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And ended up seriously wanting Richard III/Elizabeth Woodville hate!sex, yes. << Which I thought was a severely warped and weird idea that should probably be kept to myself... UNTIL THEY SUDDENLY MADE OUT AT THE END IN A REALLY VIOLENT AND ANGRY AND YET FAIRLY SEXY WAY!

So, erm, yes, I feel a bit less guilty about wanting/wanting to write ALL THE FIC now. Because if the production ships it then it can't be wrong! It still feels a bit wrong. But I'm really, really in love with the idea of them both knowing that they completely loathe each other and so neither of them holding back at all and so might accidentally end up requesting it for Yuletide or writing it for myself and... YES. <<

Other than my weird shipping preferences...! OH MY GOD, SO GOOD. We had groundling tickets, and so my back started to KILL by the second act, BUT IT WAS SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! We could see all the action, every bit, and could even hear it when they whispered to each other! (Which, to their credit, was completely in character. The bits that I caught involved battle positions and stuff, which was cool.) A few of the actors looked at us a few times, and we saw them putting on their clothes in the little porch bit and IT WAS SO PERFECT EEEEEE~.

The star of the show, undoubtedly, was Rylance. People have told me how he's capable of owning the stage before (well, angevin2 <333), but you really have to SEE it to believe just HOW capable of owning it he is. He was absolutely amazing, I couldn't look away from him for a single moment when he was on stage. He went for quite a comedy interpretation, a bluff and buffoon-like Richard if you will, but still somehow managed to be both terrifying and brilliantly compelling with it. And, as I think I've said before, it was just the little DETAILS that made it - there was one moment with the young princes, for example, where he snapped from jovial and endearing to dark and terrifying in an INSTANT and then switched right back to jovial the second after that. He was AMAZING. <3333

Samuel Barnett, the one playing Elizabeth, was also damn well amazing. It was an all-male production, so obviously he was playing a girl, and he really did get it down perfectly - to the point where I kept accidentally referring to him as a 'she' after the performance. He was also absolutely amazing with the little details, to the point where I actually blessed the gods whenever he and Rylance stood close enough together so I could watch both Rylance and Barnett's eyebrow movements. And, I have to say, he was HEARTBREAKING after the young princes were murdered - shaking and defiant and yet obviously on the point of just collapsing into tears. And his final scene, where s/he's denying Richard his/her daughter's hand, was just BRILLIANT: The snarled insults! The way s/he isn't fooled for a moment! The KISS (yes, I am fixated, hush)! The sassy little curtsy he gives afterwards! The exit off the stage having completely shown Richard up! SO GOOD!

As for the other characters... Buckingham was also great, really creepy and slimy and I wasn't sure if I WANTED him to be executed or not at the end. Richmond made the most of his screentime, and managed to hold the stage against Rylance which is no easy feat (they sort of put the "night before the battle" scenes over each other so Richmond and Richard were on the stage at the same time. It worked really well!) The young princes were EXCELLENT, word perfect and charming and yet kind of bratty (the good, intentional kind of bratty) while they were at it. Lady Anne was ALSO HEARTBREAKING, and I kind of wanted to hug her/him (they had her there in Richard's first scene as king, though I'm not sure how common that is since it was sort of the first production I've ever watched of Richard III, and so she was basically getting told by Richard that WHOOPS YOU GONNA DIE). And RICHARD'S MOTHER EEEEEE: s/he was GREAT, very cold and quite distant and yet also capable of getting big laughs from the audience whenever possible.

So, yes, I really loved it! ...And kind of want to see it again now, if at all possible. :DDDD It was all just GREAT and I'm sure I've forgotten a thousand things but I LOVED IT SO MUCH and I would definitely recommend it to anybody else! Because, yeah, it got three ovations at the end and the whole Globe was pretty much screaming. XDDD

...*Goes off to ship Richard III/Elizabeth Woodville in a slightly creepy way* <<


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Sep. 13th, 2012 10:36 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure I've ever seen a Richard III production that didn't have Anne right there for the "Anne my wife is sick and like to die" line! The last production I saw had him grab her at that point and basically shove her over to one of his minions, which was super creepy if none too subtle.

