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For day 6 of the December talking me megan_moonlight asked How did you get into comic books?


I actually only got into comic books very recently, although I’ve been trying to get into them since I was very young. I remember being about 5-6 or so and reading an X-men comic? But my mum basically told me that that was far too expensive a hobby to get into, and there were actually no comic book shops in all the towns I lived in as a kid so it was very hard to get into.

The start of me properly getting into it probably came when the Marvel films started being released regularly. The first one I properly saw in the cinema was the Avengers, but I enjoyed that so much that afterwards I immediately insisted on going back and watching all the films that came before it. I still didn’t actually get into comic books then, but it was definitely a resurgence of interest in the whole superheroes thing and I started watching Marvel films in the cinema from that point on.

This interest kicked into high gear when I met P, my partner, and we started discussing our common interests. A rich bonding ground was how much we loved Superheroes, and when he discovered that I’d never actually watched any of the DCAU universe – mainly because I was living in the Netherlands for the period where most of them were coming out, and so had no access to them – he immediately sat me down and made me start watching through them. And I LOVED them. We’ve now rewatched/watched all of them in the space of a year, and they were so good that they triggered a growing of the interest into an obsession.

Which is what got me into actual comic books themselves. I’d started posting DCAU prompts on Comment_Fic, and had met a few good friends – who may be reading this! Hey! – through that. They were quite into DC comics, and encouraged by this – and regular conversations with P about JUST HOW COOL superheroes are – I finally took the plunge and got a comixology account about halfway through this year. And from there… Well, the plunge was kind of swift. <<

I got my Comixology account in late June (I think?) and since then I’ve read about 300 comics on there. I’ve incredibly enjoyed the vast majority of them, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I’d done a lot of reading up before, so I already knew the universe pretty well, but… Reading them is a slightly different experience, and SUCH a fun one. I’d probably be a little wary of it if you don’t have a regular paycheck coming in, but if you do I would DEFINITELY recommend it.

…So, yes, that is how I got into comics! :D

The December talking meme is still open over here, and has a few free slots!


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Dec. 8th, 2015 06:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks for answering the question :)
MCU is a bit responsible for getting me into some comic books as well, though I have been reading some even before the first films. When I was younger I watched every superhero-related cartoon I could find and I like them since then.
Dec. 9th, 2015 10:18 am (UTC)
They are rather addictive! :D
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