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Smutswap letter

Hello lovely Smutswap writer! I dithered over whether to sign up for this or not, but in the end the kinks on display were just too good to resist. If you've offered any combination of things on here then I'm sure we're going to get on famously. Try not to worry too much! I love smut, and as long as you steer clear of my squicks (and preferably my dislikes) I have an exceptionally high chance of loving what you offer me.

Some general points before we start...:

Fic Likes: Fusions (especially Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), genderswaps, badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), threesomes/moresomes, polyamory, the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, wingfic, huddling for warmth, sex pollen, first times, female characters, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters, issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anybody under 14 for this exchange), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up and infidelity.

And now onto the show! (Which will have some duplicate stuff from my sign up, if that's alright. Feel free to ask if you need any extra information, but hopefully I've gone into enough detail!)

Agent Carter (TV)
Ship(s) requested: Peggy Carter/Edwin Jarvis, peggy Carter/Anna Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis

Agent Carter was one of my favourite TV shows last year, and I've (thankfully) also found myself hugely enjoying it this year! I just love the whole tone of it - how it's an adventure series, with a strong feminist slant and a great historical feeling. I love how light it feels, how confident it is and how interestingly it presents the characters within it. The whole dynamic is really fascinating to me, and I would love to see more of it.

I really enjoy everything about Agent Carter, but I especially enjoy the relationship between Jarvis and Peggy. They just work so well together, respect each other completely and are quite obviously having a lot of fun. I'd love to see that dynamic transfer to sex, with or without Anna involved.

Prompts along kink lines:

Woman on top / Femdom / Honour Bondage - I love how Peggy is obviously the most competent one in their dynamic and I'd really enjoy seeing that extend to sex. Her ordering Jarvis to stay still while she rides him would be good. Or her being on top the first time, and them both enjoying it more than they thought they would. Or basically anything where Peggy is in charge and Jarvis loves it!

Or, for the threesome, Peggy and Anna ganging up to absolutely wreck Jarvis. That would also be good!

Adrenaline - I love how many adventures they have and I'd love to see some of that excitement spill over into sudden sex. Anything post mission where Peggy decides to take the edge off with Jarvis would be wonderful! Especially if it's in a less than sensible location.

Or, for the threesome, maybe something where Anna reaps the benefits of both of them being het up?

Open Relationships - I love Peggy/Jarvis, but infidelity is one of my squicks! I'd really enjoy something establishing an open relationship between Anna, Jarvis and Peggy - where they all have fun together and nobody gets hurt. I'm fine with it being a V arrangement (Anna and Peggy share Jarvis), or an outright threesome. And I'm also fine with seeing various sexual combinations between the three of them.

Multiple orgasms - you can't tell me that Jarvis wouldn't be exceptionally thorough. I'd love to see him giving Peggy, or Peggy and Anna!, multiple orgasms and really enjoying the hell out of himself while doing so.

Sex Pollen - Ah, a good old favourite. I think this could work really well in the world of Agent Carter, and I'd love to see Peggy and Jarvis stumbling across some sex pollen and just giving into their feelings for each other. Desperate and unrestrained banging with the both of them just letting loose? Yes, good.

DC Animated Universe
Ship(s) Requested: Harley Quinn/Wally West, Wally West/Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne/Harley Quinn, Bruce Wayne/Harley Quinn/Wally West

I love the DCAU, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I love pretty much every entry in the universe, but my favourite is still probably Batman: TAS. Every part of it is just so wonderfully done. I love the plots, I love the tone and I especially love the characters and the interactions between them.

I love these three characters most of all, and would accept every single possible pairing within them. I love how Wally is chaotic and how Bruce slowly comes to respect him and care for him. I love the bond between Harley and Bruce, and how Bruce has such sympathy for her and such a belief in her ability to be redeemed. I love the potential sweetness between Wally and Harley, how they could be really adorable together. And I especially love the idea of Wally and Harley ganging up on Bruce in a threesome setting!

Some prompts along kink lines:

Manhandling - all three of these people are incredibly athletic and I'd love to see that being used in a sexual context. Be it Harley and Bruce having extremely athletic sex in the Batcave, Harley demonstrating her bendiness with Wally or Bruce just picking up Wally and going for it!

