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Hi guys! I haven’t really checked LJ that much over the holidays, the last ten days of December are historically busy for me and since we were visiting my family this year they were EXTRA busy, but I think I’ve caught up with all my outstanding comments now and so am ready to get back to business! Or fannishness, which probably seems more accurate when you think about it.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good one! This year was pretty excellent for me, on both a RL and fannish front. I got several excellent presents, including the Injustice comics from P, and a grand total of FIVE Yuletide fics. I’m probably not going to sum up the presents, unless people REALLY want to see me blather on about the toy penguin that P also got me, but expect a post showing off my Yuletide gifts tomorrow. And then a post of general recs unrelated to me. And then a post summing up all the fics I wrote, after the author reveals have passed.


…Ahem, yes, but now it is time to get back to the actual purpose of this post! For day 29 of the December talking meme endeni asked for my Favorite Doctor Who companion(s) (and why)?

Doctor Who is probably my favourite show of all time, and a large part of that is due to the companions. They’re all really well written and really interesting characters, and I love seeing their adventures through time and space. Possibly more than they enjoy having them, for some of those on the list.

For reasons of easy reading I’ve decided to limit this to my top five companions, so I don’t go through every companion Besides Adric and state all the reasons I love them can you actually love Adric, though, he did kill all of the dinosaurs. This list will also be largely comprised of Classic Who companions, because they’re AWESOME.

5. Evelyn Smythe

Evelyn is from the audios and is a companion of the Sixth Doctor there, AND I LOVE HER. As anybody who has watched Six’s era will know, Colin Baker was an amazing actor hampered by… Literally everything else around him. The audios go a long way towards fixing this, and a big part of how wonderful they are is Evelyn. She is EXACTLY the kind of companion that Six needs, and is done to perfection. She’s a grumpy history professor in her fifties, and is firm and thoughtful and just fits in perfectly into the whole thing.

I’d definitely recommend finding her audios and giving them a listen. And then listening to the rest of the audios. Six’s era is still possibly the worst era of Doctor Who on TV though don’t ask me my opinions on RTD’s era, because they disagree violently with the majority of fandom, but that has nothing to do with the actors involved – in the audios, with the help of actually thought through plots and companions, Six and co are truly allowed to shine.

4. Donna Noble

Donna is my favourite New Series companion, hands down, and one of my favourite companions. I have my problems with Ten do not rant about RTD, do not rant about RTD but with Donna he transformed into a character that I actually liked, and the entirety of season 4 was amazing as a result. I just loved how ballsy she was, how firm and determined and constantly resolved to do the right thing. She was wonderfully played, an absolute joy to watch and the only problem I have with her is that she needed a better ending. In an ideal world she’s running around the universe in her own TARDIS, solving problems and going on adventures. She certainly deserves it, after all.

3. Vislor Turlough

Obviously the secret theme of this list is redheads, oops…?

We rewatched Turlough’s first story a few days back, and I was struck by how much I love him. The thing is that Turlough is a jerk, an utter and complete bastard who is a joy to watch. He goes through so many transformations in his time with the Doctor, going from the prisoner of the Black Guardian to a genuinely heroic character, and yet remains so himself throughout that you’ve got to love him. He’s wonderfully played, extremely well written and my favourite companion from Five’s era. I just feel that they contrast and work so well together - Five is a bright eyed idealist with an old and weary edge, while Turlough is a sarcastic jerk who deep down still wants to believe in the good of the universe. He’s probably the most morally complex character on this list, and I desperately wish there were more companions like him.

2. Jamie

Jamie! I love Jamie so much. So, SO much. He’s just such an endearing character, for COMPLETELY different reasons than Turlough. He’s wide eyed and slightly innocent, and so good that you can’t help but love him. He works so well with Two, the both of them jiving together in possibly the best way that a companion and doctor have ever jived. I just find him a really sweet, really interesting character who is an absolute joy to watch. He doesn’t have too much depth to him, but he’s just a wonderfully feel good character who reminds me of exactly why I love Doctor Who every time I see him.

1.Romana II

I love both of the Romanas (ALL of the Romanas), but Romana II is my favourite of all companions and will probably never be knocked off her perch. She’s just my favourite character in Doctor Who, and one of my favourite characters ever. She’s a wonderfully stylish time lady, who definitely knows better than the Doctor but is still willing to run around and have fun with him. She’s smart, funny and truly lights up every single episode that she’s in. She works excellently with Four though let’s not discuss RL there, and together they provide probably my favourite doctor-companion dynamic of all time. I just love her! And love the stories that she’s in, and secretly long for her return once more.

…So, from that list you can probably see that I love the unconventional companions best. Yay! ^^ Please give me another alien companion next time, Doctor Who, please. I’ve been good!


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Dec. 29th, 2015 01:15 pm (UTC)
OMG, Evelyn Smythe is AWESOME. Donna! Donna is AMAZING!
/and the only problem I have with her is that she needed a better ending. In an ideal world she’s running around the universe in her own TARDIS, solving problems and going on adventures./ - That's why we have fic, though! *g*
But, yes, Romana is my absolute favorite too. ;)
/and secretly long for her return once more./ - Oh, yes, tell me about it... <3

Edited at 2015-12-29 01:16 pm (UTC)
Dec. 30th, 2015 10:08 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you agree! And I totally agree with all your reasons for liking Donna. She is truly the most amazing and also the best. :D
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