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GenEx letter

Hello, lovely writer, and welcome to my GenEx letter! I don't generally write that much gen, but - as you can probably tell, considering that I've signed up for this exchange - that in no way means that I won't read it and enjoy it IMMENSELY. There are a lot of fascinating non-romantic relationships in canon that I really enjoy, but that don't receive anywhere near as much focus as I would like. This exchange seems like a wonderful opportunity to give those relationships the focus that they deserve, and produce a lot of wonderful fic into the bargain! I am hugely enthusiastic about every dynamic included here, and would absolutely love to see fic for any of them.

Some likes and dislikes (and squicks, though as stated below these mostly focus around strong romantic DNWs and are mainly included as a probably unneeded precaution), just to get you started...:

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), genderswaps, female characters, fluff, complex character interactions (they hate each other but they still have to work together, for instance), dialogue, working out issues, developing friendships (from friends steadily growing closer to enemies developing into friends), families (all kinds of families), fraught family relationships, badass action stuff and happy endings.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O dynamics, Slavefic, mind control, completely dismissing female characters, violence against female characters for no particular reason (if they're warriors/superheroes obviously they would be getting into fighting situations, if they're not I'd rather not have fic with them getting dragged around/hurt for no reason) and issuefic.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these (this is a gen exchange, so probably won't include any of these anyhow, but just to cover my bases!)): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up and infidelity.

And now on with the show!

Crossover Fandoms
Cassandra Cain (Batman-All Media Types) & Natasha Romanov (MCU), Thomas Nightingale (RoL) & Merlin (Kingsman)

Cassandra Cain & Natasha Romanov

I got into DC comics properly last year, and I honestly cannot believe just how fun they are. The entire tone just appeals to me – incredibly serious things happen, but they’re generally treated so lightly that you can still enjoy them even through the trauma. I truly love all of them, but for this exchange I’ve decided to focus largely around the Batman/Batgirl side of things. Cass isn't my favourite Batgirl, but that says more about the strength of the field than anything. I love how brave she is, how strong she is and how deeply she cares about the people around her. I'd love to see more of her relationships with other women, and how exactly she relates to another warrior with a lot of similarities to her.

I absolutely adore all of the MCU films, to the point where I can't really think of one that I actively dislike. They're just basically everything that I want from storytelling, and seem made for me to enjoy completely every single time. I love how many dark things happen within them, but how they're always balanced with a tone of hope and doing the right thing. I think one of the characters that embodies this best is Natasha, who I absolutely ADORE. She's an incredibly dark character, who has done incredibly dark things in her past, but still carries a core of hope and a determination to develop into a better person. I think she's another character who it'd be really interesting to see interact with another warrior-type woman, who has an equal amount of dark secrets in her past.

...So it's good that these two were nominated together, then! :D I adore Cass and I adore Natasha, and I'd absolutely love to see them interacting. They're both extremely effective warriors, to the point where they're probably the best on their respective teams. They also both have extremely dark pasts, where both were trained as sort-of child soldiers and forced into assassin type roles. They also both struggle an awful lot with being good people, but always tend to come through in the end. I'd love to see anything that explores the similarities between them, especially if it leaves them both in a slightly better place at the end.

One thing I will note, though, is that while I'm familiar and actually quite alright with what they're doing with Cass in post-2011 DC continuity... I'd definitely prefer pre-2011 continuity for her. I just feel like her character makes a lot more sense there, and has a lot more depth to work with!

Some ideas:

-Natasha meets Cass when Cass is still a little girl with her father, and gets her out of that situation a lot sooner. I'd love to see something where Nat immediately feels a kinship with this little baby assassin, and immediately decides that she's going to give her a far better life than she ever had.
-Something where Natasha meets Cass after her first assassination, and after she's fled from her father, but before she joins up with Batman. I'd love to see something where Natasha takes Cass under her wing and teaches her that she's not a monster for being manipulated in such a manner, and that she can still definitely do good in the world. Preferably with 100% less accidental emotional scarring than Bruce ever managed!
-Something where Natasha and Cass meet after Cass has become Batgirl. Maybe Bruce reluctantly brings her in as a combat specialist to work with Cass? Maybe Natasha is doing a mission in Gotham, and runs into Cass on the rooftops? Maybe they meet at a superhero event and get on like a house on fire? Any of these, or none of them! I'd just like to see something where they get on extremely well, and maybe end up sparring a little.

Thomas Nightingale & Merlin

I watched Kingsman early this year, and I really enjoyed it. It was so hilariously over the top, and yet so fun to watch and so well written. It was just really, really easy to get invested in it. And I loved how much it felt like an old fashioned spy movie, fun and glib and a complete rush of joy. It could've easily been a very serious and brooding movie, but instead it was incredibly tongue in cheek and amazingly enjoyable as a result. One of my favourite characters in it was definitely Merlin. He was so Scottish! But was also so badass, and competent, and such an interesting leader/mentor-type figure. He had a relatively small role, but I definitely ended up wanting to see more of him.

I really enjoy the Rivers of London books, and I’m sure you can understand why. They’re fun stories about magic and mayhem, and all the characters are really endearing and enjoyable. I enjoy the plots, I adore the worldbuilding and I especially love the excellent characterization. My favourite character, winning out over extremely stiff competition, is probably Thomas Nightingale. He's just such a wonderfully interesting character! He's very much an Edwardian (I think it's Edwardian) style gentleman, and so extremely thoughtful and measured, but is also extremely badass and a very competent leader.

