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Meme P2

...And now for the second half of this meme! (In between essay writing. GODDAMMIT SHAKESPEARE.)

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

The Characters (I still have fifteen fandoms, apparently! The DCAU hasn't eaten me alive!):

1. Damian Wayne (DCU)
2. Lois Lane (Superman: TAS)
3. Harley Quinn (Batman: TAS)
4. Leonard Snart (The Flash (TV))
5. Peggy Carter (Avengers Movieverse/Agent Carter)
6. Skye (Agents of SHIELD)
7. Data (Star Trek: TNG)
8. Helen (The Iliad – Homer)
9. Dave Lister (Red Dwarf)
10. Wally West/The Flash (Justice League Cartoon)
11. Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare)
12. Loki (Avengers Movieverse)
13. Archie (Pokemon: ORAS)
14. Liz Shaw (Classic Who)
15. Katara (Avatar: TLA)

The Answers:

From classics_lover

How did 3 (Harley Quinn) and 5 (Peggy Carter) meet and do they like or hate each other?

Oh, erm, man. This puzzled me for quite a while, because they’re from vastly different time periods AND I SHOULD’VE PROBABLY TAKEN THIS MORE INTO ACCOUNT. But… Then I came up with the idea of Harley breaking into Peggy’s care home one day by accident, so let’s roll with that. Harley accidentally climbs in Peggy’s window, they get to talking (“I’ve climbed out of a few windows in my day, young lady”) and it all rolls from there. ^^

And, you know, I imagine they actually get along quite well. Peggy’s mellowed with age a bit, so she finds Harley more adorable than annoying. And Harley finds all the stories her new old lady friend tells so interesting, it’d just be a crime to kill her! So, yes. It all rolls quite nicely on from there. ^^

Who would win a fight 14 (Liz Shaw) or 2 (Lois Lane)?

OH MAN. I imagine this wouldn’t be a physical fight, because both of them are(/pretend to be) too refined for that sort of thing. But I can totally imagine them arguing each other to a stalemate over purely intellectual problems, and then glaring for a bit, and then pretending to call a truce and going for coffee, and then glaring a bit more.


What would 7 (Data) do if the Zombie Apocalypse hit?

I imagine that his first comment would be “this is highly illogical”. And then he’d probably be all Data-like and roll with it. He wouldn’t be able to be infected, after all, so he’d be great at battering loads of zombies to death. And he’d be the perfect guard for all the humans left alive around him! Really, everybody should have a Data in case of zombie apocalypse. It would go great. ^^

From lost_spook

In a classic house party scenario, 15 (Katara) has been murdered! 3 (Harley Quinn) and 8 (Helen of Troy) are on the trail of the killer, 7 (Data). Why & how did 7 do it, and will 3 & 8 catch up with them?

Oh no! I like to think that this is all a horrible misunderstanding, and Data and Katara actually went to get ice cream instead. But then Harley and Helen, being rather dramatic creatures, decided that Data had actually murdered poor Katara – and went after them without thinking twice about it!

I imagine that it all turns out alright in the end, though. They catch up to Data and Katara, and there’s an awful lot of yelling but then Data manages to explain things logically and they all go to get ice cream. And all have a jolly good time, of course.

(On another note, both the Data + Katara and Harley + Helen match-ups amuse me more than I can say. They both work so well! In very different ways…)

10 (Wally West) and 12 (Loki) go on a blind date. How does it go?

TERRIBLY. So terribly. So terribly that I’m having trouble describing how terribly it’d actually go. I’m pretty sure that people would end up DEAD. I mean, Loki would kill somebody to try and terrify Wally into NOT BLOODY TALKING and Wally would then have to reveal himself as a superhero and… Really, this was just a bad idea all around!

I’m not sure who set it up in the first place. Whoever did should probably be fired.

1 (Damian Wayne), 6 (Skye) and 9 (Dave Lister) face the zombie apocalypse. Are they doomed, or are the zombies?

I think, due to the combined efforts of Damian and Skye, they very narrowly pull through. It is close, though. Lister (DAMMIT LISTER) keeps getting them almost killed with his smell, for one thing. And they all probably try to kill each other multiple times. Neither Skye or Damian get along with Lister AT ALL, and Skye and Damian probably rub against each other the wrong way too! It’s all a bit fraught, really.

