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Chocolatebox letter

Hello lovely writer! I am so glad to have you , and I’m sure you’re going to write something that I love. This year I’m trying to branch out into more exchanges, and I think this’ll be a lovely way to start. My letter is a tiny bit longer than I expected, but please don’t feel put off. As long as you avoid my squicks, and preferably my dislikes, there’s a high chance of me loving what you write!

So, let’s get started. First a few general points...

Fic Likes: Fusions (Preferably Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Daemon/A:TLA based), AUs of pretty much any kind (excepting slavefic and A/B/O), genderswaps, badasses in love, smut (my major kinks include biting, bloodplay, voices breaking in sex, talkative characters, anything oral, totally consensual rough sex, xeno, robosexuality and usually composed characters COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR COOL), threesomes/moresomes, polyamory, the entire Enemy Mine trope, fake relationships/fake marriages becoming real, wingfic (DON’T ASK ME WHY I LIKE WINGFIC), huddling for warmth, sex pollen (I also do not know why I like sex pollen), first times, female characters, fluff and badass action stuff.
Fic Dislikes: A/B/O, Slavefic, mpreg, anything scat/waterplay related, mind control, completely dismissing female characters, issuefic and unrequested incest.
Fic Squicks (as in: will almost certainly not read fic if it includes these): Rape/Non-con, bestiality, Severe underage (anything below the age of 15, anything above the age of 15 is fine), abuse (especially abuse presented as romantic), relationships being broken up to facilitate true love and infidelity.

And now onto the fandoms!

DCU (comics)
Edward Nygma/Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne/Dick Grayson

I got into DC comics properly this year, and I honestly cannot believe just how fun they are. The entire tone just appeals to me – incredibly serious things happen, but they’re generally treated so lightly that you can still enjoy them even through the trauma. I truly love all of them, but for this exchange I’ve decided to focus largely around the Batman comics and the pairings within them. With Batman I really like the contrast of them, how Bruce himself is quite a dark presence but how the world and characters around him range from highly cheerful to absolutely insane. I’d adore anything in that tone, quite frankly, and would also be alright with anything that gets into just how weird the world is.

Onto the pairings!:

Eddie Nygma/Bruce Wayne

Eddie is probably my favourite male rogue (in Gotham, at least). I just really love how his threat is based more on brains than brawn, how ridiculous he can be in the pursuit of crime and how he can be even more ridiculous away from crime. I also love these two as they interact together. I love how equal they are in an odd way, how they're both as smart as each other and really get each other's level of intelligence. I also love what impact they've had on each other, how Bruce is sharper thanks to Eddie and Eddie is covered in scars thanks to Bruce. I'd love something exploring the contrasts and similarities between them, and how exactly they'd work past those in a relationship.

Some prompt ideas:

-one of my favourite arcs in the comics is where Eddie is working as a private detective (Detective comics 822-824, 828, 837, 845). I’d love to see more exploration of this dynamic, be it something set at the time with Bruce begrudgingly coming to appreciate Eddie’s skills or something where they have to solve a crime together.
-In the most recent Batman annual we see that Eddie is absolutely covered in scars thanks to Bruce. I’d love to see something exploring that, be it them working past it as a couple or indulging in a bit of totally consensual scar kink.
-Something to do with the whole secret identity thing! Eddie meets and falls for Bruce, and then slowly starts to work out that he’s Batman. Bruce feels quite awkward about the whole thing.
-Porn. Both of them are quite pent up individuals, what happens when they both let loose? I’m quite into consensual rough sex, Eddie talking throughout and Bruce completely losing control for the first time in a while. I’d love to see what you could do with any of these elements.

Damian Wayne/Dick Grayson

This is one of my favourite relationships in comics, between two of my favourite characters. I just adore how Damian looks up to Dick so much and how Dick is so fond of Damian in return. I love how they work together, I love what they bring out of each other and I’d absolutely adore seeing those elements being expanded on.

The only thing I will note here is that severe underage is one of my squicks so I’d prefer if you avoided it. I know that may seem an odd request considering the characters involved, but I’d be a lot more comfortable if Damian was over the age of fifteen and if your fic was set slightly in the future. Thank you!

