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Yuletide 2013 letter

Hello lovely potential author person! I’m pretty sure that if you’ve matched with me on any of these then we’re going to get along SWIMMINGLY. So, really, don’t worry! I’ve wanted fic for all of these fandoms for pretty much forever so to get any would lead to happy spinning and head exploding. Whatever you do will be pretty great, in my eyes.

Things I Like: Two characters having a deep and profound bond, dialogue, multiple relationships (EG: foursomes, or character A dating both B and C and all three being alright with it), badassery, female characters being awesome, rivals discovering that they’re not so different, porn, gen, complex sibling relationships, extended scenes, AUs, happy endings, friendships, rivals to lovers, friends to lovers, slow builds, appropriate darkness and humour.
Things I don’t like: Non-con, dubcon, character bashing, slut-shaming, unequal relationships, manipulation within relationships, abuse (be it mental, physical or sexual) and female characters being completely sidelined.


Die Hard (1988)
Characters: John McClane, Hans Gubler

I only saw Die Hard for the first time this year and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. But there is, like, no fic of the actual movie itself. Which makes me a little sad, because SO MUCH OF THE AWESOME.

But, yes, John McClane and Gubler were my two favourite characters in this movie and so I'd love something focusing on them. Two ideas: an extended scene in the middle of the movie (you know, when they meet and smoke and size each other up) OR an AU after the movie, where Gubler survives and McClane ends up visiting him and they end up talking with each other an awful lot. Or neither of those things, really! I have found literally no fic with Gubler so anything you do involving his and McClane's complicated and interesting relationship is likely to win favour with me.

(And if you'd feel comfortable with writing a shippy fic for them that'd only be a bonus. But feel no pressure! Any fic is happy fic, really. ^^)

…My prompts for this year are apparently a lot longer than my prompts for last year. Huh.

Anyway, what I’d really like here is fic exploring McClane and Gubler’s relationship. My favourite scene in the film is where they get to meet, and so more of that would be absolute marvellous. The main things that I can think of is an extended version of that scene (where they meet and talk and maybe go further), or an AU after the film where Gubler narrowly survives his fall and McClane visits him in the hospital afterwards. Or, if you like neither of those ideas, you can go for something completely different! As long as it involves those two I’ll be perfectly happy. ^^

(As I’ve said above: I’d really adore shippy fic of these two, but I’m alright if your mind doesn’t go that way. I just think that their characters work really well together and actually have a fair amount in common, and so it’d be rather interesting to explore what exactly could happen between them if they weren’t on opposite sides of the hijacking of a building.)

As a final note: Holly isn’t on my list of characters in the prompt, but I’d love it if she was at least mentioned. There’s no need for her and John to get back together, they might even work better as friends who enjoy poking at each other, but I do really like her character and would quite like for her to make at least a brief appearance. Because yay, awesome lady! ^^


The Spanish Tragedy - Thomas Kyd
Characters: Villuppo (The Spanish Tragedy) Alexandro (The Spanish Tragedy)

The Spanish Tragedy is pretty much one of my favourite plays, like, ever. It's just so dark! And almost hysterical! And yet fully willing to embrace both of those things in a way that is AWESOME. Seriously, pretty much everything about it is brilliant. It is savage in the most perfect way possible.

The two characters that I'm interested in are Villuppo and Alexandro, the two main characters in the Portuguese subplot. I always felt like they have BACKSTORY, you know? That their motivations are a lot more complicated than money and pure nobility. I almost got the impression of complicated ex's from them at some points, and so anything exploring that would be absolutely wonderful!

Heh, minor character time!

Villuppo and Alexandro appear in about three scenes (with no connection to the main plot), but I love them. I feel like there’s so much more there than what is presented, and that things are a hell of a lot more complicated than Villuppo’s assertion that “But for reward and hope to be preferr’d / Thus have I shamelessly hazarded his life” (Act III, Scene I). I mean, why would Alexandro “[Seem to entreat]” (act III, Scene I) for a guy who basically tried to kill him otherwise!

So, yes, personally I read them as ex’s who had a very complicated break-up, or two people in the midst of a very complicated break-up, or two people that have a sort of thing being steadily destroyed by Villuppo’s various problems. I’d absolutely love to see something exploring the complicated nature of this, and was mainly thinking of something set before the play explaining just how things got to that state.

...Or, you know, not that. Really, I’d be happy with an exploration of their complicated relationship set at any time! ^^


Ripper Street
Characters: Bennet Drake, Homer Jackson

Ripper Street was legitimately one of my favourite shows of this year. It was really dark and yet also kind of trashy and yet legitimately good TV ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I liked pretty much every single character in it, and also shipped pretty much every single character too. I've always been a multi-shipper, but this show showed me just how far it stretched!

