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Rarepairfest 2016 letter

Hello, lovely writer! I am so excited about this exchange, let me tell you. I love rare pairings, and it was honestly a struggle to cut them down to the ones in this letter. As such, you can be assured that I love every single pairing here completely and would be thrilled to receive fic for any of them. As such, as long as you avoid my squicks (and preferably my dislikes) I should end up loving whatever you write for me. I am absolutely thrilled that anybody else ships any of these, and I would love to see ALL the fic.

On that note, my actual general likes and dislikes (and squicks) so you have more of a firm idea...:

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), genderswaps, badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), threesomes/moresomes, polyamory, the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, wingfic, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, female characters, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters, issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up and infidelity.

And now, onto the show letter!

Babylon 5
G'Kar/Londo Mollari, Michael Garibaldi/Lennier, Vir Cotto/Na'Toth

Babylon 5 is an excellent show and I’d be thrilled to get anything set in its universe. I love how dark and interesting it is, how many terrible things happen and how truly epic it all feels. Despite that, I also love how optimistic it can be – how it doesn’t deny that terrible things happen, but places a focus on working through those things and building a better future. I love how pragmatically bright it is, and I’d love to see anything along those lines.

G'Kar/Londo Mollari

These two basically stamp on my emotions constantly and I love it. I just adore how much history there is between them, how they keep fucking each other over in terrible ways and yet still can't pull themselves away. I'd love anything set before the end of the series with these two, and anything that gets into just how complicated their relationship is.

Some ideas:

-Something set during season 3. Where they’re at the high(/low) point of absolutely hating each other and screwing each other over on a regular basis, but still can’t help but be drawn to each other.
-Something set during season 5, after they've forgiven each other and reached a weird state of friendship. I'd love to see this friendship developing even further, and the two of them tentatively starting to move in a romantic direction. Something acknowledging how complicated their relationship is and yet how sweet it could be would be absolutely wonderful!
-Something where they realise that they’re absolutely in love with each other despite everything, and do not react well to this revelation.
-Good old hate sex! Set at a point where they absolutely loathe each other (or at least claim that they do), and so the sex is absolutely incredible. I’d love to see them really going for it, and having a great time as a result.

Michael Garibaldi/Lennier

I started shipping this largely to amuse myself, and ended up shipping it totally seriously. I just think they're both really compelling characters who would be super interesting with each other. They’re both fiercely loyal characters who want to do the right thing, but both have their own problems with authority. I’d live to see an exploration of their similarities and differences in a romantic setting!

Some ideas:

-Something exploring how their reactions to Sheridan bring them closer together. I love Sheridan myself, but both Lennier and Garibaldi push back against him in interesting ways. I’d love something set season 4, where they bond over/discuss their opinions.
-Something that allows Lennier a happy ending. His love for Delenn is a really fascinating element within his character, but I'd really love to see an AU where he allows himself to move beyond it and finds happiness with Garibaldi. I really think they could work well together, and I'd love to see something where they're allowed to do that. Maybe something where they start out just taking solace in each other, and then it develops into something properly romantic?
-an AU where they're the couple that bridge the divide between the humans and the Minbari. How does Garibaldi respond to all the rituals? How does Lennier respond to the challenges from the Minbari? How do they grow together over the course of the series?
-a nice bit of fluff where they have an absolutely lovely day and nothing goes wrong! Fluff is always my go to, and I’d love to see something where these two have a very nice day for once. Be it eating Flarn together, fixing up a motorcycle, just going for a relatively peaceful stroll... As long as nothing explodes for once, I'd be cool with it.
-A super optional prompt, but the rest of the station/universe reacting to their relationship would be really interesting to me. How do the rest of the command staff react? How does Delenn? How do the Minbari? There are a thousand interesting things that could be done here, and I'd be down for absolutely all of them.

Vir Cotto/Na'Toth

I may well be the only person in the universe who's interested in the interactions of these two, but hope springs eternal! I love these two characters and think they could be really interesting together. I love how Vir is basically a fluffy bunny, and Na'Toth is basically one of the most badass beings in the universe. I'd love to see more of their dynamic. Including, if you're up for it, how a romantic relationship could work between them and whether that’d change anything in canon.

Some ideas:

-First season aide interactions! I'd love to see them going on a fun (if unintended) adventure together, and discovering each other's hidden depths along the way
-An AU where she's not on Narn when the bombs fall, and how they interact in the aftermath of that.
-Vir trying to woo Na’Toth. I imagine her being extremely amused by this, but still kind of flattered. An unexpectedly sweet romance would be great!
-Na’Toth trying to woo Vir. In this case I can imagine him being slightly terrified, because Na’Toth is amazing but terrifying, but kind of intrigued. I’d love to see something growing between them!

Batgirl (comics 2009 run)
Stephanie Brown/Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown/Nick Gage

I swear that this comic is one of the most adorable comics ever created, and I LOVE IT. I love how adorable it is, how fluffy and sweet and positive it manages to be in contrast to all the darkness around it. I love the adventurous tone, all the superpowered antics and how the characters jive together in the face of them. And I ESPECIALLY love the overall theme of it, about getting up again no matter how many times you're knocked down.

