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Meme number two!

Oh, man, I know I already posted a meme today but I REALLY LIKE this one and I've missed it due to being busy the last few times it's come around. So, indulge a girl?

I have 176 works archived at AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 175 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.


In other news, not added to the last post, I'm considering learning to icon if only so I can get some animated series icons of Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves and Lois Lane. And also shippy icons of Lois/Mercy. And also icons of Captain Cold/Leonard Snart. And also icons of Leonard Snart/Barry Allen.

Considering that I have the artistic prowess of a drunken flea this may well not happen, but I shall keep you posted.



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Mar. 4th, 2015 03:46 pm (UTC)
100 please?
Mar. 4th, 2015 07:46 pm (UTC)
Number 100 is True Love, the Niki Lauda/James Hunt fic I wrote pretty much immediately after seeing Rush in the cinema! I always meant to write more, but haven't actually rewatched the movie since. Oops. <<

1. The title. I generally quite like my titles, insofar as they're generally lyrics plucked from a thematically relevant song, but I think I got it especially right on this one. I mean, the whole song just screams them! ^^

(Plus, it means that I get that song in my head every time I venture down that way. Always a plus! :D)

2. I decided, before I even sat down to write this fic, that it'd have no kissing in it. I'm quite pleased that I stuck to that, and also pleased that it turned out quite well! There's no making out, but you still get quite a nice sense of the intimacy between them I think. And I'm proud of that.

3. The sex! Several years later, and this still contains one of my favourite sex scenes. I did pretty much exactly what I wanted with it, and I think it still holds up as a result.

Any others? :D
Mar. 4th, 2015 04:47 pm (UTC)
Mar. 4th, 2015 07:55 pm (UTC)
16 is Puttin' on Lotion! / Sittin' by the Ocean! And is a DCU fic about the Dead Robins Club on a desert island.

1. The title! This was one of the rare instances where I came up with the title before the fic, and I still think it's pretty much perfect tone wise.

(It comes from Adventure Time, btw. Which is pretty much the crack user show ever, and so worth taking cues from!)

2. The character voices. This was the first time I'd written Steph or Jason properly, or Damian - but he barely appears,and so I was pretty nervous about getting them. But I think they turned out pretty well! And I certainly had fun with them. ^^

3. The humour. Comedy is really hard to write for me, as it is for most people, but I actually think that I managed it well here. People seemed amused by it, at least, which is all I can really ask for! :D

Any other numbers? :)
Mar. 5th, 2015 01:47 am (UTC)
2 & 132 :*
Mar. 5th, 2015 10:22 am (UTC)
Is Catch Me if You Can, the giant AU that I somehow ended up writing where Leonard Snart(/Captain Cold) is a grumpy detective and Barry Allen is a hyperactive Robin Hood type figure. It's been a week or so now since I finished writing it, and I'm still slightly surprised that it exists. <<

1. The title! I KEEP SAYING THE TITLE FOR THESE THINGS, but yes. My SO has been playing Saints Row IV lately, and the title is from one of my favourite songs used there. And I think that it fits quite well!

2. The length. I was slightly worried, back in January, that my brain had set itself to "about 1000 words" and would refuse to write anything longer than that. GUESS I WAS WRONG~.

3. How I portrayed the relationships. And this doesn't just mean the romantic one. Mainly I was pleased with how I wrote Snart and his sister. I love ridiculous sibling relationships, where they fight all the time but obviously get along underneath, and I think I got it just about right in this. So, yay! :D
Mar. 6th, 2015 01:12 am (UTC)
Re: 2!
Ooh, that sounds really interesting! I definitely have to get more into Barry-era Flash fandom, lol. I'm all about Wally West usually. :3
Mar. 6th, 2015 09:18 am (UTC)
Re: 2!
Oh, man, I'd definitely recommend getting into The Flash! It's a really great show, and tends to manage exactly the right amount of comic weirdness. :DDD

(It has Gorilla Grodd treated seriously! GORILLA GRODD!)
Mar. 5th, 2015 10:39 am (UTC)
Is That Endless, Fatal Sleep. A fic I wrote for HC_Bingo a few years ago. It basically contains Persephone and Eurydice having a good chat, because apparently my main desire for a lot of characters is to have them sit down and discuss things at ridiculous lengths.


1. The title. Again, I know. I can't quite remember where it's from, but I think it's one of my prettiest titles and I'm fond of it for that alone.

2. I think I got my view of Persephone's character about right here. In that she's quite happy with her life, but there's that old wistfulness there that she can't quite get rid of.

3. And, for that matter, I quite like the tone. It's not angsty, but is quietly wistful and sad in a way that I quite like. Because I love the Hades/Persephone myth to death, even after all these years, but I still wince a little when it's presented as a happy love story with the wicked mother to overcome. It's a lot more complicated than that, and that's its strength.

(Plus, Demeter is my homegirl. STOP BEING MEAN TO DEMETER!)
Mar. 6th, 2015 01:14 am (UTC)
Re: 132!
I LOVE THE PERSEPHONE MYTH, THERE IS SO MUCH TO IT AND SO MUCH POTENTIAL TO WORK WITH IT. <3___<3 also I love that you're fond of your titles because titles are my MORTAL ENEMY and I legit won't post stuff to a03 for months sometimes because I don't feel like figuring out titles. :3
Mar. 6th, 2015 09:22 am (UTC)
Re: 132!
I KNOW, RIGHT? Ah, man. I mean, I love Greek Myth in general but Persephone has always been among my favourites. I mean, like, seriously I can rant about her for AGES. ^^

Most of my titles are just random song lyrics that I think fit, so I'm somewhat surprised that they generally seem to turn out fairly well several months later. Because mainly it is just random throwing of things at other things until they stick. <<
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