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Not Prime Time letter

Hello, lovely writer! I must say, I'm super excited for this exchange. I'm really enthusiastic about all of the fandoms I signed up for, and I'm really looking forward to whatever you come up with. I like to think that I'm generally pretty easy to please, as long as you avoid my squicks (and preferably my dislikes) I have a high chance of absolutely adoring whatever you choose to write.

And on the subject of squicks (and dislikes)...:

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based, or anything on this list), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), genderswaps, badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), threesomes/moresomes, polyamory, the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, wingfic, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, female characters, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters, issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up and infidelity.

And now onto the show! (Which is basically my sign-up on ao3, but hopefully organized for easier reading?)

Ant-Man (Movies)
Characters: Hank Pym, Scott Lang

I came out of Ant-Man feeling that it was the best Marvel film of last year, and upon rewatching I'm glad to say that I had that impression confirmed. It's just a really feel-good type movie, and I love it for that. It's very fast moving, very funny and tends to strike the tone it was going for just about perfectly. It's not incredibly profound, but I still enjoyed myself a great deal and was really pleased to see a caper/heist movie done Marvel style.

A good part of why I loved this movie came from the interaction between Hank and Scott. Upon rewatching Ant-Man recently I was fascinated by how these two worked together. Hank is so grumpy and Scott is so bright, and they really seemed to rub together in a way that was good for both of them. I loved how they were so different, but I also loved their similarities and the way they eventually started caring for each other. They jived together in super interesting ways, and I'd really love to see more of that.

Some ideas:

-Post-movie fic where they keep working together. I'd love to see them working on further heists together, and maybe eventually falling into a relationship based on how much they trust each other.
-Mid-Movie fic where they start realizing that they have feelings for each other. How do they both react to this sudden bombshell? How terribly do they both behave as a result? How does it all work out happily in the end?
-How do people other than them react to their relationship? Is Hope amused? Is Cassie just pleased that her dad is happy? Is Maggie (Scott's former wife) kind of incredulous, but willing to accept Scott's life decisions as long as they don't mess with Cassie? I'd love outside viewpoints on the whole thing!

Babylon 5
Characters: Na'Toth, Vir Cotto

Babylon 5 is an excellent show and I’d be thrilled to get anything set in its universe. I love how dark and interesting it is, how many terrible things happen and how truly epic it all feels. Despite that, I also love how optimistic it can be – how it doesn’t deny that terrible things happen, but places a focus on working through those things and building a better future. I love how pragmatically bright it is, and I’d love to see anything along those lines.

I may well be the only person in the universe who's interested in the interactions of these two, but hope springs eternal! I love these two characters and think they could be really interesting together. I love how Vir is basically a fluffy bunny, and Na'Toth is basically one of the most badass beings in the universe. I'd love to see more of their dynamic. Including, if you're up for it, how a romantic relationship could work between them and whether that’d change anything in canon.

Some ideas:

-First season aide interactions! I'd love to see them going on a fun (if unintended) adventure together, and discovering each other's hidden depths along the way
-An AU where she's not on Narn when the bombs fall, and how they interact in the aftermath of that.
-Vir trying to woo Na’Toth. I imagine her being extremely amused by this, but still kind of flattered. An unexpectedly sweet romance would be great!
-Na’Toth trying to woo Vir. In this case I can imagine him being slightly terrified, because Na’Toth is amazing but terrifying, but kind of intrigued. I’d love to see something growing between them!

Batman: The Animated Series
Characters Requested: Harley Quinn, Bruce Wayne

I love Batman: TAS, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I love the plots, I love the tone and I especially love the characters and the interactions between them.

I honestly adore Bruce's relationship with all of his Rogues in TAS, I could write ESSAYS on the nuances of their interactions, but I've picked Bruce and Harley as characters for this because Harley is probably my favourite rogue and her interactions with Bruce are SO GOOD. I love the bond between them, how Bruce has such sympathy for her and such a belief in her ability to be redeemed. I'd love to see a happier ending for her, or even just a few more of their interactions!

(As a side note, I REALLY dislike Harley's relationship with the Joker. So I'd prefer that you gloss over as much of that as possible, be it not showing them in a romantic context or simply avoiding the Joker or even throwing the Joker into the sun!)