Stephanie Brown/Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne

I thought of this pairing for the first time when putting together my nominations and it just really interests me. I ship all combinations of them to various degrees, and I think the thought of the three of them together is really fascinating. They're all quite different characters, but all ones who canonically work well together and get along reasonably well. I'm interested in how that working well together would translate into areas outside of crime fighting, and how all of them would manage that leap.

One note, though, is that I'd prefer Damian to be over 15 for the purposes of this. Anything where he's over that age is probably absolutely fine, though!

Some ideas:

-Steph notices that Damian has a crush on Dick (or that Dick has a crush on Damian, or that they both have crushes on each other) and decides to do something about setting them up. But ends up going a little too far, and getting herself involved in their relationship.
-All of them working together. I'm fine with this just being in a crime fighting sense, as you go on through this letter you'll probably gather that I like superheroes a fair amount, but I'd also be really interested in seeing them come together outside of that. Do they win at games with their superior reflexes? Do they reveal their relationship to Steph's mum in an extremely efficient way? Anything where they're all in (relative) harmony and accomplishing great things together would be wonderful!
-Steph enjoying having two fit crime fighters at her beck and call. Something where they both pamper her, even if Damian does so reluctantly and with great sarcasm, would be absolutely lovely. And I am, of course, entirely alright with that pampering taking a porny direction.
-Adrenaline taking over and them having a post patrol threesome would be wonderful. They all live very close to the edge, and I can see something like that happening quite easily. I'd love to see a situation where there's a tangle of attractions between them, and those attractions collide and come together into some spontaneous and extremely athletic sex.
-Super optional prompt, but I'd be thrilled to see something where the rest of the Batfamily finds out and reacts to their relationship. I imagine Tim and Bruce would have the most interesting reaction to the three of them being together, but if you want to bring other members of the Batfamily (Cass! Jason! Oh gosh, Barbara!) in to react I would have absolutely no problem with that.

Steph Brown/Nick Gage

One of the main reasons I love this series is probably the interaction between Nick and Steph. These two are super adorable together, and I'd really like to see more of that. I love how they respect each other and work extremely well together as a result. I also love how they both quite obviously have crushes on each other, and would like to see that go a little further than it did in the comics. Basically I just want them to have a fluffy and fun time!

Some ideas:

-Something where Nick finds out Steph's secret identity. There were hints in the comics that he knew, or was at least close to knowing, but I'd like to see those hints confirmed. How does he react? How quickly does he decide to keep her secret? How long does it take Steph to find out that he knows?
-Case fic in the style of the comics. Where they have to solve a crime - a murder? A robbery? An unexpected llama invasion? - and deal with their growing feelings for each other alongside.
-Cute dating fic. Where they go out on a lot of dates (be they crime scene "dates" or out of costume antics) and learn more about each other and make out a hell of a lot. I'd really love to see something adorable between them, and would not protest if any other members of the Batfamily turned up to get a look at the new guy along the way.
-Fluff! Honestly, I'd adore pretty much anything fluffy with them. I'm fine with all levels of fluff, so feel free to go as adorable as you want. Cute cuddling? Going on lots of dates? Getting married in the future? Being a cute old couple surrounded by cats? I'm cool with literally any of those, and more!

Black Panther (Comics)
Hunter/T'Challa, Everett Ross/T'Challa, Everett Ross/Hunter/T'Challa

I really love the general tone of Marvel Comics. They all seem to share a general sensibility that I like, one where serious things happen on a regular basis but it's still a lot of fun to read. I love the action adventure stuff and the lightness it's generally treated with, and I also love how that general lightness really highlights the more serious moments and the impact of them.

When it comes to comics!version Black Panther I'm most familiar with the Priest run (which must be such a surprise, considering that I'm asking for a pairing involving Ross), but I've also ended up really liking pretty much all of his other ones. I really enjoy the action adventure tone of them, how serious they can be and yet how lightly that seriousness is generally treated within the story. I also really love the characters within them, the strength of T'Challa and his backing cast and the various ways they interact with the world.


I just really love the relationship between these two and all the complex layers within it. There's obviously a lot of hatred there, all mixed in with envy and reluctant respect and all other kinds of delicious stuff. Hunter has always felt like an outsider, and T'Challa - for entirely justifiable reasons a lot of the time, let's be real here - has always added to that feeling. I feel that this could be absolutely explosive in a romantic context, and could lead to some really interesting stuff. I'd love to see more of that, maybe with a dom/sub undertone focusing on their issues with each other.

Some ideas:

-I'd be beyond cool with more of their canon-style interactions, really. Them trying to kill each other, T'Challa very stubbornly and patiently explaining why he disapproves of Hunter, Hunter being bitter and trying to prove T'Challa the same as him... Honestly, I would happily read 1000 words of sniping between them.
-Hunter trying to seduce T'Challa, to prove that they're exactly the same and no more noble than each other. I have no preference as to whether or not it succeeds, although I would prefer T'Challa to remain definitely the better person throughout, but I'd love to see more of Hunter's bitterness and eternal habit of going that little too far (in a way that isn't full non-con, please).
-Dom/sub stuff. There was a scene relatively early on in Priest's run where Hunter tells T'Challa to command him, and... I imprinted fairly hard on that. Basically anything where Hunter is allowing himself to be ordered around, but still bitterly insisting in his head that he's the one in charge of the whole thing, would be wonderful.