Superpower sex - this really just applies to pairings involving Wally, but I'd love to see him use his superpowers in a sexual context. He can vibrate! I'd love to see him use that skill with either Wally or Harley.

Sharing a Bed - I'm mainly into these pairings for the potential sweetness involved, and I'd adore seeing bed sharing with any of them. Especially a cute and cuddly threesome of bed sharing and warmth!

Sharing Clothes - this is a similar thing to the bed sharing! Something cute would be lovely here. Where, against all odds, they trust each other enough to share clothes. Wally or Harley in Bruce's cape would be a bonus!

Scars - Bruce has a LOT of scars. I would love to see something where Wally and/or Harley appreciate them and gain a greater understanding of Bruce through that appreciation.

DC'S Legends of Tomorrow
Ship: Sara Lance/Kendra Saunders

I wasn't expecting to enjoy Legends of Tomorrow as much as I did, but then we actually watched it and OH MY GOD I ADORE IT. It just... Makes no sense? At all? And embraces its level of absurdity absolutely. It's joyously madcap, really captures the tone of some of the comics and contains so many characters that I really love. It's a hot mess of a show, and I adore it so much that I would be utterly thrilled with anything that you came up with.

I came out of the third episode shipping Sara/Kendra a LOT and so these are the two that I'm requesting for this. I love how similar they are, how much pent up rage and warrior drive is between them. I would adore seeing more of that extremely passionate dynamic in a sexual setting, with them working out some of their differences and reveling in their similarities.

Some prompts along kink lines:

Cunnilingus - I'd adore seeing Sara go down on Kendra and giving her a really good time. I get the impression that Kendra maybe hasn't had the most thoughtful partners before, and I'd be super into Sara showing her that's not always the case.

Adrenaline - post battle banging would be excellent. They're both warriors, and Sara teaching Kendra how to let off some steam would be great.

Manhandling - they're both really physical people, and I can see both of them wanting to show off in a sexual setting. Anything where they take full advantage of their training, and have absurdly bendy sex, would be great!

Biting - them both letting out the monster inside is something that I'd be really into. The both of them biting each other all over and desperately trying to cover it in the morning? Yes, good.

Wing Kink - I have a badly hidden wing kink and I'd love to see these two indulge it. Sara worshipping Kendra's wings or Kendra somehow using them during sex would both be good!

DCU (Comics)
Ship: Black Adam/Billy Batson

I got into DC comics properly last year, and I honestly cannot believe just how fun they are. The entire tone just appeals to me – incredibly serious things happen, but they’re generally treated so lightly that you can still enjoy them even through the trauma. I truly love all of them, but for this exchange I’ve decided to focus largely around the Shazam side of things. I've been reading a little more of them this year, and I really love the interesting contrast within them. Billy is a teenager (and sometimes a kid, but I'd prefer the teenager version for this exchange) who frequently wears the body of an adult man and fights crime. They've got a very bright tone overall, but with a very interesting potential for darkness.

One of the things that I love the most is the messed up potential between Billy and Black Adam. Billy is a teenager in the body of a grown man a lot of the time, and Black Adam is his main enemy but also one of the main figures of experience in his life. There's a lot of odd respect and tension there, and I would adore for it to be explored through the medium of porn.

Just a quick note: I'd prefer Shazam not to be a different soul sharing Billy's body, as he is in some comics. I like that explanation fine, but... Just not for this exchange, please?

Some prompts along kink lines!:

Age play - Billy is a teenager who is sometimes in an adult body and I'd love to see that played with a little. Maybe Black Adam taking notice of the moments Billy acts younger? Or only fucking Billy in his teenage body? Or having an attack of morals and refusing to fuck Billy until he's of age in all bodies? Any are good!

Age difference kink - Black Adam is as old as balls and Billy is not. I'd be really into something examining this, possibly something along the lines of Black Adam showing Billy some of the things he's learned over the years? Or something where Black Adam fucks Billy while Billy is in his teenage form!

Developing Relationship - something building on the idea of Black Adam having an attack of morals and refusing to fuck Billy until he's of age in all his bodies. I'd love to see the build up between them, their attempts (and failures) to resist each other.