Some ideas:

-Damian realizes that he has a crush on Dick at some point in his teenage years. Being Damian, he of course decides to act upon this in the most determined way possible.
-Dick realizes, upon seeing that Damian has grown quite significantly, that his feelings for Damian aren’t exactly platonic. Being Dick, he panics about this and it takes Damian’s slightly exasperated intervention to make things end happily.
-Genderswap AU! Genderswapping is one of my favourite things, and I’d love to see it in any combination. Maybe Damian realizes he has a crush on his big sister instead? Maybe alwaysagirl!Damian and alwaysagirl!Dick get together with a great deal less emotional constipation? Maybe, although feel free to completely and utterly ignore this one, Dick accidentally gets a teenage alwaysagirl!Damian pregnant? I’d be beyond cool with any of those!
-Role reversal AU, where Damian is the oldest Robin and Dick is the youngest. How does this change things for them?

The Flash (TV 2014)
Mick Rory/Martin Stein/Ronnie Raymond, Mick Rory/Martin Stein, E2!harrison wells/Jay Garrick, Lisa Snart/Barry Allen

I love the Flash in all its ridiculously over the top glory. It’s like it looked at the grimdark tone of certain other superhero adaptations, and decided to be extra bright as a result. It’s really fun, really absorbing and actually kind of profound for a show that believes in wasting the absolute minimum of time on brooding. I truly adore it, and I also truly adore all the weird and wacky pairings that can come out of it!

Ronnie Raymond/Mick Rory/Martin Stein

Firestorm/Mick Rory! I accidentally fell into this ship after the fight club promo last year, and I'd love to see something exploring the potential between these three. I really like all of the characters, and am really interested in how they could all work together. On the surface they all seem quite different, Ronnie and Stein’s contrasts were explored in the show while Rory is a criminal obsessed with fire and so is quite different from the both of them, but I think they could all work really well together. They’re all quite intense, they’re all very driven and they all have links to fire. What else do you need in a ship!

I would, however, prefer it if you ignored the canon relationships here as infidelity is one of my squicks. I’m fine with Caitlin and Stein’s wife either being friends or just not appearing, but I’d prefer no actual infidelity!

Some ideas:

-Rory spots Firestorm flying around and falls instantly in love with them, which involves writing poetry and epic love declarations. How does everybody react to this sudden development? Is Ronnie amused? Is Stein oddly flattered? And how does it progress from there?
-Something that shows them actually building a surprisingly functional relationship. One of my favourite narrative tropes is characters that shouldn’t work together managing to actually jive together pretty well. How do they manage this, and how many hilarious road bumps are along the way?
-Porn. How does that work? Rory has a serious fire kink, and I’d live to see the other two indulging him and exploring exactly what they can do.

Martin Stein/Mick Rory

I love this pairing for the same reasons I love the pairing above, with the added bonus of wanting to see them work towards a largely functional relationship without firestorm involved. Stein is probably my favourite part of Firestorm, and I find Rory to be an absolute hoot. I’d love to see how their relationship dynamic alters without the more mediating influence of Ronnie, and I’d live to see something surprisingly functional emerge against all odds.

Again, please ignore canon pairings! Infidelity is one of my squicks, and I’d rather not encounter it. I’m fine with Stein’s canon wife either being just his friend, or not appearing.

Some ideas:

-I’d love to see the two of them commiserating over the loss of Ronnie, and thus the loss of Firestorm. How do they both feel about this? Does Stein find an unexpectedly understanding ear in Rory?
-Something where they build a surprisingly functional relationship even without Firestorm. Stein thought he was only in it for the flames, Rory shows himself to have surprising depth and sticks around. I have seen all of season 2 so far, so I’m fine with you either setting it before a new Firestorm is formed or having Rory decide that his relationship with Stein is more important than fire.
-Something exploring the similarities between the characters and how they’d get on. They’re both very intense and driven, how does that work between them?