Everett Ross/T'Challa

I fell into shipping these two fairly recently, upon reading the Priest run, but I still REALLY ship them. I love how badass T'Challa is and how he brings that braveness out in Ross, I love how terrified Ross is but how that sort of drives him onwards into greater acts of heroism, and I really love the genuine regard that grows up between them as the series progresses. I'd love to see more of that regard in a romantic sense, maybe with the both of them taking care of each other and inspiring each other in their own ways.

Some Ideas:

-T'Challa saving Ross from some superpowered threat. I love this situation whenever it happens in the comics, and I'd adore to see a fic exploring it in a romantic context. Maybe Ross realizes that he has a crush after one incident? Or maybe they're already in a relationship, and this is one of their methods of flirting? Either way, T'Challa saving Ross would be great.
-Ross realizes/acknowledges that he's bisexual, and starts working his way through this... Except he doesn't immediately ask T'Challa out. I'd love to see T'Challa getting steadily more annoyed that Ross doesn't seem that interested in him, and having to work through just why he feels that way. And Ross, in turn, getting steadily more confused by T'Challa's attitude. A happy ending where they do end up getting together, and correcting all misunderstandings, would be much appreciated!
-Something where they have a quiet, domestic day together for once. I'd love to see them finally getting a bit of peace for once, whether it's T'Challa taking Ross out walking or Ross finally taking T'Challa out for an actual date.

Everett Ross/Hunter/T'Challa

The idea of this just really intrigues me, and seems like a logical conclusion to shipping various combinations of all three of them. You've got Hunter and T'Challa and their issues, Ross' own issues with Hunter and the (generally) fairly reasonable relationship between Ross and T'Challa to contend with. I'd love to see something where they work out an arrangement, and where Ross has to balance the complex relationships between all of them as best he can.

Some ideas:

-Hunter decides to seduce Ross to get back at T'Challa. T'Challa gets a little jealous, of either or both of them, and ends up inserting himself into the relationship. I'd love to see something where all three of them are slightly confused by this development, but eventually decide to roll with it.
-Ross being trapped between them in some capacity. This could cover a wide range of things, and I'd be down with pretty much all of them. Being trapped between them in a sexual context, with both T'Challa and Hunter attempting to assert their dominance/get his attention? Having to mediate an argument between the two of them? Having to mediate a political discussion between them, and being slightly shocked when it turns sexual? Any of those or something else, as long as Ross is a flailing fish out of water I'd absolutely love to see it.
-Hunter and T'Challa putting aside their differences, for once, to pamper Ross. I'm alright with it being another power play from Hunter's side ("I'm more noble than you, T'Challa, I can pamper your pet better"), but I'd really love something where Ross has a calm day for once and is looked after by the both of them.

Daredevil (TV)
Matt Murdock/Wilson Fisk

Daredevil is a little darker than I generally like in a show, but that didn't stop me from REALLY enjoying it. I loved how a lot of dark shit happened, but how the general thrust of the show still seemed to be about getting up and seeing the good in life no matter what. I really adored the way street level superheroes were portrayed in it, and how it really got into examining the moral line between being a hero and being a villain. In a fic I'd be thrilled to see more of that moral ambiguity, not to mention more of that combat optimism that I really enjoyed.

One thing I will say specifically regarding this pairing, though, is that I'd prefer any fic to not include any non-con or Vanessa. Most fics that already exist for this pairing include a combination of both and while that is absolutely fine, I've read and really enjoyed most of them even with my squicks in play!, non-con and infidelity are among my hardcore DNWs and I'd prefer both of them be avoided as much as possible. Dub-con and mentions of Vanessa are absolutely fine, if they can't be avoided, but please don't show anything explicit along those lines.

Some ideas:

-Matt and Fisk meet before the events of season 1, and fall into a relationship. How does season 1 turn out differently if the hero and the villain are dating? Do either of them change their stances because of this?
-The two of them just sit down, in a situation where they can't resort to their usual reaction of starting a fight, and have a talk about their similarities and differences. Can be set at any time, but I'd really love something where they both steadily realize that they're not quite as different as they may initially seem.
-Porn, along the fight!sex or hate!sex route. I'd prefer it to be fully consensual, as mentioned above, but I'd really be into something where they both use their considerable amount of physicality and just GO for it. Both of them are very strong, fairly athletic people with a lot of pent up passion inside them. Where could that lead in a sexual context?
-An adaptation of the comics storyline where Fisk finds out Matt's secret identity. Daredevil Born Again, despite being written by Frank Miller, is one of my favourite comics storylines and I'd be really interested in seeing an adaptation of that set in the TV universe. If you'd rather not do that story/haven't read it, I'd mainly be interested in something where Fisk finds out Matt's secret identity and does interesting and unexpected things with it. Anything along those lines would be great!
-I'd be really interested in seeing a genderswap, where alwaysagirl!Matt is a tiny and extremely dangerous woman and Fisk is incredibly drawn to her as a result. Just think of the size difference! And how much Fisk would respect her! And the potential for an accidental pregnancy! I'd definitely be down with anything you can think of along those lines.

