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Yuletide letter II!

It's Yuletide time again! :DDD My second go this year, after the BRILLIANT FUN that was last year, and I'm so excited to get started! Just a note: if you have matched with me on any of my fandoms, or even multiple fandoms, I am likely to love what you give me no matter what - thank you for giving up your time to make me something absolutely awesome! <3333

Things I Like: female characters - badasses or otherwise, dialogue, female characters having dialogue, multiple relationships (EG: foursomes, or character A dating both B and C and all three being alright with it), multiple dynamics, big casts, healthy relationships, adorable relationships, giggly secret relationships, humour, deathbed visions of lost loved ones, sarcasm, historical allusions, appropriate darkness, appropriate happiness, NC-17, PG-13 aaand gen!
Things I don't like: Darkness for the sake of darkness, noncon, dubcon, beastiality, female characters being completely sidelined, character bashing, loving relationships being completely disregarded, jealousy, any reference to a disability being a "curse" or negative thing and fics entirely without dialogue

Onto the fandoms! :DDD

Olympics RPF
Usain Bolt is, arguably, the face of the Olympics just as Oscar Pistorius, again arguably, is the face of the Paralympics. So something on the pressures surrounding that? Or something on the pressures surrounding them both generally? Or... Just something about them doing anything, really, I'm quite easy as long as it involves both of them (possibly together, being adorable and awesome and HOT)!

A lot of what I want is above, actually (wow, I've managed to be concise for once)!: pretty much everybody in the world knows who Usain Bolt is, and pretty much everybody also knows who Oscar Pistorius is after this year. How on earth do they both deal with the pressures of being so well known? How do they get any awesome training done under all that pressure? How do they manage their awesome, adorable, giggly and sexy relationship with all of that thrown in?

(Heh, yes, I would rather like a relationship!Fic here. I was thinking about them this summer and I accidentally made myself ship them hardcore. XDDD

Demonata series - Darren Shan
Basically: what happens to them after the book ten? After the universe restarts it's pretty much stated that they're going to be the only four people(/demons) capable of conversation for at least a few billion years, and even after that they'll be the only ones who know what happened before! So, yes, something on that: how do they cope being stuck together after the end of book ten? Do any unexpected friendships spring up? What do they do to pass the time?

(Things ending up in a foursome situation is, of course, optional but entirely welcome~.)

Again (Again! THIS LEVEL OF PREPARATION FEELS WEIRD), pretty much everything is above: I've wanted a fic about what happens after book 10 ever since it came out so I would be thrilled to get ANYTHING, seriously. Do Bec and Lord Loss accidentally become friends over chess? Do Lord Loss and Kernel end up bonding over Art/Artery at some point? Does Loss ever develop into a slightly nicer demon? Does Grubbs ever end up forgiving or coming to an understanding with Lord Loss? Do they all eventually settle into a fairly happy foursome? Seriously, ANYTHING!

(Er... Though the foursome is entirely optional, of course. I'd like it, but I know how weird I am. <<)

14th Century CE RPF
Something focusing on Mary and Anne's view of the messed-up relationship between Henry and Richard would be absolutely perfect here, preferably with extra added Mary and Anne being more awesome than anybody else combined

Ah, something less detailed! I was getting worried. <<

I'd really, really like something focusing on the women in that period: Anne and Mary, the loyal wives and fascinating people in their own right. What's their view on the total car crash that is Richard and Henry's relationship? Are they supportive? Resigned? Slightly miserable (in a non-jealous way)? Do they end up protecting them from the other people at court? Do they end up having happy tea parties together while the world keeps being horrible outside?

I'd prefer for both of them to know exactly what's going on, because they were both smart women and HENRY AND RICHARD WERE A VERY OBVIOUS TRAINWRECK. And... I suppose I'd also rather like it to be focused largely on Mary, since I LOVE Mary and she barely has any fic. :( I'd also rather like, if possible, for there to be some sort of warm relationship between Anne and Mary: not necessarily a romantic one (though, if you feel you can make it work, go nuts!), but one of mutual respect and understanding that they both love their husbands even when they're being completely stupid.

(Um, yes, ships wise (though I'd mainly prefer a focus on Mary and Anne being awesome together): Richard/Henry is pretty much implied, but I'd also love rather loving Mary/Henry and Anne/Richard to be included - I'm a firm believer that they did both adore their husbands (and were adored by them in turn), so happy marriages for both of them would be great, thanks! :DD)

Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
My favourite character, since about my second watching of Arsenic and Old Lace, is Dr. Einstein and I'd absolutely love anything about him. How did he get to America? How did he fall in with Johnny? What happened in those long years he spent with Johnny? What happens to him after the film ends? (Does he, perhaps, end up meeting Mortimer again and being mildly inappropriate with another Brewster brother?) I really would love absolutely anything!

...Heh, back to what it says on the tin again! Anything about Doctor Herman Einstein would be great. I'd prefer something pre or post movie, I love the movie and feel that it covered all the ground that could be covered, but really I'd be great with ANYTHING!

(I've included Johnny and Mortimer in my requests, because I ship both of them with Einstein ahem, but feel free to not ship them with anybody at all (though I'd love at least a nod to how close Einstein and Johnny seem, and the appearence of any Einstein/Mortimer would make me flail through my Christmas tree with happiness) or only have them make the briefest cameo. And also feel free to add in any other characters from you may wish! The only vital thing, in my eyes, is that Einstein has a big role in it. ^^)

So, yes, thank you for reading my ramblings! And I look forward to your fic, I'm sure that it'll be absolutely and completely brilliant and I hope that you'll have fun writing it. ^^