I think these two characters have a lot of similarities, as do the two universes, and I'd be really interested in seeing them work together. They're both relatively combat-light characters, at least within canon, but it's heavily hinted that they're both entirely capable of holding their own. They're both really competent leaders, who have to deal with slightly chaotic underlings, and manage to keep their cool no matter how desperate the situation. I'd be really interested in seeing something where they have to work together towards a common goal, and also really interested in seeing their personalities interact in various ways.

Some ideas:

-The Kingsmen and the Folly have to work together on a case that involves both magic and traditional spy antics. I'd love to see Nightingale and Merlin meeting properly for the first time, perhaps slightly wary of the reputations of their respective departments, and immediately getting on like a house on fire. Them working together, and being absolutely badass while doing so, would definitely be a bonus!
-Similar to above, but slightly different. Eggsy and Peter get themselves captured, and Nightingale and Merlin have to rescue them. I'm alright with, and would in fact prefer, Eggsy and Peter featuring in incredibly minor roles or not at all. Mainly I'd just love Nightingale and Merlin having to work together, and ending up back to back badasses and firm friends along the way.
-In contrast to the meeting for the first time prompts above, I'd love to see something where Nightingale and Merlin are old friends and regularly have catch-ups. I'd love to see a scene of them both drinking tea, and marvelling over how insane their respective lives are.
-Merlin used to be an apprentice of Nightingale, and a talented magic user, but quit to take a more active role in the protecting of the world. I'd love to see them meeting up again after a long gap, being perhaps slightly wary of each other at the start but ultimately ending up fond and entirely respectful of their different life paths.

DC Animated Universe
Alfred Pennyworth & Shayera Hol (DCAU), Alfred Pennyworth & Wally West (DCAU)

I love the DCAU, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation of DC comics stuff. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I really enjoy how hopeful it is, what emphasis it places on working through things and showing strength. It's definitely one of my feel good universes, and I'd love pretty much anything that captures the general tone of that.

Alfred Pennyworth & Shayera Hol

The brief bits of interaction that Alfred and Shayera had in 'Starcrossed' were really enjoyable to me. He was so nice to her, and was exactly the kind of support that she needed in that very isolated moment. She's really been through so much, yet - much like Bruce - seems to have a really hard time acknowledging that in any meaningful way. I really think that Alfred's experience with Bruce would stand both of them in good stead here, and I'd really love to see more of them working together and more of Alfred helping her to feel a bit better about her decisions along the way.

Some ideas:

-Anything set around the time of 'Starcrossed' would be absolutely lovely here. They'd obviously talked a little before their conversation at the end, and I'd love to see some of that. Him being understanding, and at least mildly supportive of her choices, would be absolutely wonderful to see!
-Her visiting him after she returns to the League would also be lovely. She obviously carries so much guilt after all of that, and feels isolated from the other people in the League for quite some time. I'd really love to see him offering a friendly ear, and for her to become a little more comfortable as a result of that friendship.
-Back to back badasses? Shayera is canonically possibly the best fighter on the League, and Alfred himself is hinted to have a James Bond-style sort of past. Something where they have to work together to solve a problem, and Shayera admiring his surprising skills, would be absolutely lovely!
-Alfred telling Shayera some stories of his past would also be lovely. A lot of these prompts have focused around Shayera and her issues, but I'd also love to see a focus on Alfred. Him absent-mindedly telling her old war stories, expecting her not to listen, and her being absolutely fascinated would just be a really lovely thing to see!

Alfred Pennyworth & Wally West

I can't quite remember if these two interacted much in canon, but I'm very interested in the potential. Much like Alfred and Shayera above, I think Alfred could provide a vital voice of support to Wally in his lonelier moments. They're both very kind characters, who obviously care deeply about others. Wally is such a bright force of enthusiasm and truly the heart of the league, while Alfred is probably the heart of the Batfamily and just such a core of support. I think they have a hell of a lot in common, and I'd love to see a few more of their interactions.

Some ideas:

-Similar to the Shayera prompts above, I'd love something set post 'Starcrossed' where Alfred takes care of Wally. Wally went through a LOT in that story, and while he does have a lot of support afterwards I'm not really sure that he has somebody to talk to about it. I'd love to see him sitting down and just discussing everything with Alfred, and Alfred helping him to cope with everything that happened as a result.
-Somebody taking care of Alfred for once! He's such a supportive character in the DCAU, but never really seems to get taken care of that much in return. I'd love to see something where Wally notices this, and decides to use his superspeed to make Alfred's everyday life a little easier. I'd also love to see something where Alfred becomes aware of this, and is oddly touched as a result.
-The slow build of their friendship. I've gone into some detail above about how alike they seem to be, and I'd really love to see that develop. Maybe they meet around the time of 'Starcrossed' and keep in contact from there? Maybe Wally's League business and association with Batman means that he has to keep dropping by Gotham? I'd really love to see them growing closer over time, and building a really strong and supportive friendship between them.
-Super optional prompt, but how the both of them relate to each other around Bruce. I'm fine with Bruce and Wally being just friends or in a hinted at relationship, but mainly I'd prefer Bruce to not really appear at all and for something that focuses around how Alfred and Wally meet because of Bruce and how their relationship develops around him. Bruce is quite a central figure in their lives, and I can see them having both different - he's still slightly terrifying to Wally, but Alfred has known him since he was a baby - and surprisingly similar - he's such a good dude, who pushes himself far too hard - views on him. I'd love to see them working out a few of those views, and this developing into a budding friendship of their own entirely separate from him.