DC Animated Universe
Bruce Wayne/Harleen Quinzel, Wally West/Bruce Wayne, Wally West/Harleen Quinzel, Bruce Wayne/Harley Quinn/Wally West, John Stewart/Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne/Shayera Hol, Bruce Wayne/Shayera Hol/John Stewart, Clark Kent/J'onn J'onzz

I love the DCAU, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation of DC comics stuff. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I really enjoy how hopeful it is, what emphasis it places on working through things and showing strength. It's definitely one of my feel good shows, and I'd love pretty much anything that captures the general tone of that.

Bruce Wayne/Harley Quinn

One of my favourite episodes of Batman: TAS is Harley's Holiday, and that episode is the main reason why I ship this. I just think they could work really well together, she could bring light to his darkness and he could help her get back on her feet. I'd love to see something exploring this dynamic, and something where life becomes better for the both of them as a result.

Some ideas:

-Something where Harley actually rehabilitates after Harley's Holiday, and turns to Batman for help. I’d love to see the struggle towards redemption, and how Bruce helps her along the way.
-something where Harley starts dating Bruce Wayne first, and falls in love with him before she even realizes that he’s Batman. I’d love to see them working through at least some of their secrets, and for Harley to realize her inner heroism as a result.
-An AU where she falls for the Batman instead of the Joker. How does this change things, and how does Bruce react to having a genius gymnast on his side?

Wally West/Bruce Wayne

I've shipped these two basically since the first time we watched Justice League, and I don't see that stopping any time soon. I just adore the interplay between them. I love how Wally is chaotic and how Bruce slowly comes to respect him and care for him, and I love how that respect and care is clearly mutual by the end of JLU. I'd absolutely adore seeing more of that, in many different combinations!

Some ideas:

-Something set early in the run of the original Justice League Cartoon, where they're still kind of stiff with each other. I'd love something where Bruce sees Wally's hidden depths, or where Wally glimpses what a nice guy Bruce is underneath. Showing how they slowly develop crushes on each other would be great!
-Something set Justice League Unlimited time where they're a lot more easy with each other. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Flash and Substance", where they help each other to fix problems and Bruce is quietly proud of Wally in the background.
-Wally teaching Bruce how to date like a normal person. I'm pretty damn sure Bruce has no idea how to conduct an actual relationship, so Wally having to guide him into doing so would be all kinds of fun. Maybe they go out to posh restaurants together! Maybe they go have picnics in weird locations! Maybe they have to juggle schedules! Them figuring out how to make the crazy thing between them work would be my jaaaaaaaaaaam.
-Again, porn. I think these two are ridiculously hot, and I'd really love to see how they'd work together in bed. Feel free to use Wally's superpowers and Bruce's inventiveness in any combination!
-Any kind of ridiculous AU. Honestly, I'll eat anything with these two up. Coffee shop AU? Space AU? Teacher/Student AU? Anythiiiiiiing.

Wally West/Harley Quinn

This is a slightly cracky pairing, but I absolutely adore it and feel that it has a lot of potential. I just want to see them being really bright together, bouncing off each other with such joy and having a really fun time. They’re just such wonderfully positive characters, and I adore the idea of them having a good time together.

Some ideas:

-Something that shows them getting together. I can imagine them meeting on opposite sides of a mission, and really getting on.
-Fluff. The main reason I love this pairing is because of how sweet it could be, and I’d love to see that explored. Maybe they go out on fun dates together, or spend time chasing squirrels in the park, or get kicked out of restaurants because they’ve been making too much mess. I’d love to see anything of the sort!
-Super optional prompt, but how do other people react to them? I can imagine the rest of the Justice League reacting in a variety of interesting ways! Especially Bruce...

Bruce Wayne/Wally West/Harley Quinn

Which leads onto this threesome! I just really love the idea of the three of them together, both in a sexual context and outside of it. I've detailed in the above sections how I think the three of them could work together in any combination, and the three of them all together seems like only the logical end to that thought. I'd love to see the three of them being sweet together, or badass together, or happy together, or ANYTHING together really. As long as they're having a good time and working surprisingly well as a unit, I'm there for it.

Some ideas:

-Bruce working to contain Wally and Harley. Both of them are rather chaotic personalities, which probably leads to Bruce needing to be the sensible one out of necessity. How well does this go? Does Bruce manage to exert some level of sanity over the situation, or does he do his usual Bruce thing and accidentally cause everything to explode as a result?
-Bruce and Harley show Wally Gotham. I'd imagine they both have their own perspectives on the place, and I'd bet those perspectives differ just a little. Them showing Wally their own view of the city, and Wally developing his own perspective as a result, would be absolutely great.
-Fluff. Mainly I'm into Harley having a good time for once, but I'm also very invested in both Wally and Bruce having a good time. I'd definitely be down for seeing anything fluffy involving them, be it them all attempting to cook (and giving Alfred palpitations) or all going out for a meal (and giving the League palpitations) or just ending up in a cuddlepile. If it's feelgood, I'm basically down for it.
-Porn. They're all very athletic people, and I'd love to see them using that in a sexual context. Does Wally vibrate? Is Bruce capable of picking them both up? Does Harley use her bendiness to distract both of them? Any ideas you have along those lines, really, as long as they all have fun by the end of it!

Bruce Wayne/John Stewart

This is one of those pairings that I started shipping as a joke, and ended up shipping totally seriously. I think they work really well with each other and could be really interesting in a romantic context. Both of them are extremely badass, both of them have relatively similar views of the world and both of them have their own unique sets of emotional baggage. I really enjoyed their brief bits of interaction in canon, and I'd love to see more of it here.

