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For day 17 of the December talking meme megan_moonlight asked me for my top 5 favourite crossover pairings

I don’t generally tend to ship that many crossover pairings, unfortunately. I mean, I can definitely see why people would ship them – and definitely support that – but for some reason I rarely do it myself. I suppose it’s because my favourite type of crossovers tend towards fusions instead, the type of universe where characters are transplanted over into a different canon. I don’t think I tend to read or write many actual crossovers.

Saying that, though, I do definitely have some crossover pairings! Some of these are more friendships than ships, but I’d still very much love to see them meet and have a fun time.

5. Illya Kuryakin (Man from UNCLE) + Bruce Wayne (DC comics)

I think these two would get on like a house on fire (people screaming, possessions destroyed, smoke everywhere…) and I’d really love to see it. They both have a lot in common, grumpy as hell people who try to appear stoic but who actually feel things incredibly deeply, and I’d love to see them explore that in detail. I don’t ship them, I feel that they’re too alike, but their friendship could be quite something.

4. Steph Brown (DC Comics)/Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

I think these two would be absolutely ADORABLE together and I’d love to see it. They’re both really bouncy, really cheerful and I’d love to see the friendship they have in the comics be adapted onto the screen. These two together would just be a concentration of joy and positivity, and I really would be super into seeing them fighting crime and kicking butt and just generally being incredibly sweet in most ways.

3. Steph Brown (DC comics)/Kate Bishop (Marvel Comics)

Steph and Kate are another two that I’d really like to see meet up. They’re both absolutely adorable, but I actually think that they’d really get on beyond that. They’ve got roughly the same sense of humour, have both faced horrible things and are both really determined to do the right thing in the scheme of the universe. I just think that they’d be really lovely and interesting together, and I’d love to see them fight crime and then get waffles afterwards.

2. Kara Danvers (Supergirl) + Barry Allen (The Flash (TV))

This is another one that I don’t really ship, again because I think that they’re too similar, but I’d still really love them to meet. They’re both really interesting kinds of heroes, both very bright and determined and not defined solely by their tragedies. I’d really love to see them meet up and exchange heroing tips, or meet up and gossip, or meet up and punch bad guys together, or… Anything, really. They’re both incredibly lovely people, and I’d like to see them combine that loveliness for great justice.

1. John Stewart (Justice League Cartoon)/Sam Wilson (MCU)

This, however, is probably my favourite pairing. I’d never really thought of it until a few months back, but now that I am thinking of it I find the whole thing really enjoyable. They’re both really interesting characters, and I think that together they’d bring the best out of each other. I just feel that it could be a really, really interesting dynamic – and it’s one that I’d like to see explored a lot further.


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Dec. 18th, 2015 07:12 pm (UTC)
For a long time I couldn't get into crossovers overall, and then, one day, some ships just... appeared, and I couldn't help liking them. I didn't see most of them coming. Sam/John is definitely one of those ships! There's so much potential there :)
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