Felicia ends up seducing Cindy as opposed to just trying to kill her when she finds out about the whole double agent thing. I'd love to see them both getting in over their heads, and finding the whole situation surprisingly hot despite themselves.
-Felicia doesn't find out that Cindy is a double agent. I'd love to see Cindy getting deeper and deeper in over her head, especially once they get romantically involved with each other.
-Something set in the future, where they've become arch-enemies. I know that a few more comics will have come out by the time this is due, not that I'm sure Felicia will feature in them too much, but I'm more interested in your interpretation of events here. I'd love to see them falling into a sort of enemy mine thing, where they keep fighting each other but can't quite stop genuinely caring for each other.

Kate Bishop/Kamala Khan (Marvel 616)

I nominated these two because they both start with K, and then did my usual thing of actually thinking about it and deciding that they definitely have potential. They're both really brave and really smart, both combat optimists, both legacy superheroes and both saddled with mentor figures who they look up to but who are entirely different from them. I'd love to see them meet, and I'd love to see their many similarities be explored.

Some ideas:

-Kamala had a huge crush on Kate as Hawkeye, to the point of having posters of her on the wall and everything. What does she do when she actually meets Kate in a superheroing context?
-In contrast to the above: Kamala has no idea who Kate is. Cue Kate getting into increasingly ridiculous situations trying to impress her, and Kamala getting steadily more charmed by this.
-Something where they meet out of superheroing, and secret identity hijinks ensue. Maybe they go to the same college, Kate as a mature student (as much as she objects to the term, because she's only in her mid-twenties) perhaps, and end up finding each other cute and starting to date... And then missing the increasingly obvious clues that they're both superheroes, while everybody else facepalms in the background. Maybe they meet on the street when both scrambling away from superhero stuff in civilian identity, and strike up an immediate bond. Maybe something else altogether. As long as it involves secret identity hijinks, I am there for it!
-The flipside of this: they meet while superheroing, and steadily have to work out their secret identities. I'd love something where they slowly come to trust each other, and end up revealing themselves because of that.

Marvel Netflix Universe
Elektra Natchios/Jessica Jones, Elektra Natchios/Karen Page

The Netflix Marvel shows are a little darker than I generally like in a fandom, but that didn't stop me from REALLY enjoying them. I loved how a lot of dark shit happened, but how the general thrust of them still seemed to be about getting up and seeing the good in life no matter what. I really adored the way street level superheroes were portrayed, and how both shows really got into moral dilemmas and difficulties. In a fic I'd be thrilled to see more of that moral ambiguity, not to mention more of that combat optimism that I really enjoyed.

Elektra Natchios/Jessica Jones

The thought of these two together really interests me. They're very similar in some ways, as both are combat oriented badasses with varying levels of trauma. But they're also very different in others, both morally and in the ways that they cope with their trauma. Jessica seems to withdraw and try to protect herself, while Elektra is basically the definition of screaming against the dying light. I'd love to see them interact, and I'd love to see how destructive - in all senses of the word - a romantic relationship between them could be.

Some ideas:

-Elektra seduces Jessica in college instead of Matt. Maybe she diverts from her plan when she spots Jessica, or maybe she was told to seduce Jessica instead. Either way, I'd love to see them meeting when they're in their early twenties and getting completely wrapped up in each other to an unhealthy level.
-Elekta asks for Jessica's help to infiltrate the company instead. Maybe they've met before, or maybe she just figures that having a super strong private detective on side would be helpful. I'd love to see them helping each other, and maybe accidentally bringing out the worst in each other on the way.
-Elektra is around for the events of Jessica Jones season 1. I'm not so much interested in how this happens - they knew each other before? Elektra rolls into town around the start of Hope's case and decides to stick around for the show? Elektra takes Luke's place in the narrative? - as the impact of it. What changes? Does Elektra encourage Jessica's worse tendencies? Does Jessica let her?
-Sex. I'm fine with any amount of backstory you'd like to add, but mainly I'd love to see the both of them just letting loose and smashing everything with the force of their lust.

Elektra Natchios/Karen Page

I saw these two in the tagset and immediately let out a little 'oooh' sound. I'd love to see more of them together, and how it would work. They're framed as very different characters, but also seem to have some interesting points of similarity. Elektra is the wicked temptress figure while Karen is the pure and innocent one, but... At the same time Elektra is very much a lost little girl, while Karen has definitely killed people and seems perfectly willing to do what it takes to survive. I'd love to see the differences explored even further without Matt between them, but would also like to see more examination of those similarities.