Some ideas:

-Both of them are extremely badass. Fic where they fight back to back, and manage to drive off threats with the sheer force of their combined awesome, would be something that I'd eat up with a spoon. Especially if it leads to slightly bloody and weary kissing afterwards!
-Bruce is the one John starts dating after Shayera leaves. I'd love to see the development of their relationship, how Bruce - being emotionally stunted in the best possible way, ILU Bruce! - attempts to mess it up and how John very sensibly deals with it. I do think they could balance each other quite well, and I'm very interested in seeing that dynamic being expanded upon.
-Porn between them would be fantastic. I'd love to see something where Bruce finally allows himself to give up control, and where John gently bosses him around a little.

Bruce Wayne/Shayera Hol

I've always thought that these two could work together quite well together and I'd love to see something exploring that. They both have trust issues, a hell of a lot of internalized rage and various points of guilt. They're another one of those couples that have relatively limited interaction in canon, but that really stand out to me when they do interact. I really enjoy their weird friendship, how he's protective of her and she's comfortable enough to teasingly wave it off, and I'd love to see anything exploring their similarities in greater detail.

Some ideas:

-Again, I'd be totally down for back to back badasses. Out of all of the League, with the exception of Diana, these two are probably the best fighters. I'd love to see the two of them taking down a villain by themselves, or even just discussing battle tactics over a meal or something.
-Bruce helping Shayera to deal once she returns. Shayera obviously has a lot of guilt after that, and feels extremely isolated from the team. I'd love to see Bruce reaching out to her in his own emotionally stunted way I still love you, Bruce! and actually succeeding in making her feel a little better. The trust issues that both of them have are really complex, and I'd love to see them explored a little more.
-Bruce being protective of Shayera. I really loved how he was so subtly protective of her during "Shadow of the Hawk" and I'd love to see more of that. Him trying to defend her while still respecting her abilities would be absolutely great, and her fondly dismissing him but still being flattered would also be wonderful!
-Porn. These two are probably the best fighters, and also probably the most athletic. I think this could lead to many interesting combinations in bed. Rough sex, bendy positions, the both of them pushing their bodies to the limit, wing kink... Any of those and more, mainly I'd just be fascinated to see how they work in a porny context!

Bruce Wayne/John Stewart/Shayera Hol

Another logical conclusion! I've gone into detail above about how I feel Bruce really works with either of them, and I'd like to see him working with both of them at once. They're all extremely badass people, with fascinating points of contrast between them and a hell of a lot of similarities. They're all warriors, all extremely stubborn and have incredibly interesting relationships with each other. I'd adore to see something exploring just how they'd work in a romantic context.

Some ideas:

-A more threesome geared approach to one of the John/Bruce prompts above, where Bruce and John start dating post-Starcrossed... And then Shayera comes back. I'd love to see how Bruce and Shayera decide to compete over John, and how that competition eventually turns into a collaboration between them.
-The reason why Bruce is so vehemently against destiny apart from his entire character is that he wants to date one or the other of them. Shayera and John realize this, and decide to convince him that polyamory is totally a reasonable solution.
-I'd really love to see a future fic, where Bruce is involved with both of them when Rex/Warhawk is born. I'd really love to see the three of them raising this kid together, and all being kind of terrified but absolutely determined to give Rex the best life possible. I'd also love to see how muchthis changes the canon future (Batman Beyond) as a result, and all three of them getting a happy ending would be absolutely wonderful!

Clark Kent/J'onn J'onzz

One of my favourite “random” pairings in the Justice League is J’onn J’onzz (The Martian Manhunter) and Clark Kent (Superman). I just feel that they work really interestingly with each other, and mirror and contrast with each other in so many different ways. I love how they’re both the last survivors of their planets, and how their reactions to this are so different. I love Clark’s hope, and how it interacts with J’onn’s reluctant distance from the world. And I especially love how much they care for each other, and respect each other all at once.

Some Prompts:

-Them comforting each other over all that they've lost. They're pretty much the last two members of their species, which is a position that nobody else (on the team or out of it) can really grasp. Them coming together to deal with it and things developing from there would be a really interesting dynamic that I'd love to see explored.
-Good old getting together fic. Perhaps one of them is injured on league business, and the other one suddenly realizes how much they mean to them? Except it turns out that the injured one isn’t actually that injured, and saw the other one freaking out about their death. And then they talk about this and everything ends happily and with make outs.
-Porn. I know this is an incredibly niche pairing, but if you’d at all feel comfortable writing it I’d love to see it! I’m sure there are quite a few possibilities for kink here. J’onn can shapeshift, Clark has super strength… You get the picture.
-Super optional prompt, but: the reaction of the rest of the League to Clark and J’onn’s budding relationship. Is Bruce worried? Does Diana think it’s sweet? Is Wally a little weirded out but totally supportive? Show me how their relationship fits into the rest of the world!

The Flash (TV)
Barry Allen/Axel Walker, Barry Allen/Mark Mardon, Barry Allen/Wally West, Linda Park/Wally West

I love the Flash in all its ridiculously over the top glory. It’s like it looked at the grimdark tone of certain other superhero adaptations, and decided to be extra bright as a result. It’s really fun, really absorbing and actually kind of profound for a show that believes in wasting the absolute minimum of time on brooding (at least most of the time *Glares at certain bits of season 2*). I truly adore it, and I also truly adore all the weird and wacky pairings that can come out of it!