Demonata Series - Darren Shan
Bec & Lord Loss, Grubbs Grady & Lord Loss, Kernel Fleck & Lord Loss, Bill-E Spleen & Bec, Juni Swan & Bec

If we've actually matched on this I am both stunned and ABSOLUTELY GODDAMN THRILLED. I thought I was the only one who had ever read these books! Ever! So, uh, well done for that?

The Demonata is one of my favourite book series ever, and probably where my penchant for getting into tiny book fandoms started. It's a really dark story at several parts, whenever the Demonata pop up to be specific, but also contains really compelling characters and plots that keep me interested even when the grimness would otherwise drive me away. It's definitely a horror, but also contains some really interesting fantasy elements and a fascinating approach to magic. It also seems to have a really cast iron tone/moral of hope even on the darkest day, which has always appealed to me. Anything that appreciates the darkness of the setting, while also focusing on hope spots, would be great!

My requests for this, I have a few requests for this as I honestly adore pretty much every single character from this series, can be basically split into Lord Loss interacting with people and Bec's weird superpower-thing interacting with people. As such it won't follow alphabetical order exactly. But don't worry! If I got any of these I'd basically explode from joy and type my very enthusiastic comment from a puddle of happiness, so... Yeah.

Bec & Lord Loss

These two have such an interesting relationship to me. Bec quite obviously hates him, he actually killed her at one point and was also responsible for the deaths of a good chunk of the people she cares about, but also seems quite content to work with him in a relatively cordial manner. I really like how they're sort of equals (in a way that they very rarely manage with any of the other characters), and how they're both intelligent enough to set aside their differences to achieve common goals. They're not quite friends, even at the end of the series where everything gets turned on its head, but I can easily see them developing to something close to that over the years and I'd love to see anything that gets into that dynamic.

Some ideas:

-Lord Loss' POV on the events of 'Bec'. For Bec herself it started off terrible, just got more terrible and ended up the most terrible... But for Lord Loss himself it was canonically rather different. I'd love to see some of their interactions from his viewpoint. And possibly him growing more fond of Bec over time, and honestly regretting his decision to kill her at the end.
-Something set in 'Hell's Heroes', where they're working together. We mainly get Grubbs' viewpoint on everything that goes on in that book, and while I did really enjoy that there was obviously a whole side of the story that didn't get told. I'd love to see them working together on their side of the plan. How Bec feels about her sacrifices, or how Lord Loss feels about the risks, or how they both feel about them unexpectedly getting on so well.
-Post-canon fic would be absolutely wonderful here. At the end of 'Hell's Heroes' the Kah-Gash and Lord Loss are basically stuck together as the only sentient beings around for at least a billion years or so. I'd really love to see their interactions with each other in this time, how their slightly wary working relationship develops into something close to a friendship.

Grubbs Grady & Lord Loss

These two absolutely LOATHE each other, and for very good reason. Their antagonistic relationship, and the development of it, is quite possibly the core of the books. I really enjoy how these two interact, and how dedicated they are to ruining each other's lives. Lord Loss kills Grubbs' family, Grubbs ruins Lord Loss' favourite hobby, Lord Loss destroys an entire town in revenge, Grubbs ruins all of his plans and kills several of his familiars, Lord Loss tries to end the world and kills Grubbs' little brother, Grubbs responds by turning into a werewolf beast and cheerfully starting to develop into a dungeon horror... They're basically obsessed with each other throughout the series, and I'm sure that could lead to some absolutely fascinating fic exploring the tension within their relationship and just how it develops!

Some ideas:

-Lord Loss' POV on 'Lord Loss' and the events just after it. Chess is his favourite hobby, arguably one of the main things he lived for, and Grubbs went and ruined it in one fell swoop. How exactly does he feel about this? And just how does his hatred of Grubbs grow in between the books?
-Lord Loss' POV on 'Wolf Island'. I know he's a chessmaster type, literally a lot of the time, but I'd be a bit surprised if he'd actually predicted the whole Grubbs turning into a werewolf beast (and developing towards a dungeon horror) thing. I'd love to see his reaction to that, and just how he alters his plans around it.
-Post-canon fic would, again, be absolutely wonderful. At the end of the series Grubbs and Lord Loss still have an overtly antagonistic relationship, to the point where Grubbs is basically almost willing to plunge the universe into chaos again just to get a crack at killing the guy, but... They're still basically stuck together for billions of years. I'd love to see the slow development of their relationship, from the outright antagonism they still have for each other at the end of the series to maybe a more best enemies sort of arrangement.