My favourite two characters were Bennet Drake and Homer Jackson, and so that's pretty much my favourite ship too. Drake is just so sweet! With his ex-army roots and his puppy dog eyes and hidden depths and ALL OF THE THINGS. And Jackson is possibly my favourite type of character - the sarcastic badass with hidden depths and a secret heart of gold buried deep down (deep deep DEEP down).

I'd really like fic examining their growing relationship. From downright enemies to sniping acquaintances to sort-of friends to... Maybe more? I'd probably prefer a relationship fic, but if your mind doesn't take you in that direction then I won't mind too much. What I mainly want is a fic just examining THEM, in all their rough and sarcastic glory. ^^

Yay, Ripper Street! This show was legitimately one of my favourite things about last year, and I am SO pleased that it’s coming back. I love pretty much every character in it, and am so looking forward to seeing where they go next.

But, yes, as I’ve said above my two favourite characters are Bennet Drake and Homer Jackson. I just love them both so much! And am really, really interested in their relationship. ^^ There’s some fic of them, but nowhere near enough for my ravenous tastes. Because they start off as enemies! And then sort of respect each other! And then end up not trusting each other but sort of accepting each other in a really lovely way!

What I’d really, REALLY love is a slow-building fic examining the expansion of their relationship. From enemies to rivals to sort-of friends to eventual more (if you’re alright with that, of course). I’d be happy if it was set in series one or after it, and I’m totally cool if you choose to go with either the shippy or gen angle. I do ship them to an absurd amount, yes, but if you’re more comfortable writing about them slowly learning how to be civil to each other I’m also cool with that. Whatever works for you!

One thing that I’m really keen on, though, is their relationships with other people. I haven’t listed anybody else in the character fields, but I’d be alright with you adding in pretty much anybody. Want Reid to appear and be his usual flaily self? I’m cool with that! Want Drake to still be brooding on what happened with Madoc Faulkner? Excellent and shiny! Want Dick Hobbs to be adorable and TOTALLY ALIVE in the background? More than yay!

The only thing that I’d insist upon, really, is remembering the importance of female characters to their lives. Drake is still in love with Rose, after all, and Jackson is still having his complicated relationship with Long Susan. There’s no need to include any active shipping of them, as such, but I’d still love for them to be at least briefly included. They are awesome, after all! And deserve pretty much all of the shiny things.


Wallander Series - Henning Mankell
Characters: Karl "Kalle" Svedberg (Mankell)

Svedberg is pretty much my favourite character in whatever adaptation of Wallander I come across. He's just so kind, and smart, and willing to do absolutely anything for the people that he cares for. And yet the universe is so mean to him! In all of the ways! Which is just cruel and strange and makes my heart hurt, really (even if it does happen to pretty much every character in Wallander. Because happiness is an alien concept in Ystad).

What I'd really like, then, is just fic focusing around Svedberg. Fic about anything, really, as long as it focuses on Svedberg! I suppose that I'd prefer an AU where he gets a happy ending of some sort - but, really, I'd probably be equally happy with something that sticks to canon (even if I praise it through hysterical tears)!

Some ideas (so I'm not just saddling you with ANYTHING IS GREAT AND ALSO RAINBOWS): Svedberg has a perfectly lovely day where he gets ice-cream and cuddles and possibly a unicorn, Svedberg survives One Step Behind and has to deal with the fallout, Svedberg accepts that Wallander is never going to love him and finds some measure of happiness on his own, Svedberg and Ann-Britt have happy friendship bonding times, Svedberg accepts that Wallander is never going to love him and finds some measure of happiness with Martinsson, Svedberg finds that Wallander may actually be willing to love him and ends up in a very happy relationship, Svedberg gets into a happy and stable threesome with Martinsson and Wallander.

...Or, really, none of those. Anything that occurs to you as long as it involves Svedberg! ^^

…Basically the above. I love Svedberg with a passion that borders on the worrying, so anything focusing on him is likely to win my approval. I just love how sweet he is, how determined and just and totally willing to work at being a good cop no matter what life dumps on him. He’s most definitely my favourite character in the series, and I’m tearing up even THINKING about what happened to him.

So, yes, my absolute ideal would be a fic about Svedberg being happy in some way. I’d also probably be happy with a heartbreaking fic, BUT THE MAN DESERVES AT LEAST SOME HAPPINESS DAMMIT! Even if it’s just for a day, a totally shiny and wonderful day. Though hopefully for longer, a lifetime if at all possible. A fic where he survives the events of One Step Behind and ends up happier because of it would probably make me propose marriage, to be honest.