Barry Allen/Axel Walker

The potential that these two have just really interests me. Both of them are relatively chaotic in their own way, and both of them have interesting and complex relationships with their fathers. I can really see Axel glomming onto those similarities, and their relationship developing from there. Anything where Barry is weirded out but flattered would be great!

Some ideas:

-Axel develops a crush on Barry, maybe he saw a picture of him when they kidnapped Henry or something, and starts writing to him from prison. Barry is a little creeped out, but definitely flattered by the attention. After a while he starts writing back, and their relationship develops from there.
-Axel develops a crush on the Flash, and starts happily focusing on him every time he manages to get himself out of prison. Barry is again creeped out, but eventually starts to find Axel a little sweet and decides to attempt to convince him that blowing up things really isn't the best way to live life.
-A fic exploring how good they could be together would be really lovely here. I know it's a somewhat cracky pairing, but I honestly do think they could balance each other out. I'd love something where Barry convinces Axel to be just a little less chaotic, and where Axel convinces Barry to loosen up a little in return.

Barry Allen/Mark Mardon

I will admit that I mainly started shipping these two because of the visual, but it has definitely developed from there. Mark is such a jerk, but he definitely has his soft spots relating to family and the way he approaches the world. I'd love to see something where Barry notices those soft spots, and they work together towards a more equal relationship. It's another slightly cracky relationship where I really do thing they could balance each other out, and I'd love to see more of them together.

Some ideas:

-Something exploring their mutual commitment to family. Both of them are obviously quite committed to their families, and I definitely think this could be a point of similarity between them. I'd really like something where they bond over that, perhaps apologize to each other for all the pain they've caused and start developing slowly towards a more equal relationship.
-Something where Mark, perhaps compelled by prison or inspired by Barry/The Flash, decides to try to reform. I'd really love to see Barry starting off wary around him, and then the two of them slowly developing towards a mutual point of respect and trust. I don't particularly mind if the reformation sticks, I'd mainly just love to see them working together!
-An AU where Mark ends up being the superhero at Star Labs and Barry ends up being a metahuman villain. I'd really enjoy seeing their positions flipped, and how the both of them behave in their new roles.
-Porn. As I mentioned above I did initially get into this because they looked incredibly pretty together, and... I am definitely down for more of that? I'd basically love to see them boning in any combination, as long as it's consensual. I'd especially love to see them using their powers in a sexual context!

Barry Allen/Wally West

I started shipping these two quite recently, but I am REALLY interested in how a dynamic between them would work. Wally, at least before the finale, seems to have a spiky relationship with Barry and a hero-worship one with the Flash. I'd really enjoy something that took the potential for identity porn there and really ran with it. I love how they're two very similar characters, but with a lot of differences and hang-ups that often come between them and prevent a simple solution. I'd really love to see this gone into in more depth.

Some ideas:

-Anything to do with identity porn stuff. Wally dislikes Barry, but starts to develop a crush on the Flash. Barry, being aware of both of these things, ends up a little confused by this. How do they deal with this dynamic? What kind of relationship develops between them, because of it?
-Barry and Wally start having sort of hate sex towards the end of season 2. Both of them were going through quite a lot then, and I'd really like to see something where they channel their anger and frustration and slight dislike for each other into bouts of secret sex. How does this change things between them? How does their relationship develop, and what effect does having to keep it secret have on them? Does it change anything about the end of the season, or Barry's identity reveal?
-Wally finally develops superpowers, and turns to Barry for help with them. What direction does this push their relationship in? Does Barry teach Wally control in multiple ways? Do they discover that two speedsters in bed are better than one?

Wally West/Linda Park

Linda/Wally is quite possibly my favourite comics canon pairing, and I'd love to see how it could go down on the TV show. They're both really interesting characters, with a lot of motivations and outlooks that could work really well together. Both of them are incredibly badass, both of them have really interesting relationships with the Flash and both of them are just fundamentally good people. If When they eventually meet in the TV show my heart is going to explode with squee, and I'd be thrilled if you brought a little of that to me early.

Some ideas:

-I'd basically be down with any version of how they get together in the TV universe, really. Meet cute? Initially disliking each other but falling in love? Instant attraction? Give me any version of their meeting, and I'm pretty damn sure that I'll love it.
-Expanding upon that a little, instant attraction! I'm alright with love at first sight, especially for these two, but I'm also down for the both of them meeting each other and going 'whoa'. And then the both of them feeling a little guilty, because this is Barry's former girlfriend and Iris' (and Barry's) BROTHER, but still being very much into each other.
-Something where they have to work together to solve a case. Maybe there's a monster attacking Central City, but Barry is busy with other things and so it's left to a journalist and a baby superhero mechanic to save the day?
-I'd also be totally down for a slow build between them, where they get to know each other and realize how perfect they are for each other. Something where they slowly start talking and end up really getting along would be great, as would something where Wally finally gets his superpowers and Linda helps him to work through it.