Superpower Sex - this pairing has such rich possibilities for this kink! I'd love to see anything you think could be done with the superpowers involved. Be it sex when Billy is Shazam or exploring Billy's superstrength or something to do with flight or literally anything else.

Worship - I think this plays into the odd respect between them really well! I'd love to see something where Billy just completely lavishes attention on Black Adam's physicality and mind, or something where Black Adam fully appreciates Billy while he's in his teenage form!

First Time - I'm a sucker for first times between characters and I'd especially love to see it here. Maybe something where Billy wants his first time to be with Black Adam and waits for that, or the differences between the first time they fuck with Billy as Shazam and the first time they fuck with Billy as Billy?

MCU - Ant-Man (2015)
Ship requested: Hank Pym/Scott Lang

I came out of Ant-Man feeling that it was the best Marvel film of last year, and upon rewatching I'm glad to say that I had that impression confirmed. It's just a really feel-good type movie, and I love it for that. It's very fast moving, very funny and tends to strike the tone it was going for just about perfectly. It's not incredibly profound, but I still enjoyed myself a great deal and was really pleased to see a caper/heist movie done Marvel style.

A good part of why I loved this movie came from the interaction between Hank and Scott. Upon rewatching Ant-Man recently I was fascinated by how these two worked together. Hank is so grumpy and Scott is so bright, and they really seemed to rub together in a way that was good for both of them. I loved how they were so different, but I also loved their similarities and the way they eventually started caring for each other. They jived together in super interesting ways, and I'd really love to see more of that in a romantic and sexual sense!

Prompts along kink lines:

Age Difference Kink - I love the age difference in their relationship, and I'd really love to see how that would impact on things between them. Does Scott make awkward sugar daddy jokes? Does Hank take charge in bed? What does everyone else think of it?

Superpower sex - I think this technically counts as superpowers? It's the best one that fits, so! Anything involving the use of the suit and/or pym particles. There must be something kinky that can be done with them, and I'd love to see exactly what.

Teacher-Student Relationship - either something canon that builds off their mentor/mentee relationship developing into kinky educational sex, or an AU where Scott is a student looking to bang his science teacher. Both are good!

AU - demons / AU - priest - an AU where Scott is a demon come to tempt Hank who is a priest would be super fun. Blasphemous sex in a church! Feel free to make it as dirty bad wrong as possible.

Loyalty - Scott's loyalty to Hank really got me throughout the movie. I'd love something where that also translates to sexual loyalty, and eventually - despite Hank's hang ups - to love.

Star Trek: The Next Gen
Ship requested: Q/Jean-Luc Picard

I adore Star Trek: TNG. It was the first Star Trek show I ever really watched, and it still holds an extremely fond place in my heart now. I love how epic it feels. How positive and determined its message is and how good it makes me feel every time I watch it. I also, of course, love all the weird space stuff and how much of it could feed into really good porn.

One of the main things I love about TNG is the relationship between Q and Picard. The progression of their dynamic is one of my favourite things, how they go from definite enemies to something close to friends, and I would be super keen on seeing more of it in whatever way you see fit. I'd really like to see that relationship develop even further, to a sexual level perhaps involving both weird space stuff and Q's godlike powers. It's the best of both worlds, you know it's true.

Some prompts along kink lines:

Sex on the Astral Plane - I love things involving Q's godlike powers. Something involving him seducing Picard on the Astral plane and Picard being unimpressed but willing to go along woth him would be great.

Telepathic Sex - more stuff involving Q's godlike powers! Him teasing Picard while Picard tries to work, perhaps? Or long distance sex through telepathic bond? Or something else involving telepathy, anything would be good!

Meddling Gods - or anything else you can think of Q doing in a sexual context with his godlike powers! His abilities must be able to lead to truly mind blowing sex, how does Picard react to this?

Shapeshifting / genderswap / Unplanned pregnancy - I've grouped these together, but I'd really be fine with any of them. I'd prefer the unplanned pregnancy to be with a female Q, but anything else is fine!

So, yes, Q using his ability to shapeshift for sex. He can look like anybody, so does he try to seduce Picard using another face/gender at any point? He can also change genders, so does he use this to experience a whole new set of sexual pleasures? And does this experimentation lead to any unexpected results such as a baby?

