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MM Rares Letter

Hello, lovely writer! I've been looking forward to this exchange for ages, and I'm so excited that it's finally here. I have so many rare slash pairings, and I'm really enthusiastic about all of them. As such, as long as you avoid my squicks (and preferably my dislikes) I should end up loving whatever you write for me. We both have excellent taste, if we share even one pairing, and I'm really looking forward to getting fic for any of these.

Before we start properly, some general likes and dislikes...

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), genderswaps, badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), threesomes/moresomes, polyamory, the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, wingfic, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters (which may be a little difficult to avoid here, I admit, but as long as you don't turn them into HORRIBLE SHREWY WIFE/GIRLFRIEND TM I'll almost certainly be fine with any level of presence you give them), issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up and infidelity.

And now onwards! :D

Blake and Avery Series - MJ Carter
Jeremiah Blake/William Avery

This was one of my absolute favourite book finds last year, and if you’ve read it I’m sure you know why. Interesting plots, wonderful diversity (I know! Le Gasp!), Historical accuracy AND a relationship between the two main characters so endearing that I had to keep putting my copy of the book down to clutch my face with glee. Truly, a dangerous combination. I really liked the mystery within it, and the wonderful sense of place. More than that, however, I loved how much of the action was driven by the relationships within the book and how the bonds developed so naturally.

Jeremiah Blake/William Avery

As you can probably guess, what I want most in this fandom is fic exploring the relationship between Blake and Avery even further. I loved their dynamic in the book, and I really want to see more of it. I feel that there’s a hell of a lot of potential for a really interesting romantic relationship there, and I’d absolutely love to see somebody explore that! Anything where they just work together and are obviously fond of each other would be great, but I'd be especially down anything involving a slow realization of their feelings for each other.

Some ideas:

-An alternate universe look at the first book where they have/start acknowledging their feelings for each other. I love all those romantic tropes, where they slowly go from near enemies to friends to more, and I'd love to see them used within a fic. These two have a lot of pent-up emotions, and I'd love to see them being explored.
-Blake has to go to Cornwall to solve a case there, and teams up with Avery again. Along the way they discover their feelings, and have to work through just what they mean to each other and the romantic ramifications that meaning has.
-Established relationship fic. Where they’re old, grumpy men and yet still totally in love and solving crimes together. Possibly relating to the industrial revolution and everything that involved? I shall leave the details up to you.
-Supernatural creature AU! Jeremiah Blake isn’t human, but rather an eternal vampire that was turned by Mountstuart and has been hiding out in India ever since. How does Avery react to this secret, and how does it affect the world around them?

Daredevil (TV)
Matt Murdock/Wilson Fisk

Daredevil is a little darker than I generally like in a show, but that didn't stop me from REALLY enjoying it. I loved how a lot of dark shit happened, but how the general thrust of the show still seemed to be about getting up and seeing the good in life no matter what. I really adored the way street level superheroes were portrayed in it, and how it really got into examining the moral line between being a hero and being a villain. In a fic I'd be thrilled to see more of that moral ambiguity, not to mention more of that combat optimism that I really enjoyed.

Matt Murdock/Wilson Fisk

I am eternally surprised that this pairing isn't more popular. They have such a great dynamic, especially in season 1! I love how many parallels there are between them, how for most of the series it isn't quite as clear as it should be who is the villain and who is the hero. I'd love anything exploring the similarities between them, how - at least in season 1 - both of them have a similar kind of darkness that they don't quite want to acknowledge.

One thing I will say specifically regarding this pairing, though, is that I'd prefer any fic to not include any non-con or Vanessa. Most fics that already exist for this pairing include a combination of both and while that is absolutely fine, I've read and really enjoyed most of them even with my squicks in play!, non-con and infidelity are among my hardcore DNWs and I'd prefer both of them be avoided as much as possible. Dub-con and mentions of Vanessa are absolutely fine, if they can't be avoided, but please don't show anything explicit along those lines.