Grayson (Comics)
Dick Grayson/Tiger

Grayson was probably the comic that got me into reading ongoing comics, and I'll always be fond of it for that. It's just so lovely on every level. It's got one of my favourite tones for a comic, where really messed up stuff happens but it's still incredibly fun and light to read anyway. Any fic that captures even a fraction of that tone, the joy and the adventure and the surprising complexity, would be great.

Dick Grayson/Tiger

I love these two! Somehow even more after canon events. I really enjoy how their relationship starts off spiky, but develops to a stage of mutual respect and like. They really seem so tied to each other, in a way that is really complex and compelling. Dick's hope and Tiger's cynicism interact in so many ways, and lead to this interestingly tense bond that just fascinates me. I'd love to see a further development in their relationship, be it something related to canon or just a step in the romantic direction.

Some ideas:

-I'd be perfectly alright with a bit of fluffy porn for them, really! They're both extremely athletic people, Tiger being extremely strong and Dick being extremely graceful. I'd really like to see them using these talents in a sexual setting, and both being extremely satisfied as a result.
-Something set when they're on the run together. Them having to rely on each other and only each other was incredibly compelling to me, and I'd really love to see more of that dynamic. Them being desperate and slightly tired and taking solace in each other would be absolutely wonderful to read, as would them just being generally badass together!
-Something set post-canon. I'm pretty sure at least one issue of Nightwing will be out by the time fics are due, but even if it does deal with Tiger I am beyond fine with seeing your interpretation of how it goes. It looks like Tiger is being set up to be some kind of reoccurring villain, and I am SO into that dynamic. I'd really love to see them playing cat and mouse games together, being on opposite sides and yet still respecting each other, meeting up for quick bouts of consensual rough sex together. Feel free to go for as many enemy mine tropes as you want to, I will eat them up with a spoon.

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Luke Skywalker/Kylo Ren

I wasn’t expecting to love TFA as much as I did, but then we saw it and it was AMAZING. I just adored how much it felt like Star Wars, how bright and positive and dedicated to fun it was. It took what could’ve been a quite dull and miserable reboot, and turned it into an excellently thought through work of brilliance. I love everything it chose to be, and am eagerly looking forward to the sequels.

Luke Skywalker/Kylo Ren

...While shipping probably the most inappropriate pairing, of course. This isn't my normal "sort" of pairing, but I just find it so incredibly compelling. I was incredibly fascinated by Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens, and I've become really interested in the idea of Luke's involvement with his turn to the dark side. I'd love something exploring the potential dynamic between them, something that delves into both of their characters and how they relate to the force and the ties between them. I've described it as a "gut punch" of a pairing before now, and I'd be super keen to see anything along those lines.

Some ideas:

-Kylo tries to seduce Luke before he turns to the dark side. Luke reluctantly resists him, but accidentally drives him further down the path to darkness.
-Kylo tries to seduce Luke before he turns to the dark side, and succeeds. Luke, ridden with guilt over their encounter and how he's betrayed the rules of the Jedi Order, accidentally drives him to the dark side as a result.
-More positively... Luke and Kylo meet for the first time in years post TFA, and despite the inappropriate nature of the bond between them it may well be the key to turning Kylo back to the light side. I'd love to see a redemption fic along these lines, and an exploration of them making it work despite everything against them.
-More messed-uply... Porn, again. I'd prefer it if it was consensual, but mainly I'd love something to do with the force. I've read a lot of wonderful fics where they have psychic sex using the force, so I'd obviously be thrilled to see more of that. But I'd also really enjoy seeing more physical aspects of the force during sex, like force choking or either one of them holding the other one down using the force or anything else along those lines you can think of!

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Data/Geordi La Forge, Q/Jean-Luc Picard

I adore Star Trek: TNG. It was the first Star Trek show I ever really watched, and it still holds an extremely fond place in my heart now. I love how epic it feels. How positive and determined its message is and how good it makes me feel every time I watch it.

Data/Geordi La Forge

These two are so interesting and compelling, they're best friends and fiercely loyal to each other and probably understand each other the best in the universe. I'd love something exploring how comfortable they are together, how they have possibly the closest bond on the ship and feel such affection for each other despite everything in the way.

Some ideas:

-Fluff! Honestly, I’d be thrilled to receive absolutely anything fluffy with them. I’d love them to just have a lovely day together, or a lovely date, or even a lovely shore leave!
-Something that shows them getting together. How does it happen? Who makes the first move? How does their first date go?
-Established relationship fic. How do they negotiate being in a relationship in Starfleet? How do they work together, and how does that change any of the episodes?

Q/Jean-Luc Picard

One of the main things I love about TNG is the relationship between Q and Picard. The progression of their dynamic is one of my favourite things, how they go from definite enemies to something close to friends, and I would be super keen on seeing more of it in whatever way you see fit.

Some ideas:

-Q has to remain human after Deja Q. How does he interact with Picard in light of this? How does it change canon events? What giant, convulated space adventures does Q get them into?
-I'm really interested in the idea of Q actually altering his gender/general appearance after Qpid, just to mess with Picard. I'm less interested in potential issue fic, and more interested in how this changes their interactions and whether Picard reluctantly starts to fall for Q despite himself.
-as I said above, I adore the development of their relationship over the series and would love to see more of it. Maybe Q keeps visiting after the finale? And maybe that weird kind of friendship between them develops into romantic tension?