Jay Garrick/E2!Harrison Wells

These two are such compelling, deep characters who hate each other so much and I love it. I love how bitter they are, how snarky and snappy and deeply focused they become when the other is on the screen. There’s a lot of depth to their interactions, a lot of things that go unsaid, and I’d love to see that really interesting dynamic explored at great length.

Some ideas:

-Something set pre-canon, when they’re still in their own universe. Does everybody there notice the sexual tension between them? Have either of them ever been tempted to act on it? I’d love to see a snippet (or more!) From that time!
-Something where they work past their differences to form a relationship. I’d like to see them communicating with each other, working past the bitterness and rage to reach a point where they can truly jive together.
-Failing those, hate sex. They loathe each other, but they’re both really good in bed. I’d live to see something where they both just go for it, and both end up really worn out and satisfied as a result.

Barry Allen/Lisa Snart

I really ship these two, and this was especially hammered home by the last episode she appeared in. There were a lot of looks exchanged and a lot of obvious chemistry, and I'd love to see that being built on. They’re both really fascinating characters, who interact and contrast in a number of interesting ways, and I’d be very interested in a fic that focuses on just how compelling they are as people and how compelling they could be together.

Some ideas:

-They’ve been secretly banging between episodes. In Family of Rogues a hell of a lot of very significant looks were exchanged, and I’d love to see something where they’ve secretly been meeting up and having incredibly hot sex ever since they met
-Something where Lisa keeps trying to seduce him. She’s obviously a very determined woman who knows what she wants, and I’d love her to decide that what she wants is Barry and set about cheerfully wooing him.
-They run into each other in a non superhero context and start building a relationship on that. I’d live Lisa to just be charmed by this utter dork, and Barry to start off just keeping an eye on her and eventually realize that she’s pretty damn charming. Gimme fluffy dating, people!

Supergirl (TV 2015)
Kara/Maxwell Lord, Kara/Cat Grant, Kara/Lucy Lane

I love Supergirl. I love how bright it is, how fun it is and how utterly unashamed it chooses to be. It’s another gloriously bright entry into the superhero genre, and I adore absolutely everything that it chooses to be. It really is a show that just makes me incredibly happy, and a show that has a lot of potential for a lot of gloriously hot fanfic.

Kara Danvers/Maxwell Lord

I'm so glad somebody else nominated this wonderful pairing! It's slightly inappropriate, but I love it. I really enjoy the push and pull between them, how they contrast so wonderfully with each other. I'd love to see more of this contrast in a shippy setting, with them being drawn to each other despite themselves and them being reluctantly forced to see each other’s good qualities. Kara is a ray of sunshine, and Maxwell Lord is a dick who still wants to help the world. I’d adore a deeper exploration of this dynamic between them, and I’d love to see how this changes both of them.

Some ideas:

-Max starts developing an attraction to Kara out of costume, and starts politely pursuing her. Kara is obviously a little reluctant about this, but as she spends more time in his orbit starts realizing his better qualities. I’d love something where they slowly build up to a place of unexpected respect.
-Supergirl unexpectedly inspires Max to be a better person. How do they both react to this sudden shift in circumstances?
-Hate sex. They have a hell of a lot of chemistry, and a hell of a lot of rage to burn off. I’d love to see a fic where that scene where she confronts him ends in a far more porny way. How explosive does it end up? How deeply satisfying is it for the both of them?

Kara Danvers/Cat Grant

This was my first pairing from this show, and I still really enjoy it. I love how Cat is terrifying but still obviously cares about Kara, and I love how Kara returns that affection. They’re both really compelling characters to me, and neither of them in a way that’s traditionally what a female character “should” be. I’d love to see more of that, alongside a deeper exploration of their dynamic.

Some ideas:

-As of the mid series finale Cat now definitely knows Kara’s secret identity. I’d love to see something exploring this, how they both react to it and how it changes their dynamic. Maybe something romantic starts to blossom as Kara realizes that Cat’s not actually going to out her?
-Something exploring how fiercely protective of each other they are. Kara is obviously super ready to defend Cat, but I’d love to see something where Cat returns the favour.
-Something using Kara’s superpowers. I’d love to see her take Cat flying at some point, and I’d also like to see how Cat responds to such a rush!