Some ideas:

-Matt and Fisk meet before the events of season 1, and fall into a relationship. How does season 1 turn out differently if the hero and the villain are dating? Do either of them change their stances because of this?
-The two of them just sit down, in a situation where they can't resort to their usual reaction of starting a fight, and have a talk about their similarities and differences. Can be set at any time, but I'd really love something where they both steadily realize that they're not quite as different as they may initially seem.
-Porn, along the fight!sex or hate!sex route. I'd prefer it to be fully consensual, as mentioned above, but I'd really be into something where they both use their considerable amount of physicality and just GO for it. Both of them are very strong, fairly athletic people with a lot of pent up passion inside them. Where could that lead in a sexual context?
-An adaptation of the comics storyline where Fisk finds out Matt's secret identity. Daredevil Born Again, despite being written by Frank Miller, is one of my favourite comics storylines and I'd be really interested in seeing an adaptation of that set in the TV universe. If you'd rather not do that story/haven't read it, I'd mainly be interested in something where Fisk finds out Matt's secret identity and does interesting and unexpected things with it. Anything along those lines would be great!

DC Animated Universe
Bruce Wayne/Eddie Nygma, Bruce Wayne/Wally West, Clark Kent/J'onn J'onzz

I love the DCAU, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation of DC comics stuff. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I really enjoy how hopeful it is, what emphasis it places on working through things and showing strength. It's definitely one of my feel good shows, and I'd love pretty much anything that captures the general tone of that.

Bruce Wayne/Eddie Nygma

I started shipping these two in Batman: TAS, and haven't really stopped since. I ship them in most things they both feature in, but the reasons why generally remain the same. I love how equal these two are in an odd way, how they're both as smart as each other and really get each other's level of intelligence. I also love what impact they've had on each other, how Bruce is sharper thanks to Eddie and Eddie is covered in scars thanks to Bruce. I'd love something exploring the contrasts and similarities between them, and how exactly they'd work past those to get into a relationship.

Some Prompt Ideas:

-Something dealing with how intelligent they both are. My favourite thing about Eddie is that he is such a smart person, its just that his own personality keeps tripping him up. I'd love to see something where they bring the best out of each other, intelligence wise. Maybe something where they have to work together to solve an outside threat, and really end up appreciating each other by the end of it?
-Eddie attempts to reform. He pretends to do so in Batman: TAS, actually does so for a while in the comics, and I'd love to see something where the transformation actually sticks. Maybe Bruce sponsors him out of costume, and they develop a different and more charged relationship under those circumestances?
-Something to do with the whole secret identity thing! Eddie meets and falls for Bruce, and then slowly starts to work out that he’s Batman. Bruce feels quite awkward about the whole thing.
-Porn. Both of them are quite pent up individuals, what happens when they both let loose? I’m quite into consensual rough sex, Eddie talking throughout and Bruce completely losing control for the first time in a while. I’d love to see what you could do with any of these elements.

Bruce Wayne/Wally West

Oh man, these two! I've shipped these two basically since the first time we watched Justice League, and I don't see that stopping any time soon. I just adore the interplay between them. I love how Wally is chaotic and how Bruce slowly comes to respect him and care for him, and I love how that respect and care is clearly mutual by the end of JLU. I'd absolutely adore seeing more of that, in many different combinations!

Some ideas:

-Something set early in the run of the original Justice League Cartoon, where they're still kind of stiff with each other. I'd love something where Bruce sees Wally's hidden depths, or where Wally glimpses what a nice guy Bruce is underneath. Showing how they slowly develop crushes on each other would be great!
-Something set Justice League Unlimited time where they're a lot more easy with each other. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Flash and Substance", where they help each other to fix problems and Bruce is quietly proud of Wally in the background.
-Wally teaching Bruce how to date like a normal person. I'm pretty damn sure Bruce has no idea how to conduct an actual relationship, so Wally having to guide him into doing so would be all kinds of fun. Maybe they go out to posh restaurants together! Maybe they go have picnics in weird locations! Maybe they have to juggle schedules! Them figuring out how to make the crazy thing between them work would be my jaaaaaaaaaaam.
-Again, porn. I think these two are ridiculously hot, and I'd really love to see how they'd work together in bed. Feel free to use Wally's superpowers and Bruce's inventiveness in any combination!
-Any kind of ridiculous AU. Honestly, I'll eat anything with these two up. Coffee shop AU? Space AU? Teacher/Student AU? Anythiiiiiiing.