Vampire Babylon - Chris Marie Green
Benedikte/Costin, Claudius/Costin, Claudius/Dawn Madison

I looooooove this stupid kinky fandom. I'm not really expecting us to match on this one, but I just love everything about these books. They're high drama romance novels involving vampires, which should be something that attracts severe side eye, but they're just really enjoyable! Great worldbuilding, absolutely fantastic characters and so much room for porny interpretations. I'd definitely recommend them to anybody who likes vampires and villains.


I've lowkey shipped these two since I first read the books, and as my shipping of them grows so does my desire to see fic for them. I'm just really interested in how they were such good friends before becoming vampires, and how deep that bond was between them. Costin states within the books that they were basically brothers even before they became vampires, and I can easily see that closeness developing into something more. I'd like to see a happier ending for them, especially Benedikte, and I'd also really love to see how that changes the universe around them.

Some ideas:

-They finally acknowledge their romantic attraction to each other. I'm fine with it being bittersweet or happy, but I'd really adore something where they admit that they're in love and maybe get around to acting on it in some small way.
-Something where their meeting at the end of the third book goes better. Maybe in this version Benedikte didn't try to creepily seduce Dawn and so didn't end up murdering Sorin because poor Sorin, and so they can talk on a far less fraught footing? I'd love to see Costin convince Benedikte that destroying the world is wrong, and perhaps Benedikte starting to work with him as a result.
-An AU where it goes differently after they were turned into vampires. Benedikte does hear Costin calling to him, responds and the two of them end up deciding to fight the Dragon together. I'd just love something where the two of them do basically run off together, and realize their romantic feelings along the way.
-Honestly, for this pairing I'd be beyond alright with a modern AU where everything goes a lot better for poor Benedikte. I'm fine with vampires being involved, maybe the positions could be switched and Dawn could be the immortal vampire hunter instead?, but mainly I'd just like something where Benedikte can actually get some treatment for his depression and where the two of them can work towards a romantic relationship without being executed for it. Anything relatively happy would be wonderful here, really!


I really enjoy the interplay between these two, especially when Claudius is being kept captive. I love the complex relationship that Costin has with his vampire urges, and the way that Claudius - who has his own complex relationship with vampirism, not to mention other vampires - reacts to that. I'd love to see more of what they think of each other and how they relate to the world that they've been forced into, be it post-vampiness or even pre.

Some ideas:

-Honestly, I'd be down with the two of them just having an extremely tense conversation with each other. They have a hell of a lot of differences, but also a hell of a lot of similarities. They both have an extremely complex relationship to vampirism, and an exploration of their different stances on it could be really fascinating. This could be set before they're turned, just after they're turned or even when Costin is holding Claudius prisoner - but as long as it has them having long and tense conversations, I'll probably be happy.
-On the pre-turning note, I'd be very interested in seeing how their relationship was like before vampires even entered into the picture. They obviously knew each other beforehand, and I'm interested to see how they interacted. What did they think of each other? How did they both regard the Dragon? What was Costin's view on Mihas? I'd be interested to see any or all of these questions answered.
-Another AU, where Costin somehow manages to convince Claudius to run away with him and help take the Dragon down. I'd really enjoy seeing the two of them work together, with Claudius slowly altering his views and them moving slowly towards a romantic relationship into the bargain.
-I'd be very much into dub-con with these two, where Claudius goads Costin into giving into his vampire urges. Feel free to use the kinkiest vampire related tropes here, from bloodplay to rough sex. I'm really just interested in seeing the two of them let loose with each other, and maybe Costin's guilt in the aftermath.

Claudius/Dawn Madison

This is another pairing where I just really love the interplay between them, especially in the bits where Claudius is being kept prisoner. I love the darkness within Dawn, and the way that Claudius mirrors that. I love how they both have such complex lives, and quite obviously find a mirror of those lives in each other. And I love how they both canonically get off on pain, and recognize that in each other. Anything exploring the darkness between them and how they react to finding that in each other would be wonderful!

Some ideas:

-Again, I'd be down for just a complicated and tense conversation between them. Their conversation in book 6 is probably my favourite part of the series, and I'd really love to see more of that. They just have so many similarities between them, and so much they could talk about. Any situation where they're forced to sit down together and talk about anything would be wonderful to me.
-Something, possibly involving the guy who turns Eva in book 6, happens that requires Dawn to free Claudius and forces the two of them to work together. I'd love to see the two of them reluctantly having to help each other, realizing how well they work together and eventually progressing slowly towards a romantic relationship.
-An AU where they meet before the whole "tying to a chair and torture" thing. I really think that they could get along incredibly well if the situation was just a little different, and I'd love to see that. Something where they accidentally bump into each other, get talking and slowly become friends (and then more!) would be absolutely wonderful to read.
-Porn also known as something where the whole "tying to a chair and torture" thing definitely happens. Both of them canonically get off on pain, and I'd love to see something that explored that. I'd prefer Dawn to be in charge throughout, and for it all to be consensual or dubcon, but beyond that I'm pretty much fine with any kink you want to throw at me. Bloodplay, knifeplay, Dawn holding Claudius down with her mind... Mmm, definitely give me that dirtybadwrong stuff!

Thank you for reading all of that, or even just some of that, and I hope you have fun writing whatever prompt is best for you! I'm really looking forward to what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'm gonna love it. :D