Kernel Fleck & Lord Loss

These two are interesting, in that they kind of inhabit a midpoint between Bec and Lord Loss' relationship and Grubbs and Lord Loss' relationship. They don't exactly like each other for huge chunks of time, Kernel steals Lord Loss' familiar and Lord Loss later basically destroys his life in retaliation for this, but they're also able to interact without immediate murder attempts. They don't quite have the cautious respect that Bec and Lord Loss have by the end, but they also don't have the outright antagonism that Grubbs and Lord Loss have. They're both relatively smart characters, and also relatively aware characters. Not to mention that Kernel is probably the most diplomatic member of the Kah-Gash, and would probably have a slightly different viewpoint on interacting with Lord Loss in the future. I think their personalities could interact in really interesting ways, and I'd love to see more of that.

Some ideas:

-I think Kernel and Lord Loss have a lot of scope for interaction in the years between 'Demon Thief' and 'Demon Apocalypse'. Kernel is in the demon universe, after all, and I'm pretty sure that Lord Loss would definitely continue to take an interest in somebody with such a unique power set. I'd love to see them clashing a few times, perhaps with Lord Loss playfully toying with him and Kernel getting steadily more confused.
-I'd also be extremely interested in interactions between them post-'Demon Apocalypse' but pre 'Hell's Heroes'. Kernel basically lost his eyes, what he started to focus a good amount of his self-worth around, due to Lord Loss. He regrew them, yes, but it still obviously gets to him in a number of ways. I'd like to see them somehow interacting in the light of this, with Kernel being (justifiably!) bitter about the whole thing and Lord Loss extending his trademarked brand of almost sympathy.
-This is becoming a refrain by now, but post-canon fic would be absolutely excellent here. At the end of 'Hell's Heroes' Kernel and Lord Loss definitely don't have a friendly relationship, but also don't exactly have an antagonistic one. Considering Kernel's diplomatic nature, there's a lot of fascinating ways that the dynamic between them could develop from there. Do they become something close to friends over the years? Do they band together sometimes to be more rational in the face of Bec and Grubbs' more forceful personalities? I'd love to see anything along those lines!
-Super optional prompt, because Art/Artery isn't even in the tagset and I don't want anybody to feel obliged to write anything related to him AT ALL... But Kernel takes Art/Artery back to earth at the end of 'Demon Thief' and decides to raise him as a human. I'm not interested so much in the interactions between the brothers here, as I am with how Lord Loss and Kernel's relationship develops in light of this. Does Lord Loss pop by regularly to see how the two (especially Kernel) are doing? Does he dispense handy tips that are actually terrible? Does he develop a strange sort of sympathy for Kernel's determination? Any of those scenarios, or even a different one containing that premise, would be great!

Bec & Bill-E Spleen

Hey, a character set not involving Lord Loss! How strange and new.

These two never directly meet in the books, but Bec takes over Bill-E's body and there's so much potential for fascinating interaction there. I think that they're both quite similar characters, both outsiders and both often a little too smart for their own good, which makes the thought of them actually interacting with each other in any way even more interesting to me. I honestly think that they would've got along quite well, had the situation in which Bec's resurrection happened been just a little different, and I'd love to see just a little more of their personalities coming into contact with each other.

Some ideas:

-Bec has Bill-E's memories inside her head. This isn't gone into in great detail in the books, considering that the main focus is on Dervish's reaction to them and then they get attacked by werewolves about fifty pages in, but how she relates to them herself is a really fascinating concept to me. Nothing of Bill-E is really left, but at the same time everything of Bill-E is left. I'd love to see a little more of Bec working that contrast out, and maybe coming to a greater appreciation of Bill-E through his memories.
-You can probably guess what I'm going to say here, by now... But yet again, I'd be really interested in post-canon fic. It's implied at the end of 'Hell's Heroes' that the Kah Gash is going to be keeping a really close eye on the timeline, so that everybody they love still gets born. I'd love to see something set in the distant future where Bec decides to check in on Bill-E, perhaps because she took his body and still has conflicting emotions over that, and makes the decision to subtly influence his life for the better as a result.
-An AU where more of Bill-E than his memories lingers... But Bec still takes over his body. I'd really love to see them sharing a head, the both of them being slightly creeped out by this development at first but eventually working towards a fairly cheerful arrangement. If anybody could make sharing a body work I think it's these two. And I'd love to see how the plot alters due to Bill-E's lingering influence, and him working together with Bec to influence it.
-An AU where Bec comes back in a slightly different way and Bill-E doesn't die/sacrifice his body. There are a lot of options for how this could work - odd magic stuff happens and Bec comes back a little before the events of 'Demon Apocalypse'? The Kah Gash resurrects her during the events of 'Demon Apocalypse' and she manages to save Bill-E before the spell is completed? Some other weird and bendy magic thing? - but mainly I'm interested with how they'd interact with each other in the light of that. I can definitely see Bill-E taking her quite firmly under his wing, just as he did with Grubbs, and I can also see Bec responding to that immediate friendship really enthusiastically.

Bec & Juni Swan

These two do interact in the books, but I would've loved to see more being done with both of them (though especially Juni!). Both are fascinatingly complex characters - Bec is a dead girl who comes back to life with the power to absorb memories, Juni was kidnapped as a child and basically forced onto a path of villainy - and I think they could interact in fascinatingly complex ways. They're oddly similar as characters in several ways, both have a certain sense of pragmatism and both are most definitely survivors, and I think that Bec at least would recognize those and feel great sympathy as a result. I'd really love to see a slightly more layered look at their characters, and how they'd interact with each other.