Developing Relationship / Enemies to Lovers - as I said above, I adore the development of their relationship over the series and would love to see more of it in a sexual setting. Maybe they start having hate sex at some point and are surprised when it develops into an actual relationship? I'd love to see them working their way through it with lots of sex!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Ship Requested: Luke Skywalker/Kylo Ren

I wasn’t expecting to love TFA as much as I did, but then we saw it and it was AMAZING. I just adored how much it felt like Star Wars, how bright and positive and dedicated to fun it was. It took what could’ve been a quite dull and miserable reboot, and turned it into an excellently thought through work of brilliance. I love everything it chose to be, and am eagerly looking forward to the sequels.

...While shipping probably the most inappropriate pairing, of course. This isn't my normal "sort" of pairing, but I just find it so incredibly compelling. I was incredibly fascinated by Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens, and I've become really interested in the idea of Luke's involvement with his turn to the dark side. I'd love something exploring the potential dynamic between them, something that delves into both of their characters and how they relate to the force and the ties between them. I've described it as a "gut punch" of a pairing before now, and I'd be super keen to see anything porny and along those lines.

Some prompts along kink lines:

Telekinetic sex - force choking! I'd prefer it to be consensual, but otherwise I have no problem with either/both of them using the more physical aspect of the force to its full kinky capability.

Telepathic Sex - force sex, but in a different way. I love the idea of them linking telepathically, and using that telepathic bond for sexual purposes. Sharing images and emotions would be great!

Secret Relationships - what it says on the tin! Something about their forbidden attraction, maybe containing the both of them trying to resist it and failing so dramatically that it ends up causing all the problems in the movie.

Pining - sort of linking into the secret relationships part. Maybe Teenage Kylo/Ben pining obviously after Luke? Or adult Kylo still pining after Luke secretly? Both would be great.

First Time - linking into the past two! I'd love to see the first time between them. Be it the first time for both of them ever, the first time teenage Kylo throws himself at Luke (and Luke fails to resist) or some sort of post canon thing where they come together again and finally give in.

Healing Sex - I'm a sucker for redemption through love. Or, in this case, through sex. I'd love to see something where Kylo's love for Luke is the thing that redeems him and they bang with that in mind!

Supergirl (TV 2015)
Ship Requested: Kara Danvers/Maxwell Lord

I love Supergirl. I love how bright it is, how fun it is and how utterly unashamed it chooses to be. It’s another gloriously bright entry into the superhero genre, and I adore absolutely everything that it chooses to be. It really is a show that just makes me incredibly happy, and a show that has a lot of potential for a lot of gloriously hot fanfic.

Kara/Max is slightly inappropriate, but I love it. I really enjoy the push and pull between them, how they contrast so wonderfully with each other. I'd love to see more of this contrast in a sexy setting, with them being drawn to each other despite themselves and them being reluctantly forced to see each other’s good qualities. Kara is a ray of sunshine, and Maxwell Lord is a dick who still wants to help the world. I’d adore a deeper exploration of this dynamic between them, and I’d love to see how this changes both of them.

Some prompts along kink lines:

Wall Sex / Table Sex / Fucked Against a Window - I'm sorry if you nominated only one of these, but I'd honestly be cool with any one of them. I just want to see them desperately snapping and fucking in Max's office, be it against his window or against a wall or on his desk, and completely wrecking the place. Anything along those lines would be great!

Hate Sex - they obviously don't like each other and it's great. I'd like to see them taking their frustrations out on each other in a sexual way, rough and hot and immensely satisfying.

Developing Relationship - I'm aware that you don't have much time, but I'd love to see something where hate sex progresses to an almost functional relationship. Give me all the redeeming through sex! And I promise I will love it.

Unplanned Pregnancy - so, yes. I'd love to see something where Kara gets pregnant as a result of one of her encounters with Max and the fallout from this. How does Kara react to carrying another member of her species? How does Max react to having a half superpowered kid? How does everyone else react to the news? Gimme all the drama!

Woman on Top - I love their dynamic, but I'd love Kara to largely be in charge of it. I'd be very into her pinning Max down and riding him until they're both satisfied!