Also I AM SO JEALOUS. BECAUSE. MARK RYLANCE. USING HIS POWERS FOR EVIL. If this doesn't make it to Globe on Screen (which I'm pretty sure it will) I WILL CRY. Rylance is quite possibly the most charismatic actor I've ever seen -- certainly the most charismatic I've seen in person, and I love Evil Clown Richard IIIs anyway, at least when done well, and let's face it, Rylance often does interpretations that by rights nobody in the world should be able to get away with. Like, his Richard II did basically nothing that I would want the character to do, but I didn't even care because he was that damn good.

You should also totally introduce yourself to lareinenoire. I don't think she's actually written Richard/Elizabeth hatesex, but she's written all sorts of other awesome fic about the women in the play.
Sep. 14th, 2012 08:28 pm (UTC)
Ahhh. I was about to put as as 'SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE OMG' but then I thought waiiiiit. Because it is such an obvious thing that it'd be WEIRD to miss it. XDDDD This one didn't have any shoving, but did have him actually turning to Anne and going "like to die" as she winced. Which was pretty damn creepy. <<

Oh God it was SO GOOD. And he plays evil really, really well - and yet YOU STILL LIKE HIM WHEN HE IS EVIL AND IT IS CONFUSING IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. It was so good, actually, that I sort of want it to be out on DVD RIGHT NOW - because I want to rewatch it endlessly, and analyse it endlessly, and shove it at all the people EVER while screaming "THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE SHAKESPEARE!" XDDDDD But, yes, he was totally an Evil Clown - and got lots of laughs and gasps, often in the same scene!

(Another thing that I want to rewatch it for is all the Elizabeth/Richard interaction. Because, seriously, they were sarcastic and bitter and totally equal to each other and ACTUALLY MADE OUT THE WHOLE AUDIENCE WENT 'WHOA' AT THAT PART. Though I am, possibly, willing to admit that Rylance makes out with at least one of his co-stars per play. Because I'm pretty sure that I remember you telling me about the making out in Richard II.)

And I totally should! Because eeeee the women in that play, THEY WERE ALL SO AWESOME! And I want all the fic, EVER. :DDDD

Currently I'm considering writing a fic where Elizabeth and Richard both totally get off on her slapping him and fic where they sleep with each other and she sweetly turns around just before she leaves him and goes 'DON'T YOU TOUCH MY DAUGHTER DICK.' These might possibly merge into one, at some point. <<
Sep. 14th, 2012 05:17 pm (UTC)
Aw, lucky you! :-) I'm glad it was so good.

(And Richard/Elizabeth doesn't sound all that weird, I mean, not compared to nearly anyone/anyone in this play. But I only saw the BBC version and wouldn't have chosen it from that. I can imagine it would really be an amazing one to actually see on stage.)
Sep. 14th, 2012 08:31 pm (UTC)
It really was! It's the first time I've understood the urge to watch a play over and over again. XDDD

(I think Richard/Elizabeth might have been entirely due to HOW MUCH CHEMISTRY THEY HAD OH GOSH. Because, seriously, they were absolutely electric together when they were on stage. And, just when I was vaguely dismissing the idea of the ship as far too strange for anybody, they ACTUALLY MADE OUT IN A TWISTED WAY - so, yeah, I think the whole production may have been encouraging me there. XDDD)
Sep. 15th, 2012 08:04 am (UTC)
I saw Henry V once, at Stratford and, yes. (And on my determined watch through the BBC Shakespeares this year - all new to me so far! - it struck me how much Richard III is sort of the flipside of Henry V, and that it would be even more amazing and electrifying to see, although possibly also highly disturbing, depending.)

:-D And, like I said, it doesn't seem strange to me, not in the context of that play. (The version I saw, they didn't have chemistry, but they wouldn't have needed much, thinking of the scenes they have. I LOVED the four queens in this play; they were amazing. And am discovering that other versions seem to often take out Margaret and I am all but-but-but THOSE WOMEN. And how CAN you?) I was really startled by how much I liked that play.

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