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1. I've read 18 books so far this year and out of those I'd say that at least half of them have had at least one LGBT character. Even more surprisingly, in a gratifying way, most of these books have been historical fiction. They weren't main characters, except in one absolutely wonderful case, but it's still a nice change to see and I'm glad that it's becoming a lot more common. Obviously the place to go if you want actual representation is the historical fiction market!

...Of course, being me, I have already written shameless porn (here and here) and fluff (here) for them, and three other bits of porn that'll hopefully get typed up one day. BUT THAT IS JUST ME~! (The slightly sad thing is that, for once, I'm actually pretty proud of all of them and they have an audience that probably consists of me and maybe one other person boredly browsing the internet one day. But ah well, I suppose that's always the way these things go.)

2. In further shipping news Daredevil hasn't even started yet and I'm already shipping what is probably (that isn't true, this is the internet) most inappropriate pairing from it. Hopefully my shipping sense will hold up and I'll continue shipping it when we've actually watched it, as opposed to wincing back from the screen in a mixture of pain and shame.

3. I should be editing my dissertation, but it is taking a lot of effort to motivate myself. They don't actually expect me to care at this point, right...?

4. Anxiety is still acting up a little bit, but is a lot better than the last time I posted about it. The lovely weather is helping a lot, I think, as is university finally being over. The people around me have also helped a hell of a lot: I'm very lucky to have such a lovely SO and family, and such awesome friends. Aaaaaand that sounds a bit boastful, but I don't mean it to be. And, if I do, I mainly mean it in the direction of the anxiety - if that many awesome people love/like me I can't be quite as terrible as it thinks I am. And that's important to remember.


5. To back up the awesomeness of my friends: last night I won a feminist argument on facebook, and immediately got several messages of congratulations from them. YEAH BOY.

(The guy who I was arguing with, with the help of one of my friends thankfully, actually posted the line "What kind of troubles do you face that men don't? AND DON'T GIVE THAT VICTIMIZATION BULLSHIT". He also kept spelling ideas as "idea's". It was HILARIOUS, and would've been a good deal more hilarious if men like him actually weren't the main problem.)


7. There is no number 7. I just like the number 7, it looks good to end on.