Some ideas:

-More of their interactions! I'd love to see anything where they just get to chill out together. Maybe necessity forces them to solve a case together? Or Bruce has to somehow get Harley back to Arkham one night?
-Something where Harley actually rehabilitates after Harley's Holiday, and turns to Batman for help. I’d love to see the struggle towards redemption, and how Bruce helps her along the way.
-something where Harley starts dating Bruce Wayne first, and falls in love with him before she even realizes that he’s Batman. I’d love to see them working through at least some of their secrets, and for Harley to realize her inner heroism as a result.
-An AU where she falls for the Batman instead of the Joker. How does this change things, and how does Bruce react to having a genius gymnast on his side?

Justice League & Justice League Unlimited Cartoons
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Wally West

I love Justice League for much the same reasons I love Batman: TAS. It's just so bright, and lovingly done, and capturing exactly what I love about superheroes. It just really gets what I look for in fictional works, the perfect mixture of bad things happening and hope still flourishing in the face of them.

I love pretty much all of the character dynamics, but one of my favourites is Bruce and Wally. I just adore the interplay between them. I love how Wally is chaotic and how Bruce slowly comes to respect him and care for him, and I love how that respect and care is clearly mutual. I'd absolutely adore seeing more of that, in many different combinations!

Some ideas:

-Something set early in the run of the original Justice League Cartoon, where they're still kind of stiff with each other. I'd love something where Bruce sees Wally's hidden depths, or where Wally glimpses what a nice guy Bruce is underneath.
-Something set Justice League Unlimited time where they're a lot more easy with each other. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Flash and Substance", where they help each other to fix problems and Bruce is quietly proud of him in the background.
-Any kind of ridiculous AU. Honestly, I'll eat anything with these two up. Coffee shop AU? Space AU? Teacher/Student AU? Anythiiiiiiing.
- Anything romantic. I ship these two like BURNING, and would love to see their relationship develop. Does Bruce not really know how to date like a normal person? Does Wally delight in going to all the posh restaurants? Are they totally in awe of each other? How hot are they when they have sex? Again, ANYTHING would make me happy here!

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Characters: Q, Jean-Luc Picard

I adore Star Trek: TNG. It was the first Star Trek show I ever really watched, and it still holds an extremely fond place in my heart now. I love how epic it feels. How positive and determined its message is and how good it makes me feel every time I watch it.

One of the main things I love about TNG is the relationship between Q and Picard. The progression of their dynamic is one of my favourite things, how they go from definite enemies to something close to friends, and I would be super keen on seeing more of it in whatever way you see fit.

Some ideas:

-Q has to remain human after Deja Q. How does he interact with Picard in light of this? How does it change canon events? What giant, convulated space adventures does Q get them into?
-I'm really interested in the idea of Q actually altering his gender/general appearence after Qpid, just to mess with Picard. I'm less interested in potential issue fic, and more interested in how this changes their interactions and whether Picard reluctantly starts to fall for Q despite himself.
-as I said above, I adore the development of their relationship over the series and would love to see more of it. Maybe Q keeps visiting after the finale? And maybe that weird kind of friendship between them develops into romantic tension?

Supergirl (TV 2015)
Characters: Kara Danvers, Maxwell Lord

I love Supergirl. I love how bright it is, how fun it is and how utterly unashamed it chooses to be. It’s another gloriously bright entry into the superhero genre, and I adore absolutely everything that it chooses to be. It really is a show that just makes me incredibly happy, and a show that has a lot of potential for a lot of really interesting fic.

I especially like the interactions between Kara and Max. I really enjoy the push and pull between them, how they contrast so wonderfully with each other. I'd love to see more of this contrast, with them being drawn to each other despite themselves and them being reluctantly forced to see each other’s good qualities. Kara is a ray of sunshine, and Maxwell Lord is a dick who still wants to help the world. I’d adore a deeper exploration of this dynamic between them, and I’d love to see how this changes both of them.

(As a side note: I'm not too much of a fan of Kara/James. I'm fine with him either not appearing or just turning up as a friend, but I'd prefer no romance with him!)

Some ideas:

-I'd again be interested in just reading more of their interactions! Max teasing Kara, Kara being completely unintimidated by Max, the two of them having to work together on something else... Honestly, I'd be thrilled with ANY canon-style interaction between them.
-Five times (or however many times) Max saved Kara or the World, and how this changed her opinion of him. I lile the moments where Max is reluctantly a decent human being, and I'd love to see more of them!
-Developing relationship fic. I do ship them, and if you feel that way too I'd be thrilled to receive a fic about their relationship developing from dislike to vague respect to an actual romance. And jf you want to include hate sex, I would not be against it! ;)