Kara Danvers/Lucy Lane

From the moment Lucy was introduced I loved her and Kara together more than James with either of them, and... That hasn’t really changed? I just think they could be really sweet together, and have a really interesting dynamic that I’d love to see. They’re both just really interesting people, and it’d be great to get inside their heads!

Please no infidelity, though! I’m totally cool with James appearing as just a friend, but I’d rather no cheating happened.

Some ideas:

-Something where they’re immediately attracted to each other and end up getting together instead would be sweet. I just love the idea of both of them immediately noticing a connection, and deciding to build on that.
-Any fluff at all would be great, really! I think these two could be really cute girlfriends, and I’d love to see them doing adorable dating and having a fun time together.
-Something where Lucy figures out that Kara is Supergirl. She’s an extremely smart woman, and I’d love to see her working it out for herself and deciding to keep Kara’s secret safe.

DC animated universe
Harley Quinn/Wally West, Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne

I love the DCAU, and still think that it’s pretty much the perfect adaptation. It’s just so wonderfully done. So bright and easy to watch, and yet still dealing with really dark subject matters in an absolutely excellent way. I love pretty much every entry in the universe, but my favourite is still probably Batman: TAS. Every part of it is just so wonderfully done. I love the plots, I love the tone and I especially love the characters and the interactions between them.

Warning: These prompts do all basically boil down to “Give Harley a nice time”.

Harley Quinn/Wally West

This is a slightly cracky pairing, but I absolutely adore it and feel that it has a lot of potential. I just want to see them being really bright together, bouncing off each other with such joy and having a really fun time. They’re just such wonderfully positive characters, and I adore the idea of them having a good time together.

Some ideas:

-Something that shows them getting together. I can imagine them meeting on opposite sides of a mission, and really getting on.
-Fluff. The main reason I love this pairing is because of how sweet it could be, and I’d love to see that explored. Maybe they go out on fun dates together, or spend time chasing squirrels in the park, or get kicked out of restaurants because they’ve been making too much mess. I’d love to see anything of the sort!
-Super optional prompt, but how do other people react to them? I can imagine the rest of the Justice League reacting in a variety of interesting ways! Especially Bruce...

Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne

One of my favourite episodes of Batman: TAS is Harley's Holiday, and that episode is the main reason why I ship this. I just think they could work really well together, she could bring light to his darkness and he could help her get back on her feet. I'd love to see something exploring this dynamic, and somethong where life becomes better for the both of them as a result.

Some ideas:

-Something where Harley actually rehabilitates after Harley's Holiday, and turns to Batman for help. I’d love to see the struggle towards redemption, and how Bruce helps her along the way.
-something where Harley starts dating Bruce Wayne first, and falls in love with him before she even realizes that he’s Batman. I’d love to see them working through at least some of their secrets, and for Harley to realize her inner heroism as a result.
-An AU where she falls for the Batman instead of the Joker. How does this change things, and how does Bruce react to having a genius gymnast on his side?

Kingsman: the Secret Service (2015)
Eggsy Unwin/Merlin

I watched this film fairly recently, and I really enjoyed it. It was so hilariously over the top, and yet so fun to watch and so well written. It was just really, really easy to get invested in it. And I loved how much it felt like an old fashioned spy movie, fun and glib and a complete rush of joy. I would love something that captured that adventurous tone, and the sheer joy of it, and I would love to see continued adventures in it.

Merlin/Eggsy Unwin

I came away from the movie really shipping these two, to my slight surprise. I just really love how stoic Merlin seems but how much he obviously cares underneath, and how Eggsy obviously gets through his defences. The thing is that they’re both really competent people, and I’d love to see their competence working together and pushing them to further heights.

Some ideas:

-Getting together fic! I’d love to see something post canon, where they mourn Harry together and keep saving the world and eventually progress into a romantic relationship.
-Something where they’ve already got together, and are navigating their developing relationship. I’d adore something sweet, that explores just what they see in each other and how well it works.
-Porn. I’d love something focusing on voice kink, where Eggsy really gets off on hearing Merlin’s voice in his ear on missions or even in a more private setting.

