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Things I liked

-Hotspur. I must confess that I usually don't know why people like Hotspur (which is nothing against them! I'm just... More on Hal's side with the boozing and the whoring and the pissing everybody off with glee) but in this production HOTSPUR WAS AMAZING OH GOD. I just loved him and his adorable yelling. And stomping around. And being a little kid. And maybe secretly craving sex with Hal, shhhhh.
--And on that note: LADY PERCY/HOSTSPUR OH GOD. I shipped them so hard that it was faintly embarrassing. What with the snapping at each other, and making inappropriate faces during all scenes with Glendower, and clambering over each other (the chair moment was probably my favourite bit: LET ME CLAMBER OVER YOU MY LOVE SO YOU CAN GROPE ME ON THE GROUND!), and being on the point of fantastic sex at all times, and being inappropriate around servants, and running off to shag halfway through Lady Mortimer's song, and... Well, everything really. PERFECT COUPLE.
-The battle scenes were really good. Muddy and violent and really capturing the awful energy of it.
-Tom Hiddleston's Jeremy Irons impression. It was so good that I actually had to tweet him congratulations on it.
-The fact that they shipped Hal/Poins unashamedly. I must say that I love the BBC hiring all these shippers to direct things!
-The throne room scene where Henry IV is basically going "FFS HAL YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND ALSO I AM GOING TO TALK A BIT ABOUT RICHARD HERE FEEL FREE TO INTERRUPT ME IF I START SOBBING OVER THE MEMORY OF HIS EYES!" (Disclaimer: that is not what he actually says.) I just generally loved that: especially the awkward little brothers shuffling around in the background.
-A little moment here, but a great one: when Henry IV is negotiating with Hotspur's uncle (I think) and Falstaff yells out, Hal's embarrassed little "shutthefuckupwhyamIfriendswithyouohgoooooood" face there was brilliant. Really, really brilliant.

Things I felt odd about

-The chopping things shots at the beginning were a bit odd. Maybe I should start expecting random dead animals at the beginning of these plays or something.
-I loved Simon Russell Beale as an actor, but his Falstaff didn't quite click for me. That's probably because of Roger Allam, though - he was so perfect that it'll probably take a while for me to love anybody else in the role.
-I would've liked to see more Jeremy Irons as Henry IV. But, then, that is also a play issue (it should really be called "The Magical Adventures of Prince Hal and Falstaff") so I mind that less.

Things I did not like

-I thought that they'd cut a lot out of Richard II, it was practically the full play padded out by two hours of extra scenes next to this. Seriously, they cut out so much! And I'm willing to say that maybe the Henry IVs (this is not a technical term) need a bit of cutting in places, but when they appear to have cut out every single bit of banter between Hal and Falstaff then maybe they've gone a touch too far.
--They also appear to have cut out Mistress Quickly pretty much entirely, which was a great pity considering how much I adored her in the parts she was actually in.
--In my opinion the pacing also suffered a bit for it: suddenly the robbery was happening and then the battle and we didn't really get much build up to either of those. Which was a pity, really.
-By the third voiceover I was starting to get a bit twitchy, I must admit. That is probably because I like actors furtively stepping to the side to mutter lines while the others awkwardly pretend not to listen. <<
--(Falstaff's speech about honour, for example, really suffered from that. I, again, blame this on Roger Allam.)


...Er, sorry, that was a touch obnoxious. << Overall I really liked it again! And I thought that all the performances were really good, that and everybody got their characters right. I would've just liked to see a little less cut, and thus seen what the actors would've done with the full text (MY KINGDOM FOR ALL THE HAL + FALSTAFF SCENES EVER!), and then it would've been brilliant.

(And I was probab;y a bit ruined by The Globe version anyway, to be honest. Oops. <<)


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Jul. 12th, 2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
So I've been cut off from the internet for about two months and what should I see on my return but this post from one of my favorite shakes!shippers about one of my favorite histories!
First of all, I've missed you,
Second of all, I love banter between Hal and Falstaff,
Third of all, have you seen the prosetry I wrote about all four of the Henrys?

I am also a big fan of soliloquizing right in front of the people you're plotting against.

All the love for all the words the bard has written, and all the love for you!
Jul. 12th, 2012 08:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, gosh, that sounds absolutely terrible! DDD: I'm glad it's (hopefully) fixed now, at least, but... Ouch. :/// My computer has just finished going through a broken phase itself so I know how the feels.

It is the best banter. My favourite bantering will always and forever be between the perfect couple of Beatrice and Benedick, but Hal and Falstaff are a close second. <333 (A thing that this production, sadly, did not seem to realize - as it merrily cut out all but three scenes with them. ;;)

And I don't think I have! I'd quite like a link, though. :DDD

I think my favourite bit of soliloquizing is in Macbeth, where Macbeth quite clearly steps to the side to go "SHOULD I KILL THE KING AS THESE EVIL WITCHES ARE ADVISING ME TO?" And Banquo actually goes "My good friend Macbeth is looking a little serious today, he must be thinking of deep and meaningful things!"
Jul. 13th, 2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
Here are your Henrys: http://lizzie-marie-23.livejournal.com/57723.html I imitated Richard Siken's poetry when I wrote it.

This time it wasn't anything wrong with my computer, it's just that I came home from college and our internet connection at home sucks. So I come to Starbucks every so often to check up on things.

Banter, banter, banter, and the love affair between Beatrice and Benedick is without doubt the bestest.

OMG, I forgot about that! It's the best example ever! Though I'm always partial to anything Iago says as far as soliloquies go. On a related note, Gilbert and Sullivan wrote a play called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and there's a scene where their entire purpose is to stop Hamlet from monologuing because he's annoying everyone.
Jul. 16th, 2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
I agree on the Mistress Quickly part, although I thank god they gave Doll a couple of her lines just to give the poor love SOMETHING to say. (Seriously, I played her once and spent the entire 1st part either half-naked or silent... if not both).
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