Clark Kent/J'onn J'onzz

One of my favourite “random” pairings in the Justice League is J’onn J’onzz (The Martian Manhunter) and Clark Kent (Superman). I just feel that they work really interestingly with each other, and mirror and contrast with each other in so many different ways. I love how they’re both the last survivors of their planets, and how their reactions to this are so different. I love Clark’s hope, and how it interacts with J’onn’s reluctant distance from the world. And I especially love how much they care for each other, and respect each other all at once.

Some Prompts:

-Them comforting each other over all that they've lost. They're pretty much the last two members of their species, which is a position that nobody else (on the team or out of it) can really grasp. Them coming together to deal with it and things developing from there would be a really interesting dynamic that I'd love to see explored.
-Good old getting together fic. Perhaps one of them is injured on league business, and the other one suddenly realizes how much they mean to them? Except it turns out that the injured one isn’t actually that injured, and saw the other one freaking out about their death. And then they talk about this and everything ends happily and with make outs.
-Porn. I know this is an incredibly niche pairing, but if you’d at all feel comfortable writing it I’d love to see it! I’m sure there are quite a few possibilities for kink here. J’onn can shapeshift, Clark has super strength… You get the picture.
-Super optional prompt, but: the reaction of the rest of the League to Clark and J’onn’s budding relationship. Is Bruce worried? Does Diana think it’s sweet? Is Wally a little weirded out but totally supportive? Show me how their relationship fits into the rest of the world!

The Flash (TV 2014)
Barry Allen/Wally West

I love the Flash in all its ridiculously over the top glory. It’s like it looked at the grimdark tone of certain other superhero adaptations, and decided to be extra bright as a result. It’s really fun, really absorbing and actually kind of profound for a show that believes in wasting the absolute minimum of time on brooding (at least most of the time *Glares at certain bits of season 2*). I truly adore it, and I also truly adore all the weird and wacky pairings that can come out of it!

Barry Allen/Wally West

I started shipping these two quite recently, but I am REALLY interested in how a dynamic between them would work. Wally, at least before the finale, seems to have a spiky relationship with Barry and a hero-worship one with the Flash. I'd really enjoy something that took the potential for identity porn there and really ran with it. I love how they're two very similar characters, but with a lot of differences and hang-ups that often come between them and prevent a simple solution. I'd really love to see this gone into in more depth.

Some ideas:

-Anything to do with identity porn stuff. Wally dislikes Barry, but starts to develop a crush on the Flash. Barry, being aware of both of these things, ends up a little confused by this. How do they deal with this dynamic? What kind of relationship develops between them, because of it?
-Barry and Wally start having sort of hate sex towards the end of season 2. Both of them were going through quite a lot then, and I'd really like to see something where they channel their anger and frustration and slight dislike for each other into bouts of secret sex. How does this change things between them? How does their relationship develop, and what effect does having to keep it secret have on them? Does it change anything about the end of the season, or Barry's identity reveal?
-Wally finally develops superpowers, and turns to Barry for help with them. What direction does this push their relationship in? Does Barry teach Wally control in multiple ways? Do they discover that two speedsters in bed are better than one?

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Ant-Man (Movies)
Darren Cross/Scott Lang, Hank Pym/Scott Lang

I came out of Ant-Man feeling that it was the best Marvel film of last year, and upon rewatching I'm glad to say that I had that impression confirmed. It's just a really feel-good type movie, and I love it for that. It's very fast moving, very funny and tends to strike the tone it was going for just about perfectly. It's not incredibly profound, but I still enjoyed myself a great deal and was really pleased to see a caper/heist movie done Marvel style.

Darren Cross/Scott Lang

I'm really interested in whatever could exist between Darren and Scott. I found Darren a character with a lot of interesting potential in the movie, and would love to see more of him. I especially found his relationship with Scott, the deep envy and the numerous similarities that exist there, interesting and would really like to see more done with it. I adore enemy mine relationships, and the thought that the movie could've gone in a just slightly different direction with them is really interesting to me.