Doctor Who & related media
fifth doctor/vislor turlough

Vislor Turlough/Five

I don't generally ship too much in Doctor Who, but I'll cheerfully make an exception for this pair. I just really love the dynamic between them, how many layers of betrayal and forgiveness there are and how deeply they regard each other despite all that. I'd love to see something exploring their bond, and just how much it means to both of them.

Some ideas:

-Something set in the period where Turlough is working for the Black Guardian. I’d love something exploring all the layers of guilt, how he can be so very close to Five and yet having to plan horrible things at the same time
-Something after Turlough is freed, exploring how their relationship develops from that point onwards. Turlough has been lying for quite some time, what does that mean for their relationship and the way they relate to each other?
-Something about the attraction between them. I imagine them both being rather enthusiastic, if not so experienced. How do they work through this to reach a mutually satisfying conclusion for both of them?

Star Trek: TNG
Picard/Q, Data/Geordi

Star Trek: TNG epitomises pretty much exactly what I want in sci fi. It combines really interesting concepts with an absolutely wonderful tone. It’s just such an optimistic show, so bright and hopeful and absolutely convinced of the good of the universe. It handles serious topics, by god does it handle serious topics, but does them in such a way that it still feels very fun to watch. It really does sum up my tastes in sci fi extremely well, and I’d love to see more of it.


I love the building relationship between these two, how they start off definite enemies and end up as something close to affectionate. I also really adore the contrast between them, how Picard is generally serious and responsible and Q is generally mischievous and fun and how they both bring different sides out of each other. I'd love to see something exploring the way they work together, and exploring how their relationship has developed.

Some ideas:

-Something where Picard messes with Q. As their relationship develops we see a lot more push and pull between them, and I’d love to see something along those lines where Picard trolls Q instead.
-Something where they’re in an established relationship but hiding it. Picard’s crew obviously disapprove of Q quite a lot. I’d love to see something where he’s got to the point where he can date Q, but still wants to hide it from the others.
-Something exploring the implications of sex with a godlike being. I’d imagine it’d be super kinky in a variety of interesting ways. The weirder the better!


These two are so interesting and compelling, they're best friends and fiercely loyal to each other and probably understand each other the best in the universe. I'd love something exploring how comfortable they are together, how they have possibly the closest bond on the ship and feel such affection for each other despite everything in the way.

Some ideas:

-Fluff! Honestly, I’d be thrilled to receive absolutely anything fluffy with them. I’d love them to just have a lovely day together, or a lovely date, or even a lovely shore leave!
-Something that shows them getting together. How does it happen? Who makes the first move? How does their first date go?
-Established relationship fic. How do they negotiate being in a relationship in Starfleet? How do they work together, and how does that change any of the episodes?

Red Dwarf

I’ve loved Red Dwarf since the first time I saw it, and if you’ve offered it I’m sure you know why. It’s just so much fun, excellent sci fi with so much humour in it that it’s never anything less than a joy to watch. I love the sheer joy of it, the weirdness and the sharp humour and the warm affection for the subject matter contained within it. I’d love to see something that makes me feel even half as good as the canon for this.

Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer

This is another one where I really love the development of their relationship, from antagonistic roommates to what basically amounts to an old married couple. I'd love to see them at any point in this arc - be it the first time they realise they have feelings for each other to the first time they have sex to the point where they've been a couple for years and are completely comfortable with each other.

Some ideas:

-Them realizing that they have romantic feelings for each other for the first time. I imagine that neither of them would react well to the realization, but how exactly does it happen and how badly DO they both react.
-What is their first time like? I imagine it being after Rimmer gains hard light, and I’d like to see something desperate and inadvertently kinky.
-Established relationship fic around the time of the last series. They’ve known each other for so many years by that point, and I’d like to see them also having been in a relationship for that many years. Something sweet and slightly grumpy, like an old married couple!