Vampire Babylon - Chris Marie Green
Ship(s) Requested: Dawn Madison/Claudius/Costin, Dawn Madison/Claudius

I looooooove this stupid kinky fandom. I'm not really expecting us to match on this one, but I just love everything about these books. They're high drama romance novels involving vampires, which should be something that attracts severe side eye, but they're just really enjoyable! Great worldbuilding, absolutely fantastic characters and so much room for porny interpretations. I'd definitely recommend them to anybody who likes vampires and villains And also trash.

The main pairings I ship in this series are Dawn/Claudius/Costin and Dawn/Claudius. I just really love the interplay between them, especially in the bits where Claudius is being kept prisoner by them. I love the darkness within Dawn, and the way that Claudius mirrors that. I love the complex relationship that Costin has with his vampire urges, and the way that neither Claudius or Dawn help out with that. And I love how all three of them obviously get off on pain, how none of them are really that pleased by the whole vampire thing but are still kind of kinkily drawn to it nonetheless.

Some prompts along kink lines:

Blood Kink / Blood Drinking / biting - the great cornerstone of all vampire fandoms! I love how much it's examined in the books, but I'd love to see more of it with Claudius involved! Dawn obviously finds it very satisfying, and I'd love to see Claudius and/or Costin indulging her.

Painplay - related to all the blood kinks, but slightly different. Both Dawn and Claudius canonically get off on pain, and I'd love to see them working through that together and maybe getting Costin involved along the way.

Femdom - Dawn is a wonderful character, and I'd love to see her taking charge in a sexual context. I'm fine with her bossing the both of them around, or just asserting herself with Claudius!

Sex with Prisoner - Claudius is a prisoner for a good chunk of the sixth book, and I'd love to see something involving that. Be it Dawn and him getting carried away, Costin coming down to reminisce and Claudius seducing him or the three of them together. I'd especially love more on the odd power dynamic where Claudius is both in charge and vulnerable!

Telekinetic Sex - I would've loved to see Dawn's mind powers being used more in a sexual sense. Maybe something where Dawn uses her mind powers to bind Claudius while they have sex?

The Wicked + The Divine
Ship requested: Baal/Inanna

I read these comics very quickly and just... Oh man, I loved them so much. I described them as "basically a religious experience" after I read them and I stand by that assessment. They're just so wonderfully complex. Beautifully drawn, with an amazing plot and really interesting characters who I can't stop caring about no matter how much it messes me up. I adored them utterly, and I think that - by their very nature - there is such a potential for porn there.

I ship pretty much all the pairings in this series, but my favourite one by quite a way is Baal/Inanna. UGH THESE TWO. Ugh in a totally good way, obviously, because these two really fucked me up and I loved it. I just really loved the interplay between them, the weight of emotion and possibility and so many things left unsaid. I'd love to see something set pre canon with them, or a fic where Inanna doesn't die and this results in sex.

Prompts along kink lines:

Blow Jobs - Baal going down on his knees for Inanna, and dealing with a slight crisis in masculinity/sexuality (because he's silly like that) while they both enjoy the hell out of themselves? YES PLEASE.

Comfort Sex - something post, not actually a spoiler because it's been about a year now, Inanna's death. Except he actually managed to avoid his death, and turns up on Baal's doorstep, and they have relieved sex. Feel free to go as fluffy as you want! I WILL EAT IT UP.

Foreplay - honestly, I'd love to see any kind of foreplay between them. Maybe with Baal being a little edgy at first, and Inanna calming him down with sex. Them having a fun time together would be excellent!

Lazy/Gentle Sex - more fluff! I see this being pre canon for them, but honestly I'd take anything. I just want to see Inanna soothing Baal's edges, and maybe them moving lazily together in the morning light.

Love potion/Spell / Sex Magic - I've grouped these together, but I'm honestly fine with an either/or type situation going on here. I just love the idea of their powers being used in a sexy way. Especially Inanna's whole deal, with Baal just getting totally carried away with appreciating Inanna's powers.

Meddling Gods / Religious Icons - another one that I've grouped together, but am beyond fine with being separated out. Mainly I just want something exploring their nature as gods, with them getting off on their divinity and being as blasphemous as you want them to be. I mean, seriously, go nuts there!