Some ideas:

-Darren ends up imprisoned as opposed to dead/lost in the mini-dimension at the end of the movie. I love characters having conversations from either side of the prison glass, and I'd really like to see a relationship developing between them in those sort of circumstances. Maybe they both realize that they have more to each other, when they actually sit down to talk about it?
-Scott gets to Darren before he starts going all murdery in the movie. I'm not quite sure how this would happen, but anything where Scott just sits Darren down and talks to him about all his issues would be great. I'd love to see the movie pushed in a slightly different direction, when they both have somebody to talk to and sympathise with.
-Them having to work together for some reason. Villain-hero team-ups are some of my favourite things, and I'd love to see them having to rely on each other's strengths to actually get out of a situation alive. Anything that pushes them into a slightly different view of each other, and their positions, would be absolutely great!

Hank Pym/Scott Lang

A good part of why I loved this movie came from the interaction between Hank and Scott. Upon rewatching Ant-Man recently I was fascinated by how these two worked together. Hank is so grumpy and Scott is so bright, and they really seemed to rub together in a way that was good for both of them. I loved how they were so different, but I also loved their similarities and the way they eventually started caring for each other. They jived together in super interesting ways, and I'd really love to see more of that.

Some ideas:

-Post-movie fic where they keep working together. I'd love to see them working on further heists together, and maybe eventually falling into a relationship based on how much they trust each other.
-Mid-Movie fic where they start realizing that they have feelings for each other. How do they both react to this sudden bombshell? How terribly do they both behave as a result? How does it all work out happily in the end?
-How do people other than them react to their relationship? Is Hope amused? Is Cassie just pleased that her dad is happy? Is Maggie (Scott's former wife) kind of incredulous, but willing to accept Scott's life decisions as long as they don't mess with Cassie? I'd love outside viewpoints on the whole thing!

Marvel (Comics) - Black Panther (Comics)
Everett Ross/T'Challa

...Can you tell that I like superhero properties yet? :P

I really love the general tone of Marvel Comics. They all seem to share a general sensibility that I like, one where serious things happen on a regular basis but it's still a lot of fun to read. I love the action adventure stuff and the lightness it's generally treated with, and I also love how that general lightness really highlights the more serious moments and the impact of them.

The main series that I'm thinking of for this request is Black Panther. I'm most familiar with the Priest run (which must be such a surprise, considering that I'm asking for a pairing involving Ross) but I've also ended up really liking pretty much all of his other ones. I really enjoy the action adventure tone of them, how serious they can be and yet how lightly that seriousness is generally treated within the story. I also really love the characters within them, the strength of T'Challa and his backing cast and the various ways they interact with the world.

Everett Ross/T'Challa

I fell into shipping these two fairly recently, upon reading the Priest run, but I still REALLY ship them. I love how badass T'Challa is and how he brings that braveness out in Ross, I love how terrified Ross is but how that sort of drives him onwards into greater acts of heroism, and I really love the genuine regard that grows up between them as the series progresses. I'd love to see more of that regard in a romantic sense, maybe with the both of them taking care of each other and inspiring each other in their own ways.

Some Ideas:

-T'Challa saving Ross from some superpowered threat. I love this situation whenever it happens in the comics, and I'd adore to see a fic exploring it in a romantic context. Maybe Ross realizes that he has a crush after one incident? Or maybe they're already in a relationship, and this is one of their methods of flirting? Either way, T'Challa saving Ross would be great.
-Ross realizes/acknowledges that he's bisexual, and starts working his way through this... Except he doesn't immediately ask T'Challa out. I'd love to see T'Challa getting steadily more annoyed that Ross doesn't seem that interested in him, and having to work through just why he feels that way. And Ross, in turn, getting steadily more confused by T'Challa's attitude. A happy ending where they do end up getting together, and correcting all misunderstandings, would be much appreciated!
-Something where they have a quiet, domestic day together for once. I'd love to see them finally getting a bit of peace for once, whether it's T'Challa taking Ross out walking or Ross finally taking T'Challa out for an actual date.


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Ohh do you have a link to this challenge?
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