But, hey, they all survive in the end! And Damian only tries to feed Lister to a zombie ONCE after they get to safety…

From daria234

11 (Beatrice) and 13 (Archie) are close friends and/or lovers but due to circumstances they become enemies. Would either of them try to reconcile if they both feel betrayed? If yes, who would make the first move? Would one or both of them give up their mission if it were necessary to save the other's life?

This… Is actually less cracky than it may seem at first glance. Because, you know, I actually think that they’d get along fairly well! And then offend each other horribly, and then become TERRIBLE ENEMIES and snark violently at each other every time they meet!

(Plus, you know Beatrice would be an awesome Pokemon trainer. Her team would DESTROY everything. It’d be excellent. She’d possibly specialize in Dragons, with one fairy because FUCK YOU!)

…Ahem, anyway, back to the actual question! Archie would probably want to reconcile, at least secretly, but Beatrice would very sulkily refuse to speak to him. That is! Until the world is almost destroyed, probably because SOMEBODY decided to fuck with the environment again, and they’re forced to work together to stop it. And then Archie saves Beatrice’s life, Beatrice begrudgingly forgives him and they go back to being caustic best friends. Easy! ^^

(And Beatrice easily destroys Archie’s team every single time they battle. Because seriously Archie? SERIOUSLY?)

1 (Damian) and 8 (Helen) are in a relationship. What does 8 do in public that always embarrasses 1?


But, again, I think this is actually less cracky than it seems at first glance! I think, in fact, that they’d actually get on quite well and be quite a good couple with only a little attempted murder involved! So, yes. But I think the thing that CONSTANTLY annoys Damian is how touchy-feely Helen is in public. Damian wants to be all businesslike and GET PLACES and Helen just wants to amble along and make out in inappropriate places. It’s just infuriating, really!

(Helen doesn’t actually give that much of a shit about public displays of affection, by the way. She’s just doing it because she KNOWS that it turns Damian murderous, and my Helen is forever and always a troll.)

From likewinning

4 (Leonard Snart) and 15 (Katara) go on a roadtrip. Who drives? Whose music is the most annoying to deal with? Where are they going?

HAH! Oh god, worst roadtrip ever. XD

Erm. I imagine that Snart drives, because he actually knows how to, and Katara quite cheerfully takes shotgun. This cheer lasts through the first hour, when she tries to engage Snart in conversation, and abruptly comes to an end when she realizes that they’re pretty much polar opposites designed to destroy each other. She tries to play music for the next hour, quite nice music really, but also gives up on that when Snart starts looking at her. They complete the rest of the journey in stony silence, only pausing occasionally to glare at each other.

…Which is unfortunate, really, because I imagine that the only place they could be going is the South Pole. To visit family there, and other such things. Several weeks of silence are passed in each other’s company. When they finally get there, they’re GLAD to never see each other again.

8 (Helen) and 14 (Liz) are the only two survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Their base of operations is an old karaoke bar, so when they're not killing the undead they spend a lot of time getting drunk and playing with the karaoke machine. How long does it take them to start fooling around?

Oh, man, another pairing that would go weirdly well! Um. I imagine both Helen and Liz are quite good at surviving the zombie apocalypse, since they’re both very practical and both quite smart. I think it’s also a mixture of those two traits that leads them to start fooling around about after a month. Helen is bored, Liz thinks that having a lesbian experience before her inevitable death isn’t a bad thing. It goes quite happily from there, really!

From dracothelizard

1 (Damian) vs 3 (Harley) vs 5 (Peggy) vs 7 (Data) in the Eurovision Song Contest! What countries do they represent? What kind of songs do they perform? Do they get a lot of points? Which of the other characters do they a duet with or are back-up dancers?

OH MAN. I’d say worst Eurovision ever. But, you know. (Most hilarious Eurovision ever? MAYBE.)

Damian is part of a rock band, the Dead Robins, and competes under… I don’t know, Azerbaijan? Bhutan? Some country that is actually a front for his grandfather’s evil machinations? Needless to say, he hates every minute of it. This adds to his performance to a surprising degree.

Harley is a solo act, competing for… Let’s say Finland, I like Finland. Her song is super, SUPER poppy. I mean, like, take Europop and times it by A THOUSAND. She loves the entire experience, and everybody loves her as a result. Even if she DOES insist upon having her hyenas on stage for most of her performance.

Peggy is another solo act, competing for England. She’s singing a slow ballad, with elements of swing to it. No, she doesn’t really know why she’s there.

Data is part of a two man band with Geordi, called The Perceivers. They’re competing for France, because why not? Their music is very electronic. But, unfortunately, not performed all that well. Data tries, but he’s held back by the simple fact that he’s DATA.