I ship Svedberg with pretty much anybody, so feel free to add in any ships you want. My favourites are probably Svedberg/Wallander, Svedberg/Martinsson or Svedberg/Wallander/Martinsson. I’m also very fond of friendshippy fic with Ann-Britt, though. And am totally willing to accept gen! So, yeah, pretty much anything! Anything as long as Svedberg is happy! ^^

...Yeah, the amount of passion is definitely worrying.


Welcome to the Punch (2013)
Characters: Jacob Sternwood, Max Lewinsky

I enjoyed Welcome to the Punch a thoroughly surprising amount. It had its faults, yes, but it was a legitimately good film with legitimately great acting and wonderful characters to boot. A thoroughly enjoyable thing!

I'm a sucker for nemesis relationships (especially when they end up working together) and so I'd especially like fic involving Sternwood and Lewinsky. I firmly believe that Sternwood came back to bust Lewinsky out at the end of the film, so I'd be thrilled to receive anything involving that! Sternwood and Lewinsky on the run across Europe? Sternwood and Lewinsky dealing with the emotional aftermath of the movie? Sternwood and Lewinsky discovering their similarities and learning to be at least a little bit happy again? Anything along those lines would be great!

I'd like shippy fic, but I'm also alright with pre-slash and gen. As long as it examines their bond it's good by me!

I expected Welcome to the Punch to be a reasonably enjoyable action film (which it was, don’t get me wrong), but I was most certainly not expecting the amount of feelings that it gave me. The main two characters were just so endearing! And the bond between them was just so interesting! And the end of the film left so many avenues open for the both of them!

As you may have guessed, what I’d most like is fic after the film. My only real requirement is that Sternwood comes back to break Lewinsky out, but after that it’s pretty much up to you. I can see them roadtripping across Europe and dealing with their issues along the way, I can see them trying to take down the corruption and learning that they’re actually not that different in the process, I can see them both dealing with events and learning to be at least slightly happy again. As long as they’re together, I’m pretty much alright with anything!

(And I’m so glad that we get more than four slots this year. Because, seriously, my heart would’ve SHATTERED if I hadn’t been able to request more fic for this film. So much more is needed!)


2 Guns (2013)
Characters: Robert "Bobby" Trench, Michael "Stig" Stigman


Seriously, I am SO thrilled about that. 2 Guns was a film that had a few flaws, but was so enjoyable that you didn't really mind. The buddy cop relationship at the center actually WORKED for once, and it was BRILLIANT. I'd happily watch another few hours of them bouncing off each other, and wouldn't even be tired by the end of it.

So, yes, what I'd LOVE is something post-film. Where they're basically road-tripping across the USA, taking down the CIA and being rather badass while they're about it. Their relationship was most definitely my favourite thing about the movie, so lots of focus on that would be great. Again, no need for shipping - but a focus on their bond would be an absolutely wonderful thing.

...I'd also be fairly interested in a genderswap involving them, but you can ignore that if that's not your type of thing. Their bond would be the same no matter what gender they were, it'd just be really interesting to see two badass ladies going across America and getting things done!


…Er, yes. ^^ 2 Guns was nothing profound, but contained one of the best onscreen partnerships that I’ve ever seen. These two just had buckets of chemistry, and were an absolute pleasure to watch. If they ever decide to do a sequel (which looks at least a little likely, judging by the end of the film) I am going to be right there for them and them alone.

I’d mainly like a fic set post movie, as they roadtrip around the US defeating the bad guys. I got the impression that there are so many adventures left to be had, and I’d really like to see some of those and how they both deal with them. The film showed, quite clearly, that they both work better together – so something examining that would be an absolute joy to see.

Another thing that’d be a joy to see is some sort of genderswap. I’d absolutely love to see two badass ladies, with an equally profound bond, travelling the US and getting shit done. I mean, how would it change things? Would it change anything? Would they figure out their feelings a bit sooner and jump each other like they obviously wanted to for the entire movie? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN? :DDD …Though, obviously, there’s absolutely no need to do that if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. I, personally, adore genderswap – but I’m well aware that some people are really squicked by it. Just write whatever makes you feel comfortable! I’m sure that I’ll adore it no matter what you do. ^^

My only stipulation is that I’d like Deb Rees to at least be mentioned briefly. The movie screwed her over a fair bit, and I’d like her importance to Bobby to at least be acknowledged.




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I'm the calendar keeper at comment_fic and some time ago you signed up to host a week. That week is coming up. I would have messaged this to you, but your privacy settings don't allow for that.

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