Some ideas:

-Elektra meets Karen as in canon, and immediately decides to transfer her affections to her instead. I'd really love to see how Karen copes with having a deadly assassin suddenly trailing her around, and how much fun they both end up having as a result.
-They meet pre-canon. Karen obviously has a rich pre-canon life that hasn't really been gone into at all, and I'd love to see Elektra running into her in this mysterious period. Does anything go differently as a result? Do they end up having a slightly messed up teenage fling, or does it last a lot longer and alter canon as a result?
-Leading on from this (though you totally don't have to combine the two): Elektra and Karen run into each other in present day New York, except that they had a teenage fling with each other in the past. I'm fine with this being canon compliant - in that Elektra had an affair with both Karen and Matt - or a definite divergence - Elektra's romance in the past was with Karen instead of Matt - but... Mainly I'm interested in the present day here. Them being faintly bitter about each other in the beginning, but then maybe having to work together and growing steadily back together as a result.
-An AU where Karen attempts to be a superhero, and Elektra watches on in baffled amusement from the side.

Vampire Babylon - Chris Marie Green
Dawn Madison/Kalin, Dawn Madison/Original Female Character, Della Bennett/Lilly Meratoliage

I looooooove this stupid kinky fandom. I'm not really expecting us to match on this one, but I just love everything about these books. They're high drama romance novels involving vampires, which should be something that attracts severe side eye, but they're just really enjoyable! Great worldbuilding, absolutely fantastic characters and so much room for porny interpretations. I'd definitely recommend them to anybody who likes vampires and villains.

Dawn Madison/Kalin

I love basically everything enemy mine related, and these two certainly qualify. They loathe each other for a good chunk of the series... And yet are capable of working together very effectively despite that. They're also very similar characters, who are both very dedicated but tend to be overzealous with it. I'm interested in the difficulties that could result from this overzealousness, as well as the difficulties that could result from their mutual antipathy and Kalin being a spirit.

Some ideas:

-Kalin attempts to bind Dawn for Jonah, and things get a little out of hand. I'd love to see something where they end up focusing entirely on each other instead.
-In book 6 they spend a lot of time alone together. I'd love to see this escalating to hate!sex, with full use of both Dawn's mind powers and Kalin's spirit powers.
-Kalin falls in love with Dawn instead of Jonah, and Dawn starts having a slightly twisted relationship with her instead.
-AU where Dawn is the immortal vampire hunter, and Kalin is her loyal spirit Friend. How did they meet in the past? How have they got on over their years together.
-AU where Dawn is the Dragon and Kalin is one of her vampire daughters. How loyal is Kalin to the cause? How much messed up bloodplay do they indulge in?

Dawn Madison/Original Female Character

Dawn makes such a performance about her sexuality in the books. She not only presents herself as straight but as aggressively so, not only presents herself as preferring men but as the female version of a jock screaming 'no homo' at the top of his lungs. I'd love to see something where this is just as much of a front as it seems, and maybe something where she meets somebody who challenges her perceptions and gets her to admit that she might not be as straight as all that.

-Some of her past conquests, before she met Costin, were actually women. But she doesn't think about them too much, because she's Dawn. I'd love to see something where one of those conquests is a little more connected to the supernatural world than she initially seemed, and unexpectedly comes back into Dawn's life looking for help.
-Dawn starts edging into a relationship with a Friend. This can be linked to the Dawn/Kalin prompts above, but mainly I'm interested in Dawn having a romance with a spirit - a bit like she did in canon, except not with Costin - and slowly losing her ability to deny exactly what's going on. Bonus points for spirit sex!
-Dawn meets a lower level female vampire on one of the underground hunts, and starts sympathizing with her plight entirely too much. I'm fine with the female vampire either being totally sincere or playing her completely, but mainly I'd be interested in something where Dawn gets totally enraptured with this female vampire and only realizes that her feelings go far beyond the platonic a little later.
-Dawn meets a higher level vampire, and quickly realizes that the Dragon didn't only sire male children. She's initially wary, but the higher level female vampire proves just why she's survived for so long in such rough circumstances and quickly manages to seduce her from her path.

Della Bennett/Lilly Meratoliage

I've been fascinated by these two ever since I first read the second trilogy. They don't interact much, but their potential is amazing. They're both captivated by the same things, both stand against the same things and seem to have strangely similar goals. Della is a lost girl a lot of the time, Lilly is similar in a surprising amount of ways and I can easily see them both becoming fascinated by each other to the point where canon alters as a result. I'd love to see something where they interact in more depth!

-Lilly grows fascinated with Della, as opposed to Dawn or Wolfie. I'd love to see her getting steadily more into Della, and maybe Della feeling increasingly the same way.
-Della catches Lilly in the hotel room, when Lilly first goes to imprint the memories. How does this change things? Does Della believe Lilly when the woman tells her what's going on? Does Lilly start becoming fascinated by this young vampire who can best her?
-AU where the Dragon does win, and Lilly and Della have to deal with the aftermath. How do they react, to achieving all their dreams and finding them to be more bitter than they seemed? And how much closer do they grow in light of this?
-AU where they meet pre-canon. I'd love to see something where Lilly meets Della - maybe she's a few years above her in secondary school? - and they start dating... And then vampires and the Dragon get in the way. How does this change things?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy writing my fic as much as I'm going to enjoy reading it! :D