Some ideas:

-Bec has memory absorption powers. I'd love to see something where she touches Juni, absorbs her powers and develops an incredible sympathy for her as a result. Juni has had an absolutely shit life, on SO MANY levels, and I honestly think that Bec would understand that. I'd mainly love Bec coming to a greater understanding of Juni's character here, but I'd also be extremely interested in seeing how Juni would react to somebody actually sympathizing with her for once.
-Juni's view on Bec. One of my biggest desires for Demonata fic is Juni's view on EVERYTHING, but I'm especially interested about her view on Bec and the similarities between them. How does she react to seeing Beranabus focus on that drawing of Bec? How does she react to Lord Loss idly mentioning Bec? How does she react to the idea of Bec coming back, and the fact that another person has been imprisoned just like her but for even longer? I'd love to see an answer to any of those questions, and an exploration into Juni's view on things besides.
-To repeat my refrain on all of these one last time, post-canon fic would be EXCELLENT. I can honestly see Kernel being the most invested in making sure that Juni(/Nadia) has a good life in the rebooted universe, but I can also see Bec taking some interest in what goes on with her. I'd love to see her working to give Juni that slightly better life, and sympathizing a lot more with her as a result.
-An AU where Juni survives to 'Hell's Heroes' would be wonderful. I'd be really interested in seeing her and Bec on the same side, inhabiting basically the same role in Lord Loss' court, and having to work together as a result. I'm fine with them being antagonistic with each other, but I'd love to see them slowly develop to a place of mutual respect.
-An AU where Bec does come back a little before the events of 'Demon Apocalypse'. I've floated some ideas on how to do this above - weird magic interference, Kah Gash interference, a mixture of both - but I'm not so much interested in the mechanics as interested in how their dynamic would develop. Bec could get the entirety of Juni's plan with one touch, but she also could get the scope of just how shitty Juni's whole life has been. I'd love to see something where they interact and start sympathizing with each other, and maybe a redemption arc (or even the start of one!) for Juni as a result.

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)
Darth Vader & Doctor Aphra (MC), Leia Organa & Sana Starros (MC)

I picked up the Marvel Star Wars comics in a sale, not expecting to enjoy them that much, and was surprised by just how good they were. They're truly astonishing on so many levels. They just get that very specific Star Wars tone so well, the sheer hope of it all mixed in with the darkness inherent in the concept of an evil space empire. I love the hopeful tone of it, and also love how much deeper it's willing to delve into the motivations of the characters and the bonds between them. I'd love a fic that also captures that tone, while examining just how the characters interact in new and interesting ways.

Darth Vader & Doctor Aphra

I love basically everything Gillen chooses to do, so it was no surprise that I loved the Darth Vader comics. They're the darker corner of Star Wars tone wise, a lot of people die and get tortured, but... At the same time they're just so fun? They just really feel STAR WARS, the darkness mixed in with such a huge amount of hope. I've loved basically every issue of it that I've read so far, and anything set within that story would be wonderful to read.

A large part of that love was also due to these two. These two! They have such a complicated relationship on so many levels. She's obviously terrified of him, and he obviously regards her as an employee. But she also obviously respects him an incredible amount, and he also obviously has a lot of sympathy for her. The comics really accomplish what the prequels tried and failed to do, and manage to humanize Darth Vader while still keeping exactly what makes him terrifying. And Aphra is there all the way, being completely morally dubious but still bringing out that lingering human side of him. I'd love to see a lot more of the complicated relationship between them!

Some ideas:

-A greater look into Vader's view on Aphra. We get hints all throughout the comic, but Gillen does an excellent job of still keeping him as a fairly distant figure. I'd love to see more of how he actually feels about her, preferably leaning towards the fonder side where he does actually feel some affection for her sometimes.
-Tied into this, 5 times that Aphra made Darth Vader feel a human emotion (and possibly one time that he actually displayed it)? She really does seem to humanize him quite a bit throughout the comics, and I'd love to see an extension of that. Their weird sort of friendship reminds Darth Vader of what it's like to feel human, and he's not quite sure how to react.
-Darth Vader's feelings when Aphra gets captured at the end of Vader Down. I haven't read past Vader Down yet, but should've done by the time reveals come around so feel free to use anything from beyond that. Mainly I just want him reluctantly missing her, and being somewhat puzzled that he is actually worried about her and what's going on with her.
-I have the horrible feeling that something is going to happen to Aphra later on, considering that she's a comics character who has no basis in the films, but this is a fic exchange so oh well! I'd love to see something where she plays a semi-active role in the later films. Her views on the events of Empire would be interesting, but I'd especially love to see something where her and her relationship with Vader play an important role in Return of the Jedi. What are her views on his increasingly tense relationship with the emperor? Does he ever get around to telling her about his kids? How does she react to the end, where he sort of redeems himself and helps to destroy the Empire into the bargain?

Leia Organa & Sana Starros

The Star Wars comic is so fundamentally Star Wars that I love it, and is a really fun adventure story to boot. It feels like a natural continuation of the films, and a wonderful supplement to what went on in between them, and I can't help but adore it for that. It's extremely hopeful, feels wonderfully epic and gets all of the characters perfectly. I'd love any fic with even a little of that tone.