Babylon 5
G’Kar/Londo Mollari, na’toth/Vir Cotto, Lennier/Michael Garibaldi

Babylon 5 is an excellent show and I’d be thrilled to get anything set in its universe. I love how dark and interesting it is, how many terrible things happen and how truly epic it all feels. Despite that, I also love how optimistic it can be – how it doesn’t deny that terrible things happen, but places a focus on working through those things and building a better future. I love how pragmatically bright it is, and I’d love to see anything along those lines.

G'Kar/Londo Mollari

These two basically stamp on my emotions constantly and I love it. I just adore how much history there is between them, how they keep fucking each other over in terrible ways and yet still can't pull themselves away. I'd love anything set before the end of the series with these two, and anything that gets into just how complicated their relationship is.

Some ideas:

-Something set during series 3. Where they’re at the high (/low) point of absolutely hating each other and screwing each other over on a regular basis, but still can’t help but be drawn to each other.
-Something where they realise that they’re absolutely in love with each other despite everything, and do not react well to this revelation.
-Good old hate sex! They absolutely loathe each other (or at least claim that they do), and so the sex is absolutely incredible. I’d love to see them really going for it, and having a great time as a result.

Vir Cotto/Na'Toth
I may well be the only person in the universe who ships this, but hope springs eternal! I love these two characters and think they could be really interesting together. I love how Vir is basically a fluffy bunny, and Na'Toth is basically one of the most badass beings in the universe. I'd love to see how a romantic relationship could work between them, and whether that’d change anything in canon.

Some ideas:

-Vir trying to woo Na’Toth. I imagine her being extremely amused by this, but still kind of flattered. An unexpectedly sweet romance would be great!
-Na’Toth trying to woo Vir. In this case I can imagine him being slightly terrified, because Na’Toth is amazing but terrifying, but kind of intrigued. I’d love to see something growing between them!
-An AU where she's not on Narn when the bombs fall, and how they build a relationship in the aftermath of that.

Michael Garibaldi/Lennier

I started shipping this largely to amuse myself, and ended up shipping it totally seriously. I just think they're both really compelling characters who would be super interesting with each other. They’re both fiercely loyal characters who want to do the right thing, but both have their own problems with authority. I’d live to see an exploration of their similarities and differences in a romantic setting!

Some ideas:

-Something exploring how their reactions to Sheridan bring them closer together. I love Sheridan myself, but both Lennier and Garibaldi push back against him in interesting ways. I’d love something set season 4, where they bond over/discuss their opinions.
-an AU where they're the couple that bridge the divide between the humans and the Minbari. How does Garibaldi respond to all the rituals? How does Lennier respond to the challenges from the Minbari? How do they grow together over the course of the series?
-a nice bit of fluff where they have an absolutely lovely day and nothing goes wrong! Fluff is always my go to, and I’d love to see something where these two have a very nice day where absolutely nothing goes wrong!

Star Wars (movies)
Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker

I wasn’t expecting to love TFA, but then we saw it and it was AMAZING. I just adored how much it felt like Star Wars, how bright and positive and dedicated to fun it was. It took what could’ve been a quite dull and miserable reboot, and turned it into an excellently thought through work of brilliance. I love everything it chose to be, and am eagerly looking forward to the sequel.

...While shipping probably the most inappropriate pairing, of course.

Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker

I saw this in the tagset and have honestly not been able to stop thinking about it since. It's not my normal type of pairing, but it's just so compelling! It'd also explain so much of the TFA, why Kylo turned to the dark side so desperately and why Luke is so guilt ridden. I'd love something exploring the background of this dynamic in the hazy space of pre-canon, and showing just how they got where they were in the movie.

Just as a note: I’d prefer Kylo Ren to be over 15, and for anything that happens to be fully consensual. Thank you!

Some ideas:

-Kylo tries to seduce Luke before he turns to the dark side. Luke reluctantly resists him, but accidentally drives him further down the path to darkness.
-Kylo tries to seduce Luke before he turns to the dark side, and Succeeds. Luke, ridden with guilt, accidentally drives him to the dark side.
-More positively... Luke and Kylo meet for the first time in years post TFA, and despite the inappropriateness of the bond between them it may well be the key to turning Kylo back to the light side.

I hope you have fun, and thank you in advance! :D