And as for how they do… Damian and Peggy remove themselves from proceedings before the voting, despite outrage from the rest of Damian’s band (especially Steph, the guitarist, who was having an EXCELLENT TIME THANK YOU VERY MUCH). Data (and Geordi) unfortunately come rather low down the rankings, but take it philosophically and decide to get back to the Enterprise as soon as possible. Harley wins, because OF COURSE Harley wins. And so ends this absurdly long answer.

2 (Lois) and 4 (Snart) go on a blind date. What do they think of each other?

Yet another thing that sounds like COMPLETE CRACK, but that could actually go rather well! They’re both rather smart, rather interesting and Slytherins down to the BONE. I imagine they have quite a nice time, talking about a range of subjects and occasionally bitching about the spandex-clad superheroes in their lives.

It doesn’t go any further romantically, of course, but they try to keep in touch. When Clark hears that Lois has an exclusive from Captain Cold he almost falls out of his chair.

6 (Skye) and 8 (Helen) are crimesolving partners like Watson and Holmes. How well do they work together? Which one of the other numbers is the murder victim, and whodunnit?

I have to say, there is a lot of Helen being forced to solve crime in this meme and I’m not entirely sure it’s the right decision. I mean, I love Helen – but somehow I don’t think the solving of crime is really one of her strengths.

But, yes, anyhow. I think Skye and Helen get along well together, but don’t necessarily work well together. They probably spend most of their time getting drunk and making out over the case files, really. The most puzzling case they have is the one where Loki turns up murdered, but it soon turns out that he murdered himself (and, more than that, is not actually dead) and so they can soon get back to their usual pattern. Their usual happy, drunken pattern.

9 (Lister) is the president of a fanclub of a book/TV show/movie/band whatever. What are they so incredibly fannish about and how batshit are they about it?

Lister doesn’t tell anybody, but he is SERIOUSLY into zero-g kick-boxing. Not just in a watching way, but in a fannish way. He was a BNF in the days before the whole Red Dwarf disaster, posting sizzlingly hot RPF that won him fame in many corners, and even afterwards he still writes fanfiction for himself and mourns the old days.

When Rimmer finds out he laughs so hard that he almost falls through the ship and into outer space. Lister doesn’t talk to him for three months afterwards.

10 (Wally) is a supervillain, 11 (Beatrice) is a superhero. What are their superpowers, what is 10's evil plan and how does 11 foil it?

OH MAN. This is the wrong way around, I love Beatrice but she’d make an EXCELLENT supervillain, but is also really cool. I SHALL TAKE IT!

Wally still has his super speed, of course. Beatrice… Well, I’m inclined to say that she has powers of vocal manipulation – can use her voice to control people, and other such things. Wally’s evil plan is probably a very nice sort of evil plan, robbing a lot of rich people so he can give ice cream to the poor or something like that. Beatrice doesn’t REALLY want to stop him, but does so by making sarcastic comments at him until he folds up and pleads for mercy. They then go to get ice cream together!

12 (Loki) and 13 (Archie) become the Doctor's companion. Which Doctor do they travel with, where/when do they go, and what kind of adventures do they have?



Well, erm, considering that combination of characters – yay supervillains! – I’d say the only doctor they COULD be travelling with is Seven. Because Seven, of course, has a plot that requires both of them to be in the same place at the same time. Despite this obvious manipulation, Loki figures it out within the first few seconds and points it out to Archie a few months later, they actually all have a rather good time together. They run around lots of ice planets, and stuff! And Loki keeps adopting vicious aliens as his children! And they eat ice cream!

…And then Seven puts his plot into motion, of course, and everything goes tits up with explosions. But oh well, fun!

14 (Liz) and 15 (Katara) decide to bake a cake. How does this go? Is the cake edible? Do things explode?

Considering the two people involved, who are probably the two most sensible people on this list, this would be a very excellent and very logical cake. They make it perfectly, adhering to the recipe at every point, and have a thoroughly good time. Afterwards they drink tea, and agree to do it again. It’s all rather civilised, really!

(In the background, The Brig and Aang are a little more puzzled by each other. But then Zuko takes them on a life changing field trip, so all is well!)



Mar. 10th, 2015 01:20 am (UTC)
LOL these are so hilarious.

LOLOLOL at Helen just trolling Damien, that is great :)

And Badass!Beatrice!

And Peggy with her line about windows :)