One unexpected love from it was the interactions between these two. I love how badass they both are, and also love how effective that badassery is when they're working together. They're two very different types of people, one is a smuggler who survives by her wits and the other one is a princess who has been on the galactic stage basically since childhood, but they both seem to really overcome those differences to work well together. They start off on a very tense footing, Sana basically tries to sell her to the empire, but seem almost friends by the end. And I'd absolutely love to see more of that friendship, and whatever happens next with them.

Some ideas:

-Sana quite obviously doesn't want to get involved with the rebellion... But then, neither did Han at the beginning. I'd love to see something where Leia sort of charms/sort of forces Sana to get involved with rebellion business, and the two of them working together again as a result.
-Possibly linked to the above, but back to back badasses would be excellent. I've gone into how competent I find both of them above, and I'd love to see more of them working together and using that competence. They have very different skillsets, but I think those skillsets could work very well together and I'd love to see them working that out.
-Them sitting down and discussing their very different experiences would be great. They've quite obviously had very different lives, Sana as a survivor on the edge of society and Leia as a princess at the centre of it, and I'd love to see that examined in a little more detail. I'd love to see them both pointing out each other's biases, and hopefully coming to a satisfactory conclusion at the end of it.
-Optional prompt, but something where they both relate to Han. I'd obviously prefer Han to not at all be a focus, and his romantic relationships with both of them to DEFINITELY not be a focus if featured at all (I love them and do ship them, but I'm aware this is a gen exchange), but one of my favourite things about their meeting is just how utterly frustrated they both are with him. I'd love to see something where they bond over that, and maybe how their friendship develops from that point on.

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Leia Organa & Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader (OT), Darth Vader & R2-D2 (OT)

I love Star Wars. I don't think it's quite my favourite fictional universe, but it's definitely in the top 5 if not the top 3. The original trilogy is basically perfect to me, and grows more so with every single rewatch. They take a fundamentally dark concept, an evil galactic space empire that casually destroys planets is never not going to be that, and infuse it with such hope and brightness that it's impossible not to feel good throughout. I truly adore them, and would love something that keeps that darkness while still retaining the fundamentally optimistic Star Wars tone.

Leia Organa & Darth Vader

One of my few disappointments with the original trilogy is that Vader and Leia didn't really get to interact in the later films. I can understand why this is, I can even appreciate that there wasn't room for it in the story... But father and daughter interacting! Vader(/Anakin) and Leia are so similar, far more similar than Vader(/Anakin) and Luke ever were. They both have that fundamental darkness within them, and both have a similar approach to solving problems and interacting with others. I feel like Leia is truly Anakin's daughter, just as Luke is truly Padme's son, and I'd really love anything that got far deeper into that dynamic.

Some ideas:

-Leia working through her complex emotions about Darth Vader, one of the most evil men IN THE GALAXY, being her father after the reveal. I'm aware that the tie-in books go a little into this, but I haven't really read any of those so I'm far more interested in your take on it. Leia is definitely Anakin's daughter, so far less forgiving than Luke is ever going to be. How does she reconcile the man that she's hated for so long being related to her, and does she ever come to any kind of forgiveness of him?
-Something set before the reveal, and preferably before Luke even comes into the picture, exploring moments where they came sort of close to realizing their bond. I'd just love to see something where Vader is reluctantly impressed by this furious princess who is just as headstrong as he was in his youth, or something where Leia finds herself feeling an odd kinship with Vader and not quite knowing how to deal with it, or something where they have to work together to achieve a goal and both feel weirdly uncomfortable the whole time. Any of those or something different, as long as it involves their slightly weirded out interactions with each other it'd be great!
-An AU where Vader survives the events of Return of the Jedi, and is dragged back to the rebel base by an overly optimistic Luke. Luke's obviously not going to let his newly redeemed daddy be killed, but this opens up so many interesting avenues for interaction between them. How does their relationship develop from this point on, now that they both know that they're related and Anakin is sort of back on the side of the good guys? Does Leia still insist on him facing some sort of justice? Do they eventually reach a place of peace with each other? Do they bond over rolling their eyes at Luke's optimism? Answers to any of those questions would be great!
-An AU where Leia was the one who was sent to Tatooine. How do the events of the films, and the relationship between these two, alter when Leia is forced into the chosen one role? Does Vader realize their connection a little earlier? Does Leia do a far less good job of not falling to the dark side, and invoke extremely conflicted emotions in her father as a result? How does Leia react to the thought of redeeming Vader, and does she manage it nearly as well? Again, I'm interested in the answer to any of these questions.

Darth Vader & R2-D2

We were watching through Clone Wars recently (although don't worry, I definitely don't require you to have seen it for this prompt and will SUPER definitely not throw a fit if you haven't) and it struck me that one of the most tragic things in Star Wars is that R2 retains his memory. He first met Anakin when he was a little boy, was incredibly close to him when he was a Jedi... And then had to deal with Anakin, one of his best friends, turning into the incredibly corrupted Darth Vader. This is never really gone into in that great detail, for obvious reasons, but I'd really love to see anything exploring the inherent sadness of that from either side of the dynamic.

