Dorey (doreyg) wrote,

Trope_Bingo Card!


I completed a bingo on my first Trope_Bingo card! You can find all the fic I wrote, although I think most of you have already seen them, over here! I posted the links to them over at Dreamwidth, for some reason. I blame my university - they seemingly had nothing to do with it, but most things are their fault really.

To remedy this, though, I'm posting my second card over here! (Well, under the cut. But, y'know):

au: coffee shop curtainfic au: steampunk presumed dead au: hooker/porn/stripper
au: cop/detective celebratory kiss huddle for warmth au: neighbors virgin!fic/secretly a virgin
fusion day at the beach WILD CARD - (Role Reversal) genderswap food porn
truth or dare in vino veritas/drunkfic cross-dressing forced to marry telepathy/mindmeld
kidfic kiss to save the day game night soul bonding/soulmates accidental marriage

I went for the original set of prompts this time, which seems to have a wider set of things that I actually know what to do with. So, if anybody wants to see anything please tell me! I am always up for the ridiculous use of tropes, oh yes. ^^
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