Some ideas:

-R2's thoughts on seeing Vader(/Anakin) again. He obviously communicates only in beeps, so we don't really get any of them, but... God, it really must be so tragic for him. I'd love to see his reaction to seeing his best friend so corrupted, and maybe a little of how he deals with the conflicting emotions over that.
-Vader's thoughts on seeing R2 again. As far as I recall they don't really have a big 'staring across the room' moment in the films (unlike Vader and Obi-Wan), but I'm pretty sure that Vader glimpses him at least once. How does he react to this reminder of his old life, who obviously remembers who he was and what he's done? And how on earth does he come to terms with being reminded of all that he's lost?
-Something where they do have a big 'staring across the room' moment, or at least some kind of reunion. I'd love to see something where Vader awkwardly tries to interact with R2, perhaps trying to be as kind to him as he remembers, and how R2 reacts to that in turn. There's such complexity there, and I'd love to see even a small portion of it.
-Something where R2 actually talks to somebody about his past, and what went down with Vader. I have no preference as to which character, anybody from Chewbacca to Luke would be absolutely fine, but I'd prefer the focus to be entirely on the relationship between R2 and Vader. How R2 relates to it, and how he feels about everything that went down.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Padmé Amidala & Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker (PT), Obi-Wan Kenobi & Mace Windu (PT), Padmé Amidala & Obi-Wan Kenobi (PT)

The prequels are incredibly flawed movies, but they're still fundamentally Star Wars so I can't cast them aside entirely. The execution was undeniably terrible at best, but they still maintain the feel of Star Wars - the darkness mixed in with the hope - and contain many incredibly compelling concepts. There are so many worlds and creatures and interesting characters contained within, and so much potential to do something really interesting with all the ideas involved. I'd love to see something that engages with those concepts, and makes a lot more sense of them.

Padme Amidala & Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker


...Ahem. as you can probably tell, a big part of my problem with the prequels is their treatment of Padme. She's set up as this incredibly competent and strong character, and then just makes so many dumb decisions only because of the plot. And then died, also only because of the plot! I'd love to see anything that corrected that plot related dumbness, and explored the better stories that could result.

One area I'd love to see this in is her relationship with her children. The focus is almost entirely on how Anakin feels about having kids, and I'd love to see more of Padme's take on it. I'd also love to see something where she didn't die because of stupid plot, and instead lived to see her children grow up. She's so like Luke, so kind and brave and absolutely dedicated to doing the right thing, and could also have a really interesting relationship with Leia. There's so much potential there, and so many really interesting things that could be done with the relationships between them.

Some ideas:

-Something, anything, where Padme survives the events of the prequel trilogy and goes into hiding with her children. I'd love to see a world where she has a direct influence on their upbringing, and maybe even a direct influence on the rebellion to the side, and how exactly this changes things. Does she make sure that her children know about their father's mistakes? Does she try to train them in the force as much as she's able? Does she actively involve herself in the rebellion, and accidentally get her children involved along with her? Any of these scenarios or something completely different, I'd be glad to see them!
-Luke is SO ABSOLUTELY Padme's child. I feel that he is absolutely her son just as much as Leia is absolutely her daughter, and there's so much that could be done there. I'd love to see something where Padme survives and this bond is explored, how well they get along together and how much they influence each other. I'd also really love to see how Leia relates to this bond between them, how she feels more similar to her father and whether that has any influence on the way they interact together. Does she feel left out? Do Padme and Luke work hard to make her see that she may be different from them, but she's still loved? Do they work together as a family to common goals? Give me any of that!
-Anything exploring Padme's thoughts on motherhood. The films focus almost exclusively on Anakin's point of view, but Padme's thoughts must be equally interesting if not even more so. How does she feel about being pregnant in wartime, as a publicly unattached senator? How does she feel about being pregnant at all? What are her thoughts on raising the children that will result? I'm fine with it being set within the films, or even afterwards in an AU where she survives and has to raise the kids, but mainly I'd just like Padme interacting with the idea of parenthood and how she relates to it. Bonus points for Luke and Leia using the force to directly communicate with her on some level!

Padme Amidala & Obi-Wan Kenobi

part 2 of justice for Padme...

I really enjoyed the bits of Padme and Obi-Wan's friendship that we got to see, and I really wanted more of it. They're really similar as characters, both having that same mixture of level-headedness and badassery. Both are calm, both are obviously extremely competent and both are fundamentally good people who obviously care about others. I'm really interested by their close friendship, and all the similarities that exist between them.

Some ideas:

-More of their interactions in the Phantom Menace. They're obviously of a similar age, and also quite obviously extremely similar people. I'd love to see something where they strike up a friendship on the ship, and maybe have quite a lot of fun as a result. Something where he works out her secret, and decides to keep it out of loyalty, would also be great!
-Possibly building off this, something where they do keep in contact between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. I'd love to see something where they write to each other in between the films, or even just bump into each other while doing business around the senate. I'd love to see them having fairly fond interactions with each other, and maybe having a few new adventures into the bargain.
-Something set in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. I'm aware that the Clone Wars covers this period pretty well, but mainly I'm interested in your take on what goes on between them so there's no need to watch it if you haven't (though you should! Because it's amazing!). I'd love to see them steadily getting closer, working together on several projects and just being generally extremely good friends without any of Anakin's nonsense getting in the way.
-Anything where they have to work together to solve a case. They're both extremely competent people, and I'd love to see them working together to investigate a crime or tease out some odd bit of the force or investigate a new planet... Or anything, really! As long as they're working together and being friendly, I'll probably be happy with it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Mace Windu

Mace Windu, if anything, embodies my feelings about the prequels. He's such an interesting character, played by Samuel L Jackson, and yet they do practically nothing with him. I'd love to see more done with him, and a greater examination of the fascinating contradictions in his character.

I think one of the best dynamics to expose these contradictions is that between Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both of them are ideal Jedi in their own ways, but both of them also have big flaws. Obi-Wan can have big problems with caring too much. While Windu seems to have rage issues almost to the level of the Sith. They're a fascinating contrast to each other, and a fascinating contrast to the Jedi order as a whole, and I'd love to see that explored in a little more detail.

Some ideas:

-Something exploring both of their flaws, and how they contrast. I've gone into this above, but I basically feel like they're both ideal Jedi in certain ways and deeply flawed in others. I'd love to see something where Windu criticizes Obi-Wan's fundamental tendency to get a little too involved, or something where Obi-Wan recognizes Windu's rage problems, or something where they recognize the flaws in each other and work past them.
-Something where they have to work together in any capacity. I am a sucker for narratives where two contrasting personalities have to work together to achieve a common goal, and I'd love to see it here. How do their methods work together? Does everything end up going surprisingly well, or surprisingly terribly?
-An AU where Windu survives the events of the Prequel trilogy, and has to go into hiding alongside Obi-Wan and Yoda. I'm fine with him going into hiding with Obi-Wan, or just choosing a planet near him, but I'd just love something in the gap between the prequels and the originals where Windu keeps turning up to interact with Obi-Wan and they both have to deal with the new state of the universe.

Star Trek: the Next Generation
Q & Data (TNG)

I adore Star Trek: TNG. It was the first Star Trek show I ever really watched, and it still holds an extremely fond place in my heart now. I love how epic it feels. How positive and determined its message is and how good it makes me feel every time I watch it.

Q & Data

These two only really interact in Deja-Q, but I absolutely loved their interactions there. I love how they're both outside of humanity, but approach that fundamental outsiderness in different ways. Data sees the best in humanity, Q permanently tries to see the worst. This leads to really interesting contrasts between them, that could be explored in great detail. I'd also love to see more of their mutual regard for each other, despite these contrasts, and their interesting understanding of each other's points of view. They ended up getting along really well, to the point of being basically friends, and more of that would be absolutely wonderful.

Some ideas:

-More of their weird friendship after Deja-Q. We don't get to see much interaction between them after that, and I'd love something where they do actually continue being weirdly friends and doing stuff together. Does Q keep turning up to bug Data in the middle of the night? Does Data keep asking Q big questions about the universe that he can't answer? As long as it keeps that slightly awkward sense of regard between them, I'm fine with anything!
-Related to this, Q turns up to meddle every time Data gets into a dangerous situation. I'm specifically thinking of the season 6 finale, but I'm also fine with the season 4 finale and any other times Data gets into a pickle. I'd love to see Q turning up and trying to be helpful to the guy that he considers one of his best friends, and Data managing that as best he can.
-Them discussing their mutual slightly weird relationship with humanity. Both are outside of it, yet both take extremely different views on how to interact with humans in light of that. I'd love to see something where Q criticizes Data's fundamental optimism, and Data criticizes Q's fundamental pessimism and they come to a happy compromise in the middle.
-An AU where Q remains human at the end of Deja-Q, and has to work out to progress from there. I'd love something where he remains with the Enterprise in whatever capacity, and where Data takes on the role of helping him work through stuff. I'd also be interested in seeing how their friendship alters future episodes, and the events of them.

Supergirl (TV)
Lucy Lane & Lois Lane (Supergirl)

I love Supergirl. I love how bright it is, how fun it is and how utterly unashamed it chooses to be. It’s another gloriously bright entry into the superhero genre, and I adore absolutely everything that it chooses to be. It really is a show that just makes me incredibly happy, and a show that has a lot of potential for a lot of really interesting fic.

Lucy Lane & Lois Lane

Lois hasn't appeared on the show (yet), but the hints there have been towards her personality are fascinating. Fraught sibling relationships are my jam, and these two definitely seem to fit that bill. Lucy is such a competent and interesting character, but she obviously feels always in the shadow of her older sister and has deliberately formed certain parts of her personality in reaction to that. It must be really hard to be the younger sister of Lois Lane, and I feel that the complexity of that relationship is reflected in the show to a large extent. I'd love to see more exploration of that implied dynamic, and maybe some development of it.

Some ideas:

-What was it like growing up with Lois Lane as an older sister? Lucy is a few years younger, so she would've had to deal with Lois frequently overshadowing her a little as they both grew up. How does she feel about this? How does Lois feel about this, and does she acknowledge that there are any problems? Were there any big clashes when they were both growing up?
-Something where they meet up after the first series. I'd love to see something where Lois decides to visit Central City, possibly not even to see Lucy, and the sisters come into contact again. I'd love to see their personalities and views on the world come into conflict, Lucy has largely been the dutiful daughter while Lois seems to have taken a far more rebellious path, and maybe for them to eventually solve some of the differences between them.
-Something where they have to work together to save their various Super-people. I'd love to see something where Clark and Kara get captured at the same time, and Lucy and Lois are the ones who have to work together to save them and possibly the world alongside.

Thank you for reading all of that, or whatever bits interested you, and thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you produce, and I look forward to reading it. :D